Lost Ark Akkan Raid: Normal and Hard iLvl Requirements, Rewards, Gear Transfer and Release Date

2/6/2023 4:05:35 PM

There will be a new tier of Ancient gear that can be unlocked along with the releases of the Akkan legion raid in Lost Ark western. In this Lost Ark Akkan Raid guide, we are going to focus on the Akkan ilvl requirements and rewards (normal & hard), new gear sets, honing material, as well as Ancient gear transfer. 

Lost Ark Akkan Release Date NA/EU

We are going to get Brelshaza hard in April, and you’ll need to reach an item level of 1560 to unlock all gates. There would be four months between Brel normal and hard mode, and after that, the next legion raid should be Elgacia, which probably comes out in May or June. Considering the time needed for players to reach 1580 ilvl for unlocking the Akkan raid, the estimated release date of Lost Ark Akkan is at least in August 2023, maybe later, overall, it is far away from now. So before the Akkan releases, you can hone your gear up to the 1580 item level. 

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Lost Ark Akkan Rewards: Drops, Bids, Exchange Items (Epidemic/Normal/Hard)

Lost Ark Akkan Raid Item Level Requirements - Akkan Normal and Hard iLvl 

Akkan in Lost Ark is the fifth Legion Commander Raid that has been revealed in Korean, for NA/EU version, it is going to arrive after the Brelshaza and Elgacia. When it comes to the item level requirements, Akkan has three different modes that can be played, each is available in a certain ilvl, but three entries share the same weekly lockout. There is a practice mode of Akkan raid called Epidemic, which works in the same way as Kakul Saydon Rehearsal. Akkan consists of 3 gates and will bring new gear sets to the game. 

- Akkan Epidemic (practice) ilvl: 1500

- Akkan Normal ilvl: 1580

- Akkan Hard ilvl: 1600

Lost Ark Akkan Rewards 

The normal and hard rewards for Akkan are the same items, only different in the quantity. You can earn lots of Lost Ark gold for clearing the raid, and also requires to cost some gold to bid the chest. 

Akkan Normal Rewards

- Gate 1: 75 tickets, 3 bases, 3 chests, 1500 gold, 900 gold for chest 

- Gate 2: 75 tickets, 3, bases, 3 chests, 1750 gold, 1100 gold for chest 

- Gate 3: 100 tickets, 5 bases, 5 chests, 5 auctions, 2250 gold, 1500 gold for chest 

Akkan Hard Rewards

- Gate 1: 75 tickets, 7 bases, 7 chests, 1750 gold, 1200 gold for chest 

- Gate 2: 75 tickets, 7 bases, 7 chests, 2000 gold, 1400 gold for chest 

- Gate 3: 100 tickets, 8 bases, 8 chests, 10 auctions, 2750 gold, 1900 gold for chest 

Lost Ark Akkan Gear & Honing Material

Similar to Brelshaza, Akkan raid also brings a new honing material that can be unlocked from all 1580+ content and used to upgrade the Akkan gear. So if you have achieved a 1580 gear score, it’s time to collect new honing materials, including new Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raid, and more. 

The Akkan will introduce a new gear set - Upper Ancient Gear from the 1525 item level to 1650.

Lost Ark Akkan Gear Transfer & Honing Rates - Ancient Gear Transfer in Lost Ark

You can transfer your Brelshaza gear to new items to improve the honing rates. The maximum level of Akkan gear sets increases from 1615 to 1650, the honing success rate decreases accordingly. 

Brelshaza GearAkkan Gear
Lower Ancient GearUpper Ancient Gear
LevelGear ScoreSuccess RateLevelGear ScoreSuccess Rate





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