Lost Ark Brelshaza Hard Mode iLvl & Release Date | Brelshaza Cheat Sheet Gate 1 to Gate 6

2/24/2023 11:53:10 AM

Several months after Brel normal was released, it’s time to talk about the Brel hard. Now let’s take a look at the Lost Ark Brelshaza Hard Mode item level (ilvl) requirements, release date, the difference between Brelshaza hard and normal, as well as the Brelshaza Cheat Sheet from gate 1 to gate 6.

Lost Ark Brelshaza Hard Mode iLvl (Item Level) Requirements & Release Date

Brelshaza Legion Raid was first revealed in the western version of Lost Ark update of December 2022 with the start of its normal mode, the hard mode of Brelshaza is scheduled in the second quarter of 2023, which is expected to be April 2023 and most likely around mid-April. Brelshaza hard mode requires a higher item level than the normal mode in each gate. 

- Gate 1 & 2: Normal (1490), Hard (1540)

- Gate 3 & 4: Normal (1500), Hard (1550)

- Gate 5 & 6: Normal (1520), Hard (1560)

Lost Ark Brelshaza Hard vs Normal

Compared to the Brelshaza normal, here are some differences between the normal and hard mode of Brelshaza in Lost Ark.  

Brelshaza Hard Gate 1

- 2 normal added pattern

- 83 hp, 43 hp gimmicks is little reinforced

- Hammer boss -> stagger

- Bow boss -> counter

- Only one person can counter one time

- Bow is approaching the middle boss and if the bow hit the boss, it gives damage and paralysis

Brelshaza Hard Gate 2

- Knight appears two time

- Gaze pattern and teammate pattern are reinforced

- You can’t use clay grenade anymore

- Head: sleep or fear immune

- Arm: frozen or stun immune

- Floor: electric or earthquake

- In the head, arm, and floor boss use two things, and in one part, they become one immune

Brelshaza Hard Gate 3 & 4

- Teamkill is available for some gimmicks

- 4 things appeared, 2 stars and 2 pentagons

- 12 yellow Meteo appeared, if you eat 3 yellow Meteo, you get stagger and cooldown

- Star pattern (43hp), eye become more difficult

- 0hp pattern, the eye appears 

- 8 things should be eaten 

Brelshaza Hard Gate 5

- People can’t choose their color and shape, the system chooses it randomly

- If you hit by horn black or white, stack +1

- In normal, place is fixed in 140hp: *3, 50hp:*3+1, in hard, place is random

- Boss show us plus = place:*3, boss show us circle = place:*3+1

- Horn is added to the cube

- Cube hp becomes 2, horn stop appearing

Brelshaza Hard Gate 6

- Safe zone pattern -> tornado -> 188 hp

- New pattern at 7hp, 0hp

- Meteo term is very long, don’t put all meteo in the same plate

- 1 period: 5 meteo appear, 3 blue and 2 red, 1 blue shoot = 14hp


When it comes to the Brelshaza hard rewards, you can earn more Lost Ark gold, as well as materials and items for clearing and bidding, including Phantom Horns, Guardian Stones, Destruction Stones, Honor Shards and Marvelous Honor Leapstone.

Lost Ark Brelshaza Cheat Sheet Gate 1 to Gate 6

There is a complete Brelshaza cheat sheet by RoyalFries covering gate 1, gate 2, gate 3, gate 4, gate 5, and gate 6. If you can't see it plainly, click here to get a more clear version.

Brelshaza cheat sheet

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