Lost Ark Hanumatan Guide: iLvl, Rewards, Phases, Mechanics and Tips for Hanumatan Guardian Raid

4/14/2023 10:37:42 AM

The level 6 Guardian Raid Hanumatan comes into the game along with the April update. In this Lost Ark Hanumatan guide, we’ll focus on its item level, rewards (drops), phases, mechanics, and buffs, as well as tips for beating him. 

Lost Ark Hanumatan

Lost Ark Hanumatan iLvl - What is Hanumatan Guardian Raid in Lost Ark

Hanumatan is a 1540 item level Guardian Raid in Lost Ark, it is one of the most difficult guardian raids in the game as the boss has lots of movement and AOE attacks. The Hanumatan has 4 phases and 3 layers of armor. You are going to break its armor three times, each gives you a different buff. To complete the mechanic and move to the next phase, some battle items are necessary, the recommended ones are Flare, Pheromone Bomb, and Destruction Bomb depending on your party number. 

Lost Ark Hanumatan Rewards and Drops

As the Hanumatan is 1540 item level, similar to Brelshaza Hard Mode, you can get ancient level rewards from it, the drops include tier 3 ancient accessories, ability stones, bracelets, upgrade materials, and engraving books. 

Lost Ark Hanumatan Buffs 

You can obtain a special buff from hitting the boss, the buff stacks up to 40, you lose 5 stacks each time you get hit by the boss, and the buff gives you a one percent crit chance and you take 1.25 more damage for each stack, so having the full stack gives you 40 crit chance, but you take 50 more damage. Additionally, the buff gives you about 10 attack damage and 5 cooldown reduction at 10 to 39 stacks, then about 30 attack damage and 30 cooldown reduction at 40 stacks, this is an estimated value.

Lost Ark Hanumatan Phases and Mechanics

Hanumatan has four phases, every phase has at least one mechanic, a maximum of two, they can vary based on your party's DPS throughout the fight.

- Phase 1: Counter into Destruction. this is an interaction that applies throughout the fight, Hanumatan can jump up and drop an accurate player, there will be a huge indicator telling where he drops, and he'll follow with a huge AOE attack if you get hit by the drop, so make sure to dodge the attack, once you drop his HP to a certain percent, he'll jump on the same spot and stop in front of him, he begins a counter-attack into weak point check, filling the checks will enhance the next mechanic. Use your destruction skills to break his armor. 

- Phase 1: Stagger into Variants. Even if you fail the first mechanic, the second mechanic should start in a few patterns or immediately afterward he roars, he will perform a shockwave attack with a stagger check, which is very quick, so you should have enough time to simply stagger the guardian raid while standing behind him if you fail the first mechanic or dealt too much damage in the enhanced version, he will either fuse with frost or fire element. If he is a frost fusion, stand by his right foot instead. if he is in fire fusion, you need to successfully stagger into a weak point check.

- Phase 2: Stagger Reflection. You might see one or two mechanics in the second phase depending on the party's DPS, the boss will raise his two hands and cast a Spirit Bomb, this is a stagger-based reflection pattern, there will also be random battles around Hanumatan while standing in front of the boss will be safe at all times, the staggered threshold is very low for this reflection, so it is recommended not to use any spells during this mechanic, there will be a huge energy pulse flashing under the bus, if you trigger the reflection this is a warning to run very far away to touch the bomb.

- Phase 2: Stagger Counter Destruction Mechanic. The second mechanic begins thoroughly afterward, he will bash the ground and begin a stagger check into a counter into a weak point check, there will be linear attacks during the stagger check, and he'll enhance the Stagger Counter Destruction mechanic. If you deal too much damage again he will fuse with either frost or fire elements again and the safe spot will differ depending on the element. For the frost version, make sure not to stand too close to him, for the fire version, throw a Pheromone Bomb when the raid becomes invulnerable. 

- Phase 3: Grab into Counter into Destruction. The first mechanic of the third phase is just a counter into a weak point check, he roars and grabs everyone in front of him and smashes them into the ground three times, he will then begin a counter into a weak point check. So try to dodge the grab to skip the mechanic, if failed, stay away from the attacks and then counter him. 

- Phase 3: Counter into Destruction. The second mechanic also has different variations, it fuses with fire or frost elements and punches 5 times instead of three, and the same counter into a weak point occurs afterward the fifth punch is a knockdown attack instead of the third punch, this time he'll do a massive AOE attack before the transition, even if you have failed any of the three major weak point mechanics, you will need to run very far away or be shield preventively. 

- Phase 4: Hanumatan will pound his chest, signaling the transition to the last phase, he'll do an inside safe AOE attack into the space bar, and you take percentage damage based on your max HP, it's advised to use Awakening as a support to save your teammates or for DPS players to use a health pod, your skin will turn into white and he'll do the same roar into inside safe into space bar every often if you take too long during the last phase, sometimes he will stand still and create a green circle on the ground moving to random locations, he'll do heavy damage to people outside the circle, so you'll need to stay inside to avoid the damage.