Elden Ring Best Strength Weapons 2023: Top 10 Best Str Weapons in Elden Ring 1.08

2/7/2023 12:04:37 PM

In the tier list of Best Elden Ring Strength Weapons 2023, we go over the top 10 str weapons in the 1.08 patch, that you should collect before the DLC release!

Best Elden Ring Strength Weapons 2023

Top 10 Best Elden Ring Strength Weapons 2023

We truly believe the DLC is genuinely Round the Corner now and you don't want to be caught lagging behind your friends, frantically gathering everything when it's already too late to do so because they're all off enjoying the DLC.

Top 10 - Brick Hammer

Brick Hammer's super early and easy on in the game to collect being in The Wine Cellar in Stormvale Castle, also as with every strength weapon on this list, we're going to be two-handing them all, therefore, reducing the strength stat requirement by 50. So even though it does have a base strength requirement of 31, you will only need 21 if you're two-handing it. And along with its really high strength scaling, this has a very solid base attack rating meaning if you are going for a pure strength build, this is a great way to bump up that early-game damage output. On a side note as we are here in Stormville Castle grabbing this Hammer already, make sure you get the iron wet blade as well for the brick hammer and pretty much all other weapons on this list as that will let you infuse pretty much any Ash of war with the Heavy Infinity, hugely increasing the strength scaling and making some of these weapons do nearly a thousand base attack rating. 

Top 9 - Great Club

If you are just using it to swing and flail around at your enemies, there are far better choices on this list. However the reason it's made it onto the list is its inherent Ash of War Golden Land. You can get Golden Land separately later on but it's obtainable much earlier on in the game via the Great Club which is dropped from the Stone Digger troll at the end of the Old Altus Tunnel. The reason that this is so good is we are pure fully focusing on strength weapons for this guide, golden land is a great way to get around that - If you buff this weapon with something like blood grease or lightning grease, X Buffs will apply to every single individual projectile of the Golden Land and make this do Insane amounts of damage. Also as of a couple of batches ago, every animation of this weapons Ash of War now connects and does damage whereas it didn't register as a hitbox before. So though the weapon itself is very slow and it definitely could have higher base damage because of the fact it's a colossal weapon, if you're good at using the Ash of War, it more than makes up for it, it can become absolutely devastating if you hone this weapon for your build.

Top 8 - Serpent Hunter

This weapon is absolutely amazing, especially for challenge run builds because it has zero stat requirements. As everyone will know, it is the gimmicky weapon used to defeat rycard because in his boss Arena all of its attacks yet super powered and the reach is extended by something crazy like a thousand percent. However, if you upgrade this even to plus six or plus seven whatever, it still becomes a force to be reckoned with even outside of his Arena. Due to the zero stat requirements, this is a fantastic mid game build, it's going to help you do insane amounts of damage way earlier than you should be able to. It drops off in the late game but there are many different cheesy routes to speed run to Volcano Mana and grab this weapon super early on in the game. And if you do that and follow a set route to get it to plus nine, you can pretty much three-shot all of the early game demigods and every other boss you encounter, this is a great weapon for your third fourth fifth run if you just want to have an easy breezy time for the first half of the game, as you're getting to all of the juicy stuff. 

Top 7 - Great Axe

The Great Axe is found inside the chest of the Caravan being pulled in Limgrave just west of the Waypoint ruins. As with most weapons on this list, it can be infused and buffed with pretty much everything in the game and if you didn't know this great axe actually has the highest damage per swing for any great weapon class at high levels of strength we're talking 60 to 80. Combine that with the fact that, it has such a low strength requirement of only 20 if you're two handing it, then put a crazy quick Ash of War on it, and you have got an absolutely devastating weapon on your hands that you can literally acquire in Limgrave. If you build around it, it is so freaking powerful.

Top 6 - Gargoyle's Halberd & Nightrider Glaive

The Gargoyle's Halberd is not to be confused with the gargoyle's black helmet because that is one we'd consider a faith weapon, is a very solid weapon with really good reach and quite low stat requirements. It's dropped by the Valiant Gargoyle enemy near the Western Rampart site of Grace in Langdale Royal Capital. There isn't really much else to shout about with this weapon. It's kind of like a shorter slightly worse version of the Nightrider Glaive, its base damage is a tiny bit better, but it's nearly half as short and depending on the route that you're taking through the game you will actually get this one after the Nightrider Glaive because the Nightrider Glaive is dropped by the Knights Cavalry wandering the road between the East Raya Lucario gate and Bellum Church. They both weigh the exact same and have the exact same stat requirements, so if you did really want a dual wield to halberds and go full strength, this is the way to do it. But if you're only picking the one, we would definitely recommend the Nightrider Glaive. 

Top 5 - Beastman's Cleaver 

This Cleaver is dropped from any Azula Beastman that is carrying this weapon, there are only four of them in total and the two we recommend you farm for the quickest cycle is to start off at the Dragon Temple Lift Grace Site from the Grace take the left down and take a right to get to some stairs. One can be found by heading right and running up the broken pillar and he's just up here along with the doggo and the other one is found at the bottom of the stairs, you were just at the farm these two and reset and hopefully, you'll get at least one of them in no time. Using two both fully upgraded with the heavy infusion, you don't even need to use a particular Ash of War, just make sure they've got that heavy infusion on them equip your Claw Talisman, and just jump attack power stance all enemies to death in seconds.

Top 4 - Grafted Blade Greatsword 

This is one of the few weapons on the list that cannot be infused with other ashes of war and also can't be buffed with magic or consumables. However, despite the fact, it doesn't have quite as high scaling as other weapons on this list. Its attack rating is still insane meaning it still hits like a truck and also has probably one of the best ashes of war in the game anyway. As of patch 1.07, this buff now lasts for a whole minute when it used to only be 30 seconds, now that it's a whole minute, it can easily last you a full fight, and its Ash of War - Oath of Vengeance will effectively give you the buff of Godric's Great Rune increasing every single one of your attributes by 5, meaning for 60 seconds you will have more Health, deal more damage, have more FP, more stamina, hit harder with spells, hit harder with weapons. It is obviously one of the slowest weapons in the game being a colossal great sword, however, because of how hard it hits and because of the length and ability of its weapon skill, this is at least a very underrated weapon. Unlike the other early game weapons that we grabbed this has one of the highest stat requirements on this list, so you won't be able to wield this for quite some time because even with two handing, it would still require 30 strength and 14 dexterity.

Top 3 - Warped Axe

Warped Axe has a fairly low chance to drop from any Omen wielding this weapon, there are two of them right at the start of the Subterranean Shutting Grounds and there are a few much earlier on by the Abandoned Coffin Grace site in Altus Plateau. Its attack rating simply does not match that of a few of the other weapons on this list, however, it is the only axe weapon on this list, not the great axe, not the colossal weapon, not the colossal sword, it's just an axe meaning it's a lot lighter and swings a hell of a lot faster. In fact, the strength scaling for this weapon is so broken and abnormally high across all of the different infusions. Obviously, we'll be going with heavy but just know that you can apply many different infusions to this and make it work with pretty much any build, especially because it's got quite low stat requirements. If you apply an infusion that gives it something like poison or bleed, its build-up per swing is consistent with that of a great axe but it swings nearly twice as fast. Along with the fact that this weapon has unique light and heavy attacks that it shares only with the Ripple blade, the animation utilizes both sides of the double-sided axe blade meaning that there is a reduction in time between attacks, meaning you are attacking way more frequently even than when compared to normal axes and that status buildups are procking even faster. Combine that with what we've already discussed with the fact that the strength scaling is so high, you have got an absolutely devastating axe in your hands right now.

Top 2 - Great Stars 

The Great Stars are more of a quality build weapon because they have very similar scaling and strength and decks, but for anyone that didn't know this weapon has a very similar effect to the Taker's Cameo Talisman or the Blasphemous blade. It restores hell every time you swing with it, and if you dual-wield them and use jumping attack l1s, it will restore twice the amount of health. They also have inherent bleed, they are blunt weapons so they're amazing for Crystal enemies.

Top 1 - Gaint Crusher

When talking about strength weapons how could we not put the Gaint Crusher in the first place? With a base strength requirement of 60, probably one of the most stat heavy if not the most stat-heavy weapon in the game. And when infused with the heavy Affinity at 99 strength at plus 25, it has an attack rating of over 900, it can obliterate any enemy in one hit. And it has a unique heavy attack which is very akin to the Ash of War Lion's Claw. We strongly suggest you put Lion's Claw on this weapon because it's just a better version of the weapon inherent in R2.  

We would love to see the strongest most agile person in existence try and pull this off a forward somersault whilst, carrying a one-ton giant slab of stone and then plunging it on your opponent's head with such force that they die in one hit, it is just an absolute Powerhouse of a weapon. Even though it may not be as versatile and as effective in as many situations as the Warped Axe, it wouldn't be a true strength build list if the Giant Crusher was not in the top spot.

That are the top 10 weapons that you really need to grab before the DLC so that you can go in fully prepared and crush anything that software wants to try and throw at you. If you want to get cheap Elden Ring runes for building up your character, check the best offer on MTMMO.COM!