Elden Ring Weapon Guide - Most Powerful Bleed& Arcane Weapon

2/7/2023 3:31:40 PM

Welcome back to Elden ring, and a new tailless type one that makes for a while, but never had the chance to, finally talking about the best bleed weapons in Elden ringing, the current patch of 1.08.

That made to make the most of a build, made a build to make the Elden Ring weapon Shine for the specific testing, doing tests in New Game Plus against PVE boss fights and PVP, of course in duels and also free for all arenas. 

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Elden Ring Weapon Guide - Most Powerful Bleed& Arcane Weapon In Elden Ring 

1. Elden Ring Bleed weapon 

The best type of bleed weapon is going to be one that's so strong that you can brain off blindly attack and do so much DPS burst and have General ability in both PVE and PVP that it is an S tier pick, so with all that in mind, to start from the bottom at C which is just barely Morgot's curse blad.

Not really using it for its consistent bleed procs, it's not exactly the best bleed weapon, and that's why it's the bottom, it was made better in multiple patches with say the curved Greatsword weapon moveset being improved specific attacks being faster, the ash speed is actually much of more efficient and fast as well, providing actual trading potential in PvP or a reliable way to deal damage in PVE where you're just spamming the ash over and over.

In fact, the multi-pop aspect of that Ash of war is incredible in PvP when you're doing jewels and trading, maybe you missed the actual strike, but the pop of the cursed blood protects you or deals damage to those trying to trade after the problem with this one is the DPS potential, it's not even close to the other weapons on this list.

However, it is just a functional and fun weapon that just doesn't find itself into say the top tier matter of the game, currently very viable though and that's why it's going to be at least acknowledged.

2. Elden Ring Weapon Moguin's Sacred Spear 

Now move up to B where have the first weapon moguin's sacred spear here which has that huge AOE bleed build-up that you Channel via the ash of war that is amazing in open-world content PVP invasions free-for-all Arena, it's strong as hell whenever you can get the full thing off or even just like one part or two parts of it, the thing is the chance of you actually Landing a full combo in any boss fight or any PVP battle that's really unlikely in PvP, the enemy will just run out of it before it,  even begins to damage them in PVE, the bot is just going to interrupt you slapping you out of that channel before you can complete it.

However, it's still a strong as hell great spear with both basic damage bleed damage, and fire damage which is one of the best element types, you can have on a weapon, due to many enemies.

3. Elden Ring Bloody Hellis 

Another weapon finds itself in the BT though, and it is bloody Hellis this has massive damage per hit and great bleed build-up potential, due to the weapon scaling best with Arcane anyway, so you just put 80 Arcane on a build, you're also going to get nice bleed to build up and you're gonna be boosting your raw hit damage, because of that as a heavy thrusting Weapon.

It's got nice range, specially good damage in trade, thanks to counterattack damage, the problem with all of that is counter-attack damage on thrust that was nerfed specifically in PvP and further heavy thrusting weapons had been, specifically nerfed on top of certain attacks and Poise, in general, that's way down, but funnily this doesn't stop the weapon from still being a Powerhouse in PvP, the Asher War also allows for clever movement to avoid damage, and then jump straight back in for some major damage yourself and follow up hits and it's still a meta favor even after all those Nerfs, why a b that's because there's the other side PVE to consider.

4. Elden Ring Paul Blade

Like eleanora's Paul Blade with this one, if you can get the ash combo off and fall on a Target, it's about 6 000 damage per combo, and you can just Spam the combo back to back.

That racks up a lot of damage really quickly, it's just it has that awkward movement required on the ash of War where it forces you to jump forward, and then back as part of the combo, your main source of burst and DPS That Awkward Ash movement can be incredibly poor for output when dealing with say a mobile enemy, like a boss on a horse here or anyone in PvP where they're just not willing to stand and trade with you that Ash needs to be used as part of a clever trade to really see it land a big damage, so while the DPS potential is higher than rivers of blood literally the function of the weapon is a bit awkward unless consistent by comparison Baseline the weapon is very good.

5. Elden Ring Charge Heavy Spin 

Now in 1.0 a fast attack combos an incredible charge heavy spin which will land many attacks and bleed procs and can't forget in 1.08 twin blades had a specific buff to really help them out, it's made a massive difference for two-handing your twin blades, and it's arguably the best twin blades option, because of that between rivers and Eleanor, in terms of output and potential, it comes down to player preference and that's why they're both in the same tier, but Eleanora technically has higher DPS potential.

Now come to the final three in s tier, let's start with the blood flame blade on any weapon as shown by the Naga Kiba there in this placeholder is the blood flame blade buff, you buff up a weapon, and now it's got bleed damage and fire damage, if you buff up a weapon that already had bleed damage on it, you're basically doubling the bleed build-up, but you don't need to be in bleed with high Arcane, you can put those points in to say decks and make a keen weapon.

6. Elden Ring AR weapon

A really high AR weapon, thanks to high Dex and Keen bass line, then you've got double the bleed build-up, comparable to like occult or bleed weapon, and you've got fire damage combined with this neutral weapon with a good Ash of war that can land multiple hits in short succession, like many builds, recently done on the channel, and you have one of the strongest options in the entire game, a meta pick clearly, and you can do it with so many different weapons.

7. Elden Ring Dex weapon

Ideally, a Dex weapon that could be the Naga keeper, it could be a literal Scythe, like recently one of the weaker weapon types dealing over 30 000 damage in one burst, this is insane, it is undeniable that blood flame makes so many weapons ridiculously good, strongly recommend you try it, if you haven't what could compare to that then well, obviously it's Seppuku in the case, having the Scavengers sword to as the placeholder, the reason picked the Scavengers.

Here is because they are ultimately small curved swords that have an incredibly fast power stance Musa power stands status build-up was nerfed as a specific concept seppuku deals, more damage to you, and the power of the buff itself is also reduced, while the buff is more expensive on health, and not as powerful, the raw damage and output potential against any Target that can bleed is still very silly two sepaku weapons that can attack in power stands, quickly you're going to kill most anything in outrageously Fast Times, you could run both weapons, but by seppuku while in a cult and 80 Arcane, and you can end up popping a bleed almost every hit while also dealing great damage, because of the 80 Arcane and occult scaling, but you could run any power stance pair here that could be katana's straight swords, whatever can take Sepaku in power stands and attack quickly, this is going to be insane before these changes and Nerfs to seppuku and power stand Status build-up, this was the strongest thing, you could do in the entire game, now it is one of the strongest.

8. Elden Ring baseline bleed dagger - Reduvia

This dagger has become incredible as a baseline bleed dagger, it's nuts in patch 1.08 where they improve the range speed of these attacks, you're getting these combos out.

Compared to sepaku, for example, you don't have to hurt yourself, you don't have to spend any time buffing up, you can just go immediately from zero to 100, instantly the DPS potential is outrageous, should you be able to keep attacking, there's no buff timer to worry about, you can keep going for minutes, never stopping the ash of war, the blade sort of shotgun blast that has a melee aspect to it, now so push against a boss and spam that and you're gonna absolutely destroy it as well combine the two.

So punishing medium to close range with the Ash, and then going all in on the long combos whenever possible, it's gonna cut bosses apart, it's gonna burst players down in PVP, like it's nothing, it is incredibly powerful and instantly effective the moment you use it, to say the least this buff to Dagus has made a major difference, and Roduvia has benefited the most of all, this is one of the strongest weapons you can pick in the game at this point.

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