Elden Ring Colossal Sword Tier List/Rankings - Best Colossal Sword in Elden Ring 2023

2/7/2023 3:15:31 PM

Colossal swords are gargantuan demons of metal that will strike fears in the eyes of anyone fool enough to cross the path of the colossal sword wielder.  Only the most dedicate warriors can tame these blades! Warriors among the likes of Maliketh The Black Blade, The Half Wolf Blaidd, of even GUTS the struggler ! Colossal Swords are a staple in From Software games since Demon’s Souls, and some will only play Elden Ring to find the mighty GREATSWORD. We have a total of 11 colossal swords in the game, with each and everyone of them having their strengths and weaknesses, so who do you think is going to be crowned as the best colossal sword in Elden Ring?


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S Tier

The Greatsword

It's a good thing that we're starting things off with the greatsword, it embodies all the amazing aspect of a colossal sword, and sets the bar in order to help us judging the other colossal swords, the gugs has the longest range out of all the Colossal sword, it has the highest damage on the pure string build with heavy infusion, it looks fantastic, you can cosplay guts while using it, it has interchangeable ashes of War meaning you can use some of the best Ashes of War on it.


It requires low stat investment, so you can use it on any type of build, Zweihander is also your best option if you want to use a colossal sword on the dexterity build, it has an amazing range being the second longest colossal sword in the game, just behind the gods, but what really makes by hander unique, it can be used as a tool for mixing up your attack and as we talked about it mixing up your attack is going to be key in order to be able to trick your opponent, and if you combine a fully charged heavy attack with the spear Talisman, it's pretty much game over for your opponent and you might as well just throw the towel call your coach go back home, it is basically a light gugs with a bit less range less damage and more versatility and a better moveset.

A Tier

Godslayer's Greatsword

The ranking on this weapon is going to be quite controversial, because at first, we thought this weapon was going to be super trash, let's just talk about the bite points, just the stat requirement on, it makes no sense to any strength 22 decks 20 fate, and it scales mainly out of your deck's investment, it has one of of the lowest attack rating on the colossal sword in the game with split damage so you do even less damage, and it has a unique Ash of war, the Queen's Black Flame which reads set the blade ablaze with the Godslayer's Greatsword before delivering a sweeping slash, additional input allows for a follow-up attack, the black Flames will continue to wear down the HP for a while, the problem is that it is so slow.

Watchdog's Greatsword

It's just the worst version of the Gods, however, contrary to the trolls golden sword, that is a little bit lighter, the Watchdog Greatsword is actually as heavy as the duck with a little bit less air overall, so why would you ever go for this weapon instead of the gugs, this weapon looks fantastic.

B Tier

Royal Greatsword

How is this weapon actually performing well, it has a very good range being the fourth longest colossal sword, it does tons of damage on the proper strength and intelligence build, so it pairs really well with spells like carrying slicer Swift Glintstone Shard and Star Shower, it is most probably the best looking weapon in Elder ring.

Troll's Golden Sword

It has a shorter range, less overall damage, no matter the infusion, the only redeeming quality that this weapon has is that it looks really good, it looks amazing, and it is a little bit lighter than the gugs.

C Tier

Ruins Greatsword

This weapon has probably the highest AR averaging around the 900s in an optimized build, it is a colossal sword so it has the benefit share amongst most of them, great folk, hyper armor, high damage, and we still haven't talked to you about the ash of war, wave of destruction, wave of Destruction sends out a wave of destructive gravitational energy destroying everything in its path, it is kill full power to use and if you can predict your opponent role, you can free aim the weapon and then catch your enemy mid-roll for a big chunk of their health, a super cool weapon fun very useful in PVE and Invasion unfortunately lacking some mix-up stool in duels, the cherry on top is that it has a unique heavy attack that if charge will spawn gravitational rocks from the floor in an area of effect.

Maliketh's Black Blade

Maliketh's Black Blade is a unique weapon,  it has a unique Ash of War called destined death and it reads set free the remnant of destined death, plunging the great sorting to the ground to summon a myriad of blade, in addition of dealing immediate damage this attack reduced the enemy's maximum HP and continues to wear down the foe's HP for a short time, the pros of this Azure 4 or it does an almost 360 degree on the first part, and it gives you a huge amount of hyper armor while casting it, we have yet to been interrupted by anything so far, besides a bleed proc or Frost Pro, it deals damage over time after being hit and it lowers the max HP of your enemies by 10 percent for about 50 seconds, the cons are that the first and second part doesn't convey to each other, so if you hit your opponent with the first part they can definitely roll away and it's very easy to you know backstab your jump attack you right after your finish, it is also very punishable as you're casting it, you are stuck in place for a long time and people can damage you with spells projectiles Arrow bolts whatever or long range ashes of War like storm blade or Thunderbolt to name few, it doesn't deal that much damage, it usually deals a bit less than half of their health.

D Tier

Troll's Knight Sword

For some reason, the troll knight's sword is one of these weapon that has a unchangeable ash of War for no reason, the Azure of War it is stuck with is troll's Roar which is not a bad Ash of War per se, you can definitely make it work and can be used to roll catch or surprise your opponent, but as telling the introduction, there are so many better ashes of war that we could use on the Colossal sword and also the weird split stat requires you to have the best AR around the weapon that doesn't really make sense in any build, it's like you need the quality intelligence build, it's like who has a quality intelligence build, it looks amazing, but it doesn't do a lot of damage, and is stuck with the terrible Ash of War, the only Silver Lining that we can find that we can see in the sky when we look for God, trying to save this weapon is that it has the unique R2 which is a thrusting attack that is shared amongst only the troll knight's sword.

F Tier

Starscourge Greatsword

It has the shortest range out of all the colossal sword, it has a low AR for a split scaling weapon, it has a terrible moveset, this weapon is a paired weapon, meant to be two-handed, but it has the same slow and super predictable moveset as the power stance regular colossal sword, you even lose the poke and rolling crouching attack, furthermore, it has a terrible Azure floor called Starcaller Cry, it is so slow, it's impossible to hit anyone with half a brain cell with it, also you stay stationary while using it for so long, you are the target for many different kind of projectiles.

Grafted Blade Greatsword

It has a short range, it looks super ugly, it has a unique Azure war called Earth Oath of Vengeance, it raises all of your attribute by five, so you have health endurance, strength, everything is rated raised by five.

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