Elden Ring 1.08 the Ultimate Most Powerful Weapon Tier List - Best Highest Damage Greatsword in Elden Ring

2/15/2023 3:47:05 PM

This is a new tier list guide, as we continue our path through 1.08. The true strongest Greatsword in all of Elden Ring ranked for 1.08!

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S Tier

Marais Executioner's Sword

Marais Executioner's Sword which is a DPS God that Corkscrew Ash of war is ridiculous, and it was made faster with better recovery, and you can roll out of it should things go wrong, that alone has made this weapon insane where it was already really good just a bit awkward because you were held in that Ash, the corkscrew is so much more reliable and safer to use, you can use it to absolutely steam raw bosses, shopping through them at lightning speed, thanks to successive damage builds, various talismans and even wonders physics mean the AI you can get by skyrocketing using one Ash of warp, and then following it up with another, you'll just kill most bosses like that, which is incredibly satisfying and a very fun weapon to use, the downside of this weapon is just that compared to the boss that uses it, you have much less control you have the one sort of Corkscrew attack it'd be so much cooler if we could do like AOE spins or maybe like activate it whatever the case that Corkscrew is one of the highest DPS things you can do in the entire game, and because of the improvements to recovery and the control of this weapon it works really well in PvP where you can absolutely destroy people with this thing.

Dark Moon Greatsword

We mostly care about the heavy attack where you're sending out an arc, really quickly really effectively with high Poise damage and ridiculously high damage at that, there are many ways to make a charge heavy attack deal more damage, and because it's a ranged attack, it's very consistent and easy to land, in both PVE and PVP, we can absolutely Play Mind Games in PvP, doing a quick charge doing a full charge, doing a basic attack into a combo charge, there's many ways to make it work and the pressure that this weapon creates is just massive, it's one of the hardest hitting range options, you have in one single blow, because of the way we can make those builds work, it's insanely effective in so many builds and in general in PvP.

Blasphemous Blade

Obviously, life's still on damage lifestyle on kill, a hilariously effective Ash of War that's really long range and wide which is even better this patch in the arena and free-for-all and also team fights where you can off-screen Spam The Ash of War where it deals ridiculous damage heals you knocks people down, it's just stupid, you can just entirely rely on the ash of war with this weapon, but Baseline is still a physical and fire weapon which is great with a great solid move set, works great in combination with other many other great swords and power stands.

A Tier

Ordovis's Greatsword

Ordovis's Greatsword which was greatly buffed in 1.07, making it incredibly powerful and effective and fun weapon at that, all tied to its Ash of war in 1.07, they made it have better attack power, so it hits harder they give it much better motion speed so it comes out way quicker as well as it being a really cool ash of war, and then it's got more Poise damage, so you can stagger enemies really well with it they also gave it post protection during the cast so a form of hyper armor so you can trade with it and it's got better recovery so it can be used in combination with other attacks or just get you out of it so you don't get hit maybe if you missed it the AOE is in a massive range, but it's noticeable and using it in PvP is extremely fun as a incredibly effective sudden trade tool we've Loved this weapon whereas in PVE you can just blindly Spam The Ash of War it comes out, so quick does great damage especially against those weak to Holy obviously, and it's a national War so you will cause staggers leading to criticals or other combinations, this weapon on its own can be entirely relied upon thanks to the ash of war, and that's what makes it an at pick, it's satisfying as hell to use though we remember getting this thing in the network test before the game actually released, and it was really strong there but in full release just nowhere near as good maybe they've walked back the adjustments they made and it's a lot more viable and a great weapon in general now.

Morgott's Cursed Sword

Buffed back in 1.06 and before, it has a much faster and more effective Ash of War combo, now the double pop aspect is something that's great, because it will protect you in PvP where someone is trying to trade with you maybe you missed the actual strike and then the pop goes off, it'll stagger them, then you can do the follow-up combo and hit them actually then that can be great the cursed blood aspect will deal both bleed and fire damage which is going to be incredible throughout all of the game most of the game anyway, in PVE, and has a long curved Greatsword has a really good range on the basic moveset, one of the best, in fact, the only real downsides of this weapon is comparing it to other bleed weapons or even the other cursed blood weapons at that compared to those, it's output is DPS potential it's a lot lower, but has a great sword, it's really the only option for that, it stands up as one of the best due to the aspect of bleed fire and effective Ash combo spam, but at the same time, it's also not exactly broken op like some of the St options will be, and can be it's just a really well done well-performing greatsword.

Magma Wyrm's Scalesword

Magma Wyrm's Scalesword which is kind of like a Ultra curved greatsword, and yet is officially a curved greatsword, this is a beast of a weapon for its Firebase damage, and trade winning ability, for a weapon that is again technically a curve greatsword, though it's lighter compared to those and super effective because of that it's Unique heavy and also Ash of War style of attacks are both sort of guilt teen style slam Downs incredible for trading whichever one you use the ash was specifically buffed to have better Poise damage though which allows it to secure its ability to trade in PvP where it will hit like an absolute truck, and if you're using the ash to do so, you'll leave lava everywhere dealing tick damage over time, and obviously that's really effective against enemies weak to fire, we find it Mega effective in that case in PVE when you're dealing with weak to fire enemies.

Bloodhound's Fang

It's that classic weapon that many people just used in their first playthrough, for a good chunk or as many people, the whole way, it's straight out of the box, high damage and super effective, it's also a very buffable weapon, because it can take any buff, using an incantation sorcery or just like a grease, and really get the VPS going on this thing, and it's also got a very interesting Ash of War we've got evasive movement and a Dash in and smash them which is fun and effective, but can be awkward to use at first, especially in PvP where it's obviously very predictable as soon as someone jumps back with it you're like they've been on the Asher walk can't get hit by the heavy follow-up and you avoid that, and then it's also very punishable when they've done the animation and you're close enough to hit them, it is effective to begin with, but it doesn't scale amazingly compared to other weapons when you're getting lots more stats on it, it just works really well in the early to mid game and PVP wise, it can really work well.

Golden Order Greatsword

Golden Order Greatsword which we put at an A, in previous patches, they made the ash of War which is really cool, much faster, and that made it way more effective and much more fun to use especially against those week to Hollywood absolutely destroys, you use the Asher born to a holy explosion around you, then do a sort of arcing swipe which sends an arc range, and also compares as well, in PvP that has really high sort of knock down potential, you can get the pop explosion which does a lot less damage, but getting the actual Arc the thing you want to hit it's so obvious that they're just probably Gonna Roll it, in PVE, you can absolutely rely on the ash of War spamming it, but it has a bit of a wind-up so bosses can interrupt you before you can get it off.

Sacred Relic Sword

Sacred Relic Sword which is technically better this patch, we all know this one, it's the Elden Ring rune farming machine and despite how fun and effective it is to use the ashawar in open world content it obviously has some downsides there's the slower nature of the ash, so it covers a huge area in dealing good damage, but is really predictable because of that, in PvP, it's unlikely ever going to land this on an opponent, because they hear it, they see it come in, they've got lots of time they just roll it, but in the new Arenas of 1.08 you have free for all you have Team fights you can use this off screen and clear an entire half of the Arena, smashing multiple photos with it dealing lots of damage, it's very fun there, anywhere, you can make this weapon work it'll do great and it has a good scaling on the basic attacks too, there's just sections of the game where it also won't work great.

B Tier

Banished Knight's Greatsword

Combining this with the sacred blade Ash of war, and you've got yourself a make your own Inseparable sword, except better, this is the weapon that essentially is the same great sword with the same moveset, but with a less interesting design same mechanics though combined with that sacred blade Ash.

Death's Poker

We think it's one of the coolest weapons in the game in terms of the Asher of war effect, as a great start it's hideous, but mechanically like we say really good standard great sword moveset combined with a three-part Ash of War, use it and you'll pop a mini explosion, use it into a light attack and you'll send out some Icy Fire in a distance, use it and then use a heavy and you'll blow up that bomb for bigger more effective well effect, this works in many builds though, and actually a lot of say ice builds or magic builds like to use this weapon, because it is an intelligence weapon, it is very effective in both sides of the content then, especially in boss fights where you have them standing in the fire just walking in it, and then spamming the explosion over and over.

Helphen's Steeple

Helphen's Steeple which some people might think should be a bit higher rated but let me explain, it is a great sword, that is an also intelligence weapon when used the ash of War, you will like the weapon on fire with black Flame, Black flame deals damage over time and percent damage over time at that so really good against bosses with big Health balls which is you know most of them, there's two parts to the attack actually you buff up and it deals a bit of damage as you buff up and then you've got a regular great sword moveset with this buffed up weapon, this works great in power stance with another one also with a Darkman Greatsword where you can swap between them and get the benefits of that Blackfire in a consistent way, in fact, there's loads of ways to work this weapon into a build, but much like the death's poker, we see it as a part of a build with some utility rather than the weapon itself on its own being really strong, it's just that Blackfire and the benefit of that that's nice, and it finds a great place in a build around that concert.

C Tier

Inseparable Sword

The Inseparable sword, it's an awkward one, despite the incredibly cool design, the lore ties of the weapon itself and the really cool mechanics, this is outclassed by a weapon that does the same thing in the same category of weapon, on paper, it's still great like a weapon with a unique moveset small vertical and feels quicker because of that in fact a weapon that deals good wholly damage which can be buffed up to be even more effective with the session War, perfect for killing those that live in death and having a ranged option as that it should be a good weapon and one that we would consider maybe B tier at least based on its performance and yet we've got it as they see that is because there's literally a weapon with the same mechanics and moveset another sword that can be made to work in the same way and has better output and more freedom of choice.

Zamor Curved Sword 

In PVE, this weapon has a fun spinning move set that works best in two hand, because when you power sense it, you lose the unique moveset for some reason, anyway the Asher War works great there more ice storm is a burst of frost buildup around your location which works great in unison with something like fires deadly sin incantation, meaning it deals ticks of fire damage over time, things that are near you that removes the frost buildup so you can get another Frost Park going this means you'll be popping Frost bursts pretty regularly while making use of this cool and unique spinning style of attack, in PvP, that can work as an incredible defensive AOE great in tight areas during sane Invasion, but it's a bit of a niche case where it works well, mostly in PvP, you'll be needing to catch people in trade scenarios which means it can work, but it is a bit awkward to be consistent, overall the weapon has some power in specific scenarios, but it does require other things to make it work well rather than it being strong on its own still it deserves an acknowledgment.

Sword of Milos

This gnarly looking sword is a very cool one, it has its six extra mechanics on top of just being a unique weapon visually, it's an important weapon thanks to its passives though like restoring FP when something dies near you let alone you having had killed it, it doesn't need to be you dealing the damage, as long as something dies, you get FP back that'll even work if it's on your back like you're not actively holding and using it, it's just technically equipped it'll still work, and it has a unique charged heavy where you drag the weapon forward and then uppercut swing in a very cool way, that's useful in general content, because it's a mini Gap closer and unexpectedly selling VP, the streak of Milos the ash of war is an AOE effect, this staggers enemies when you use it, it debuffs them to make them take more damage, it causes more status build up on the Target and the roar is a war cry, so you get a bit of AR for that and you get a new heavy attack moveset like other war cries, it won’t hit overly hard or make a major impact on its own, it just works really well in combinations with other weapons and other builds as the sort of toolkit in that, a power stand setup will say two great swords is a good way to use this weapon benefiting from its unique abilities movesets and otherwise, but relying on it as a second weapon, more than a thing on its own where there will be stronger great swords to use.



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