ACNH March Update 2023 - New Events, Items, DIYs for Animal Crossing New Horizons Spring 2023

2/8/2023 3:33:23 PM

In the month of March, we are going to see signs of spring in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Nature is changing and the iteration of old and new is ongoing. As usual, let’s take a look at the new events update, dates, items, and DIYs throughout the ACNH March Spring update 2023.

ACNH March Update 2023

ACNH March Update 2023 - New Events & Items for Animal Crossing New Horizons Spring 2023

In March 2023, there are no major events and holidays hosted in Animal Crossing New Horizons, but we still have some fun celebrations and limited-time seasonal items to obtain. We also expect something new about the third anniversary of ACNH. 

1. Hinamatsuri Festival (February 22 to March 3)

The first seasonal event that is going to happen from the end of February to the beginning of March 2023 is the Hinamatsuri Festival, which is also known as the Girl’s Day, takes place on March 3 each year in the real world, this holiday is meant to pray for the health and happiness of young girls, in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you’ll have the Hinaningyo and Blossom Lantern can be purchased from Nook Stop. 

Seasonal items: Hinaningyo, Blossom Lantern

2. π Day (March 1 to March 14)

The next one is a fun event to honor the mathematical content π or pi, as the first digits are 3.14, the seasonal item for this minor event will start to appear in the game from March 1 to March 14, and sell at 314 bells. 

Seasonal items: π pie

3. Shamrock Day (March 10 to March 17)

Shamrock Day, also known as St. Patrick's Day, derives from a real-life holiday. It is celebrated on three different occasions, as a Nook Shopping seasonal event, you can pick three items from Nook Stop in special goods under the seasonal tab for a limited time. As an Able Sisters seasonal event, you can buy the other four items listed below. In addition to that, the Shamrock Wand needs to be obtained through crafting with DIY recipes. 

Nook Shopping Seasonal items: Shamrock Rug, Shamrock Soda, Shamrock Doorplate

Able Sisters Seasonal items: Shamrock Hat, Shamrock Shoes, Shamrock Suit, and Shamrock Sunglasses

4. April Fool’s Day (March 26 to April 1)

Before March ends in ACNH, there is another seasonal event to be celebrated, which is April Fool’s Day. Starting from March 26 and lasting until April 1, you’ll have a chance to purchase the whoopee cushion in red, green, and yellow. 

Seasonal items: Whoopee Cushion

ACNH March Update 2023 - DIY Recipes and Crafting Materials for Animal Crossing Spring 2023

ACNH Spring dates are from February 25 to May 31. For Northern Hemisphere in New Horizons, there is only one series of DIY recipes for crafting bamboo-themed Animal Crossing items. And in Southern Hemisphere, starting from March 1 to June 10, players can collect Acorns and Pine Cones to craft items from Tree’s Bounty series. 

ACNH Bamboo Season 2023

- Dates: February 25 to May 31

- Main crafting materials: Bamboo piece, Young Spring Bamboo, Bamboo shoot

- Bamboo Items & DIY recipes:

Bamboo Basket: 7xBamboo Piece

Bamboo Bench: 8xBamboo Piece

Bamboo Candleholder: 2xClay, 3xBamboo Piece

Bamboo Drum: 2xSoftwood, 3xBamboo Piece

Bamboo Floor Lamp: 8xBamboo Piece

Bamboo Flooring: 15xBamboo Piece

Bamboo Lattice Fence: 6xBamboo Piece

Bamboo Lunch Box: 4xBamboo Piece

Bamboo Partition: 6xStone, 7xBamboo Piece

Bamboo Shelf: 15xBamboo Piece

Bamboo Speaker: 1xIron Nugget, 3xBamboo Piece

Bamboo Sphere: 3xBamboo Piece

Bamboo Stool: 5xBamboo Piece

Bamboo Stopblock: 3xBamboo Piece

Bamboo Wall: 15xBamboo Piece

Bamboo Wall Decoration: 1xBamboo Piece

Dark Bamboo Rug: 5xBamboo Piece

Hearth: 5xHardwood, 5xIron Nugget, 4xClay, 2xBamboo Piece

Bamboo Doll: 6xYoung Spring Bamboo

Bamboo Noodle Slide: 3xWood, 7xYoung Spring Bamboo

Bamboo Wand: 3xStar Fragment, 6xYoung Spring Bamboo

Bamboo-Grove Wall: 7xYoung Spring Bamboo, 3xBamboo Shoot

Bamboo-Shoot Lamp: 4xClay, 4xYoung Spring Bamboo, 5xBamboo Shoot

Basket Pack: 6xYoung Spring Bamboo

Green-Leaf Pile: 10xClump of Weeds, 1xYoung Spring Bamboo

Light Bamboo Rug: 6xYoung Spring Bamboo

Pan Flute: 7xYoung Spring Bamboo

Steamer-Basket Set: 6xYoung Spring Bamboo

Light Bamboo Bath Mat: 3 Young Spring Bamboo

Yellow Bamboo Mat: 3 Young Spring Bamboo