Animal Crossing New Horizons Content Update - 5 Things Going Away Forever In ACNH 2023

2/14/2023 10:52:54 AM

Some special Animal Crossing New Horizons content will be disappearing seemingly forever in 2023, due to an announcement made by Nintendo. Taking a look at what this is and how you can get it for yourself before it goes!

Animal crossing new horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons Content  Update - 5 Things Going Away Forever In ACNH 2023

1. Animal Crossing New Leaf happy home designer Amiibo festival

2023 is shaping up to be a weird year for Animal Crossing New Horizons, how digital versions of Animal Crossing New Leaf happy home designer Amiibo festival, and the wild world would no longer be available for purchase, as the 3DS and Wii U Eshops are closing down on the 27th of March.

Though you'll still be able to get physical copies of these games, if that's what you want hooray, however the same can't be said for All Animal Crossing content, in fact, some really cool pieces of Animal Crossing content will basically become unavailable forever as of the 27th as they only exist in digital form in this video.

What Nintendo has officially planned when thinking of Animal Crossing New Horizons games, all the big ones that Animal Crossing New Horizons, Animal Crossing New Leaf Wild World Etc, but honestly there's actually a lot of Animal Crossing content out there for you to enjoy, especially if you have multiple systems.

A lot of you have gone back to the 3DS to play Animal Crossing New Leaf, and since Animal Crossing New Horizons is no longer receiving any updates well, quite a few pieces of cool animal crossing content almost like mini-games become unavailable as of the eShop closure.

2. Animal Crossing New Horizons calculator 

First off, the Animal Crossing calculator which is just as exciting as it sounds, honestly now this is no full Animal Crossing game, but it's still a really cool piece of Animal Crossing media that is about to become really rare, as if you don't already have this, and you haven't already purchased it, as of the eShop closure seemingly, you'll never be able to get this again, as it was originally a DSi application, so it seemed very unlikely that this would ever come to something like the Nintendo switch.

Now if you're wondering what this is exactly, it is a calculator that is themed around Animal Crossing is pretty much, all there is to this app, but in a way, this is a really cool look at Animal Crossing's history, and just a nice little artifact, it's almost like going into an Animal Crossing museum, as this is from the days of Animal Crossing wild World.

When the DSi shop closed down, Nintendo did make sure it was on the 3DS of people to get, but this will no longer be possible as of that March date.

3. Animal Crossing clock 

The same can be said for the Animal Crossing clock which once again is basically just an animal crossing clock, a little bit of a pattern here, but once again this is still a really cool piece of media, and this one actually does have more features than what had for the Animal Crossing calculator, like an alarm, and honestly who doesn't want to be woken up by Animal Crossing Music.

These really are relics of a different time where honestly, people are probably getting pretty excited about having a calculator or a clock on their DS, especially as many people didn't really have smartphones when these were first released.

4. Photos of Animal Crossing New Horizons 

Another one that a lot of viewers sadly won't be able to get is photos of Animal Crossing New Horizons which is another application on the Nintendo 3DS, something that you can download from there, as far as this is only available in Japan and Europe.

If you're in America, it seems like you can't get this, basically, it just allows you to take a bunch of different AR photos with Animal Crossing characters, there's nothing too elaborate or crazy here, it's as simple as it sounds pounds, but still it is something that really interesting.

Now honestly this is the only one on the list, so far that is actually free, so if you are in these regions, you should go and download it,  that this has actually happened before with another Animal Crossing New Horizons game on the Wii U.

5. Animal Crossing New Horizons Plaza

Animal Crossing New Horizons Plaza, if you remember what that is, it was just a fun way to interact with other animal crossing fans, and see all your favorite villagers on the Wii U which was especially cause.

Any other animal crossing new horizons content on this system at the time, they even ran polls of all kinds of fun questions about the characters, and is well won pretty much all of them, this honestly would have been a great app for the switch and they never considered porting it,  as it has been unavailable for some time.

Now effectively discontinued, actually never got to experience this app, so it returns in some way, now if you are watching this before the 27th of March, it is still possible to connect your 3DS and switch Nintendo accounts and put funds into there that way, so effectively if you have funds on your switch, and you've got that account connected with your Nintendo Network ID.

Then you should still be able to purchase things using those switch funds, but currently, you're not able to actually put funds directly into the 3DS itself if you're a huge Animal Crossing fan or a collector or you just want to see what these are like, then definitely recommend getting them before it's too late, these apps going away, definitely that Nintendo needs to put more Animal Crossing content on the switch.

These fun little extras aren't as exciting as the main games themselves. Of course, if you've actually tried any of these games and what your opinions are or if you're planning to. 

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