ACNH Cherry Blossom Season 2023: Date, Cherry Blossom Items, DIY Recipes, Petals, Changes of Animal Crossing Sakura Season

3/3/2023 3:41:16 PM

In April 2023, Cherry Blossom Season, an occasion totally devoted to the aspects that distinguish the season, will take place on our Animal Crossing: New Horizons islands! Then you are able to craft all Cherry Blossom items during the limited-time Sakura Season by gathering cherry petals and using special DIY recipes. In this guide, we talk about the ACNH Cherry Blossom Season 2023, covering the release dates, new DIY recipes & seasonal items, and changes, as well as tips for petals collecting and cherry blossom tree planting. 

ACNH Cherry Blossom Season 2023

ACNH Cherry Blossom Items & DIY Recipes 2023 | Animal Crossing New Horizons Cherry Blossom Season Guide

As time goes by in our lives, seasons come and go on our ACNH islands, bringing not only stunning scenery to immerse yourself in but also updated collections of seasonally themed materials and item crafting to immerse us in island life. When the Spring has completely melted away the remaining cold of winter, the April breeze blows, and the delicate pink petals are flying all over the sky - the romantic cherry blossom season has come to our island again! While indulging in this romantic cherry blossom rain, don’t forget to collect those flower petals and DIY recipes that can only be obtained in this season of the year, they are necessary for making Japanese-themed furniture items! Besides, there are more interesting activities you can experience in this beautiful season, follow us to explore more details together!

ACNH Cherry Blossom Season 2023 Start & End Date

When does Cherry Blossom Season start and end in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Since this is a purely spring-specific season, the times that occur in both hemispheres are different:

  • For North Hemisphere: Starts on April 1st, Ends on April 10th

  • For Southern Hemisphere: Starts on October 1st, Ends on October 10th

ACNH Cherry Blossom Season Time Travel

As Cherry Blossom Season is a seasonal event always available, it behaves differently than the special events, in fact, it is not connected to any updates: so if you want, simply move the date to the days of the event to be able to play them. So if the activation period of the event has ended, you can access it again by practicing Time Travel, simply by changing the date of your console.

ACNH Cherry Blossom Season Items 2023

The importance of Cherry Blossom Season lies in bringing the cherry petals and exclusive DIY recipes that can be crafted into limited-time items to decorate your home or island with. Here we've sorted out all items you are able to collect during the Cherry Blossom Season in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

  • ACNH Cherry Blossom Items & DIY Recipes

Here are all the Cherry Blossom Items you are able to craft with the DIY recipes you collected during the season time:

  • Cherry-Blossom Branches (DIY Recipe: 8 Cherry-Blossom Petal, 5 Clay, 4 Tree Branch)

  • Cherry-Blossom Clock (DIY Recipe: 5 Cherry-Blossom Petal, 1 Iron Nugget)

  • Cherry-Blossom Flooring (DIY Recipe: 10 Cherry-Blossom Petal, 20 Clump Of Weeds)

  • Cherry-Blossom Pochette (DIY Recipe: 6 Cherry-Blossom Petal)

  • Cherry-Blossom Pond Stone (DIY Recipe: 3 Cherry-Blossom Petal, 10 Stone)

  • Cherry-Blossom Umbrella (DIY Recipe: 7 Cherry-Blossom Petal)

  • Cherry-Blossom Wand (DIY Recipe: 3 Cherry-Blossom Petal, 3 Star Fragment)

  • Cherry-Blossom-Petal Pile (DIY Recipe: 5 Cherry-Blossom Petal)

  • Cherry-Blossom-Trees Wall (DIY Recipe: 10 Cherry-Blossom Petal, 5 Hardwood)

  • Cherry-Blossom Rug (DIY Recipe: 6 Cherry-Blossom Petal)

  • Cherry-Blossom Bonsai (DIY Recipe: 6 Cherry-Blossom Petal, 2 Hardwood, 3 Clump Of Weeds, 3 Clay)

  • Blossom-Viewing Lantern (DIY Recipe: 6 Cherry-Blossom Petal, 4 Hardwood)

  • Sakura-Wood Flooring (DIY Recipe: 5 Cherry-Blossom Petal, 10 Wood)

  • Sakura-Wood Wall (DIY Recipe: 5 Cherry-Blossom Petal, 10 Wood)

  • Outdoor Picnic Set (DIY Recipe: 10 Cherry-Blossom Petal)

ACNH Cherry Blossom Items 2023

How To Get Cherry Blossom DIY Recipes in ACNH?

There are ways and tips that can help you get all Cherry Blossom DIY Recipes in Animal Crossing New Horizons easier and faster: 

  • Shooting down balloons in the sky during Cherry Blossom Season - Cherry blossom DIYs can only be obtained from normal balloons that fly overhead in your skies. Any color of the balloon can contain these DIYs so your best bet is to shoot down every balloon that you see to increase your chances of getting a cherry blossom DIY. We highly recommend keeping a few slingshots in your pockets at all times, so you can quickly shoot down balloons as you see them you won't be able to run into your house or go to Nook's Cranny to get a slingshot on the spot since balloons despawn when you enter any building. 

  • Avoid Bunny Day for Higher Cherry Blossom DIYs Spawn Rate - Another thing to look out for is the Bunny Day balloons, in 2023 the bunny day season and cherry blossom season overlap from April 2nd to April 8th this means during these 9 days you will see bunny day balloons flying around and you will have normal balloons flying overhead that carry these cherry blossom DIYs. Last year the Bunny Day balloons were spawning so much that it was hard for players to shoot down any regular balloons containing these DIYs, it also did not help that in 2020 the bunny day season completely overlapped with the cherry blossom season which made shooting down normal balloons next to impossible. This year the overlap is only 9 days and the buddy day balloon spawn rates have been lowered, so in theory, it should be much easier for players to shoot down normal balloons carrying these coveted cherry blossom DIYs. If the bunny day balloons are still getting in your way, you can either wait for or time travel to April 9th since that will be the first day after the Bunny Day season has finished, this way only normal balloons will be spawning making it easier to shoot them down to collect the cherry blossom DIYs.

  • Follow the Wind Pattern To Capture More Balloons - There is also a secret trick you can use to farm the balloons that we want to tell you about. This trick works because balloons float across your island from either east to west or west to east depending if it's day or night the direction your balloon floats depends on your island's wind pattern which is determined upon starting the island, so once you figure out the pattern it will stay the same forever which makes this trick even easier to use. An easy way to figure out your island's wind pattern is to look at the chimney of a villager who is home whichever way the smoke is blowing in the direction of your wind for the day and will be flipped at night and vice versa, now that you know your wind pattern you can use it to your advantage. Let's say your balloons float in from the east during the day, all you have to do to capture all those balloons flying onto your island is to line up jail bars, climbing walls, and other tall objects along your east beach. The balloons will hit the objects and float south. Then all you need to do is stand and wait to pop all the balloons that come to you, this is a really handy trick if you want to farm lots of balloons, especially for seasons like the cherry blossom where the special seasonal DIYs only come from balloons. 

  • Morning Isabelle Announcement near the beginning of the Cherry Blossom Season - If you haven’t already learned the Outdoor Picnic Set DIY crafting recipe and when there is no other notable things for Isabelle to announce, Isabelle will send the Cherry Blossom recipe to your NookPhone during the morning announcements. 

  • Trade Cherry Blossom DIY Recipes with Other Gamers at Any Time - Making exchanges with friends can help you finish the collection more quickly since getting all Cherry Petal DIY recipes largely requires luck and patience.

  • Collect Cherry Blossom DIY Recipes from Free Treasure Islands at any time - Also, if you know how free treasure islands work, then there is no doubt that you can go to these islands to find free DIY recipes.

  • ACNH Cherry Blossom Petals 2023

Now that you have all the cherry blossom DIYs, you will need to collect cherry blossom petals in order to craft them. 

How Many Petals Needed For Cherry Blossom Set Items?

You will need 86 cherry blossom petals total if you want to make one of each item from the DIYs set. 

How To Catch Cherry Blossom Petals as Many as Possible?

During Spring, the hardwood trees will bloom with cherry blossoms, and from the day when the cherry blossom season starts, the cherry blossom petals will be flying in the sky, all you have to do is try your best to collect as many as possible in 10 days, and the below tips will help you max out the amount: 

  1. Just equip your Net tool and attempt to capture the pink petal in Animal Crossing: New Horizons the same way you collect bugs when you do see a Cherry Blossom Petal falling in the air.  We recommend carrying a few nets with you and your pockets so you can keep catching petals if a net breaks on you. 

  2. Cherry Blossom Petals are neither exceptionally frequent nor uncommon to find in the air. Be careful to keep an eye out for one at all times since these petals will drop on your island at odd times and places.

  3. Moreover, we've noticed that occasionally they appear to be less prevalent at night, so it could be wise to concentrate your hunting efforts during the day.

  4. The Cherry Blossom Petals you're attempting to catch will vanish if you swing your net twice and miss. Also, if you wait too long, the petals will naturally fade away. Be cautious since this might occur while you're watching for them to leave the river.

  5. Hardwood trees with blossoming cherry blossoms are necessary for Cherry Blossom Petals to spawn. This implies that trees that yield fruit and pine trees are unable to produce petals, so we suggest you steal all the hardwood trees you can from the islands, then plant them up for more spawn opportunities.

How To Do If Cherry Blossom Petals not Spawning on Your ACNH Island?

If cherry blossom petals are not spawning on your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons, there are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the issue:

  • Check the date: Cherry blossom petals only spawn for a limited time each year, typically around early to mid-April (depending on your hemisphere). Make sure your in-game clock is set to the correct date and time.

  • Check the weather: Cherry blossom petals only spawn on days when there is a "cherry blossom" weather pattern. Check the weather forecast on your in-game phone or at the airport to see if the weather is right for cherry blossom petals to spawn.

  • Check your island's trees: Cherry blossom petals only spawn from pink cherry blossom trees, which can be found on your island during the cherry blossom season. Make sure you have some of these trees on your island, and that they have fully bloomed (you'll know they've bloomed when you see pink petals falling from them).

  • Check your island's settings: Make sure that your island is set to the correct hemisphere (northern or southern) and that you have not changed the date or time settings in any way that would affect cherry blossom petal spawning.

If you've checked all of these things and still can't find any cherry blossom petals, it's possible that they have already stopped spawning for the year or that there is some other issue with your game. In that case, you may want to try contacting Nintendo support for further assistance.

How To Get Cherry Blossom Trees in ACNH?

Cherry blossom trees are actually hardwood trees in Animal Crossing New Horizons, and won't produce fruit.  At the proper season - Spring, newly planted hardwood trees will blossom into cherry blossom trees, and after the season is through, they return to their normal state as hardwoods. Fruit trees can't transform into cherry blossoms, so if you want to get cherry blossom petals to spawn on your island in April, go to plant some hardwood trees now! 

So that all details about the ACNH Cherry Blossom Season in 2023, hopefully, help you learn how to get all the related exclusive items and enjoy the Sakura season on your island!

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