8 ACNH Spring Updates & Changes 2023 - New Events, Items, DIYs, Changes in March, April & May

3/6/2023 10:58:32 AM

Spring 2023 is here in Animal Crossing New Horizons and this is the absolute best season in the entire game. All the really cool scenery changes which happen are such classic Animal Crossing looks and we can't forget about the many exciting events that happen throughout this season as well. So for those of you in the northern hemisphere, this ACNH March, April & May updates guide is going to help you, we cover everything that is happening around your island throughout the season of Spring in Animal Crossing New Horizons 2023, from seasonal materials and items for you to collect, events to enjoy and much more.

8  ACNH Spring Updates & Changes 2023 - New Events, Items, DIYs & Changes for March, April & May 

Spring is a season of growth and renewal in ACNH, it begins in March and lasts until the end of May. During this season, players can expect a plenty of new activities, events and changes to explore and enjoy on the island including the Cherry Blossom Festival, Bunny Day, May Day, Museum Day, new DIY recipes, new fish and bugs & more. Here's everything about the ANCH updates & changes in Spring 2023, ACNH March updates 2023, ACNH April updates 2023 and ACNH May updates 2023. 

1. ACNH Scenery Changes

We have the scenery changes. Now once you head into the month of March, things are going to become a lot greener around your island and it will just progressively get more and more green as the season goes on. When you get into April and May, your island is going to have that classic Animal Crossing green look. You'll notice lots of other scenery changes happen around the island too like the weeds will change how they look and also Nook's Canny will get a nice Spring facade as well. One of the cool things about Animal Crossing New Horizons is that the season doesn't just all kick in at once like it did in past games, it progressively gets more and more just like the real world. This was definitely one of the best improvements that they made to seasons in all of the Animal Crossing Franchise.

2. ACNH Cherry Blossom

Next, we have the cherry blossom season which will be happening for the first two weeks in April. As you wander around the island, you'll be able to see cherry blossom trees and it just looks so beautiful. But most importantly, you'll be able to start to collect cherry blossom petals using your net. You can actually use these cherry blossom petals to craft a whole bunch of different cherry blossom themed items which are some of the best in the entire game. You can get these recipes by going to your villages, you might be crafting them or if you're very lucky then you can shoot them down from a balloon. Cherry blossom season is really one of those classic iconic Animal Crossing look, it does actually overlap with Bunny Day usually which is a bit of a shame, but it's really nice to see the island so vibrant and full of color like in the real world. The cherry blossom season is a fleeting thing, it doesn't last for very long at all, but when it does, it is absolutely beautiful and definitely one of those times that you need to get out into in Animal Crossing New Horizons before it disappears until the next year. 

Take a look at the list of ACNH cherry blossom items for Spring 2023 and let us know which of the items are your favorite.

  • Cherry-Blossom Bonsai Tree

  • Cherry-Blossom Umbrella

  • Cherry-Blossom Pond Stone

  • Cherry-Blossom Flooring

  • Cherry-Blossom Petal pile

  • Cherry-Blossom Branches

  • Cherry-Blossom Festival Rug

  • Cherry-Blossom Lamp

  • Cherry-Blossom Tee

  • Cherry-Blossom Wand

3. ACNH Spring Bamboo

Cherry blossoms aren't the only seasonal material you can collect in Spring, we also have the young spring bamboo which you can start to collect from March onwards. Young spring bamboo can be received from cutting at bamboo trees just like you get other types of wood in the game. And like with the cherry blossom petals, this can be used to craft a variety of different bamboo themed items of which there are quite a few, some are really interesting as well because they're musical instruments, so those are definitely ones you want to get your hands on. You'll need to get them from villages or maybe you can get them from balloons as well. If you still need bamboo, then you'll have to head to a mystery tour Island to find Bamboo starts and you can bring them right back to your Island and start growing them which is a really great thing to do. Check the list of all the bamboo items. 

ACNH updates & changes in March, April, May

  • Bamboo Shelf

  • Bamboo Partition

  • Bamboo Bench

  • Bamboo Lunch Box

  • Bamboo Noodle Slide

  • Bamboo Piece

  • Bamboo Nesting Table

  • Bamboo Rug

  • Bamboo Shoot

  • Bamboo Shoot Lamp

  • Bamboo Wand

  • Bamboo Doll

  • Bamboo-Grove Wall

  • Steamer-Basket Set

  • Basket Pack

  • Light Bamboo Rug

  • Pan Flute

  • Green-Leaf Pile

4. Bunny Day for Spring Update

It wouldn't be Spring without a whole bunch of major events happening and there's quite a lot happening throughout this entire season. The first major event that's happening in Spring happens on April the 9th but actually starts the week before all in all, and this is Bunny Day. Quite an infamous event in the Animal Crossing series a lot of people either love it or hate it, but before the week of April 9th you'll be able to start seeing eggs pop up around your Island and zipper will let you know that the celebrations for Bunny Day will begin. Then on April 9th itself, you can find zipper in the resident services plaza where he'll let you know about the event and give you some help in crafting items using the eggs that you've collected. There are so many different items that you can collect throughout this event. 

  • Bunny Day Wardrobe

  • Bunny Day Vanity

  • Bunny Day Bed

  • Bunny Day Wall Clock

  • Bunny Day Arch

  • Bunny Day Festive Balloon

  • Bunny Day Merry Balloon

  • Bunny Day Lamp

  • Bunny Day Glowy Garland

  • Bunny Day Wreath

  • Bunny Day Wall

  • Bunny Day Flooring

  • Bunny Day Rug

  • Bunny Day Stool

  • Bunny Day Table

  • Stone-Egg Shell, Outfit, Shoes

  • Earth-egg Shell, Outfit, Shoes

  • Leaf-egg Shell, Outfit, Shoes

  • Wood-egg Shell, Outfit, Shoes

  • Sky-egg Shell, Outfit, Shoes

  • Water-egg Shell, Outfit, Shoes

  • Egg Party Hat, Dress

5. ACNH May Day

The next event happens from the end of April until the 7th of May and this is Rover’s May Day tour. When you start up the game, Tom Nook will let you know that the tour is going on, you'll get a special ticket from him and then you can head to a Mystery Island where Rover will be waiting. But first you'll have to get through Rover's maze using all the skills that you've learned about crafting and such. It's just a fun little event, it's something different than what we usually get in the game. It's a nice way to meet up with Rover who is the most classic Animal Crossing character ever, basically the first character you ever see in the entire series except from Joan. The rewards for it are basically his picture or his briefcase depending on if you've already got them or not, and if you already have both it's just random what you get you can also get some cash tickets from playing this event too.

6. ACNH Museum Day

The final event which happens in Spring is international Museum Day where which takes place on May the 18th right through until the end of the month, ending off the season. You can head into the museum, talk to Blathers and he'll let you know that he set up little sort of learning points around the museum, so you can collect stamps by learning some information. At the end of that once you've collected all the stamps, you can get different rewards. 

7. ACNH Bush Changes

Then, we have some bush changes, the Camellia bush will stop blooming from March the 31st, so this is the absolute last point you can see it until much later on this year. Then we also have the Azalea bushes, a very classic Spring Bush which will start to bloom from April the 11th, basically once the cherry blossom season ends. So definitely make sure you've got lots of foliage around your Island for the Spring season because it looks absolutely beautiful this whole time.

8. New Critters

There are new bugs and fish that become available during the spring season. Some of the new bugs you can catch include the Emperor Butterfly, the Ladybug, and the Peacock Butterfly. Some of the new fish you can catch include the Betta, the Neon Tetra, the Rainbowfish, and the Tilapia.

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