How to Gear Up Fast in WoW WotLK 2023 - Best Alt Gearing Guide in WotLK

2/23/2023 2:45:37 PM

Today we are going to be giving you a very quick guide on how to gear up your character fast in Wrath of the Lich King Classic 2023. So this is going to be perfect for those people who are just returning to the game or you're looking to gear up your alts.

WoW WotLK Gearing Guide 2023

How to Gear Up Fast in WoW WotLK 2023 - Best Ways for Gearing Up Alts in WotLK Classic

If you play WotLK mostly solo, gearing up an alt can be tough, whether you’re just finishing your journey to level 70 for the first time, or you’re about to gear up your fifth Warrior alt. Sure, you can go ahead and do a dungeon, but if you’re not about that pug life, there are still lots of options for you to get geared up. Now let’s review the 7 quickest ways to gear up your alts in WoW WotLK in this Ultimate WoW gearing guide 2023!

#1. Gearing Up WotLK 2023 - Daily Heroic Dungeon

The first thing first is do your daily heroic, because it will grant you some conquest points and have a conquest point vendor is providing the best gear in the game, and then do more heroics if you need more gear. Just doing a fair few amount of heroics before you attempt heroic+ because the content is very difficult.                     

#2. WoW WotLK Gearing Up Alts - Daily Heroic+ Dungeon 

Your first heroic+ of a day will also grant bonus conquest points. The best thing to do is the delivery request and your first heroic+ of the day together. 

#3. Gear Up Alts in WotLK 2023 - VOA 25+VOA10

Remember every week get yourself into a VOA 10 group and a VOA 25 group to do both the bosses in that instance. The growth thing about this instance you have a chance to get your tear piece much earlier than you'd normally expect. And sometimes your tearset bonus can be a big boost to your DPS. 

#4. Catch Up on Gear in WotLK 2023 - PVP Call to Arms Daily

Don't neglect the PVP gear, you can get yourself a lot of PVP gear to increase your gear score. This obviously is a little bit of a Jammy thing to do, but the problem with the game right now is so many poor groups are requesting for you to have a specific amount of gear score. And majority of the time, people aren't going to be bothered that much if you have a couple of PVP pieces. So first of all, get a PVP daily quest every day complete it, vendor your random Battleground every single day at least. This will grant you a lot of gold, honor and also some cheeky arena points. There's some cheap Arena gear that you can buy from the arena vendor as well, that doesn't have a rating requirement which would normally be essential or a relic or sometimes even an offhand weapon which can be very useful. 

#5. Gear Up Fast in WoW WotLK 2023 - Wintergrasp + Quests

You also want to try and do as much winter grasp as you can, it pops off every 3 hours, try and do this at least once a day. You can buy some pretty decent pieces with your commendations and wintergrasp trinket trinkets and helmets. Plus it grants loads of Honor especially when you pick up all the quests from wintergrasp itself, which also grants you a lot of gold. It's very nearly 300 gold if you complete over wintergrasp quests. 

#6. WoW 2023 Best Method for Gearing Up Alts - BOE Items

There are some pretty decent BOE items on the auction house. As we get further and further along in a particular phase, these BOEs can be picked up fairly cheaply, so it's very important for us to make some gold or at least be making a little bit of gold every day without spending that much time.

How to make gold for BOE?

First of all, you want to be doing your dual craft daily every single day for the dragon's eyes which you can sell on the auction house. Unless you want to use a dragon eye to buy more patterns with, furthermore, whatever profession you have, you want to be using your research cooldown or your crafting cooldown every day or whenever it is available every 3 days. So for instance your cloth cool down, Titansteel, with mining, Alchemy research, inscription research, you're making out to see prism every day, and be sure to do your cooking and fishing daily every day as well for a little bit of extra gold. You really don't need to go out into the open world doing daily quest or farming gold unless you want to. Just do these little objectives every day, take a less than half an hour to farm a good 300 to 500 gold every day without that much effort. Remember also that when you have leftover emblems, you can spend them on BOEs and sell them on the auction house, that's much better than buying Frozen orbs. But do double check the prices of that on your server on the auction house.

#7. Best Way to Gear Up Fast in WotLK 2023 - Phase 1 Raids

The last thing to do for fast gearing in WotLK Classic 2023 is to get yourself into some raids. You'll find it much easier to get into phase 1 raids particularly 10 mans, but just try and do your 10 mans and your 25 mans every single week. It definitely helps to be in the guild because your guilt would definitely do alt runs most likely. 

Bonus Tip

The last tip is exclusively for Death Knights, it is so unbelievably difficult for you to get VOA away from because there's so many death knights in the game. Simply make your own. Those groups fill up ridiculously quickly, so you don't need to be a very competent raid leader to really get that sword because the mechanics are very basic and most people know them anyway.