Best Ways to Make Gold Before WotLK Phase 3 Release - WotLK Phase 3 Gold Farming Guide

3/27/2023 8:00:27 PM

In this WotLK phase 3 gold farming guide, we're going to be talking about some passive gold makers to make gold to prepare for WotLK phase 3. These are gold makers that you can either do up front by farming and materials in advance or things that you can just do in a few minutes every single day. 

  • 1. Best Way to Make Gold in Phase 3 - Pre-Farmed Dailies

We have pre-farm daily quests, according to what said by NOHITJEROME’s video, people asked about why he had so much Lumber in his bag. Actually, he just pre-farmed the Jack Me Some Lumber quest a few weeks ago, the effect of gold per hour while he was farming that quest was over 1800 per hour. If you're not familiar with the Jack Me Some Lumber Quest, you turn in 12 Lumber to get 21 gold. You can farm over 1800 gold per hour in effective gold. Then you just have to log in every day and remember to turn in the quest. Also pre-farm both the jousting quests, the Grand Melee and the Among the Champions quest combined for 44 gold and profit per day. Plus you'll get a valiant’s seal and up to two Champion seals as well. The only annoying thing about pre-farming these quests is that it will fill up your mailbox with a bunch of very annoying jump.

  • 2. WotLK Phase 3 Gold Making - Tradeskillmaster App

Then we have passive profit from the tradeskillmaster desktop app. A lot of the best goal makers in the game use the tradeskillmaster add-on to find good deals. But a couple months ago, a lot of features like the vendor search and the disenchanters just stopped working, that's because Blizzard was dealing with a lot of server issues and they didn't want people to spam the auction house scanning over and over again. But there is actually some really good news there's a way to get both the vendor search and the disenchant search back. If you download the tradeskillmaster app, you're actually magically able to do the disenchanted search and vendor searches again. But the best part is so few people know about this that it's really easy to make profit now. Every single time you do a disenchant search, you can make 50 to 100 gold just passively.

  • 3. Best Way to Make Gold before Phase 3 - Pre-Farm Jewelcrafting

Then we have pre-farm jewel crafting quests. The pre-farm jewel crafting daily is one of most people’s things to do now. All you have to do to take advantage of this passive gold maker is buy a bunch of the materials for the jewel crafting daily. Then when you go to kill the dark iron doors, you can just make the item over and over again and stack them up infinitely. That way you could theoretically have 30 to 40 days worth of every single jewelcraft in daily stocked up. Every single day you'll be getting 21 gold and one jewel crafting token, you could either flip that token into a dragon's eye for 80 to 90 gold profit or just buy some recipes. Either way, it's just such a great way to be making some gold in the open world and also doing the daily quest at the same time. And another jewelcraft in daily you should be doing is the icy prism. It just isn't that profitable right now, but when we are making them in the next phase, we'll be getting epic gems. So stocking up all the materials to make a bunch of icy prisms would be a really good idea right now.

  • 4. Gold Farm WotLK Phase 3 - Bulk Material Flips

Do bulk material flips when you log in, you have a different character for every type of material. You can have a list of high volume items you can flip every day with low deposit fees, some of items to flip are things like infinite dust and northern spices. If an infinite dust below 1.1 gold, just buy it, don't care if there's 2000 or 5000, just buy them. Then reprice them at 1.3, 1.4 gold and just wait for the gold to roll in. Put the items for 48 hours since there's no deposit fee and you are just good to go. This is just such a great way to make passive gold in WoW WotLK Classic before phase 3 release just log into the game. And while material prices can ever flow as long as you're doing high volume items, you'll always be making money. 

With these WoW WotLK gold tips, now you're making lots of passive gold, you need to get as prepped as possible for phase 3, check out the phase 3 WotLK guide so you don't miss out on any key preparation. 

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