WotLK Phase 3 Preparation Guide - New Dungeons ToC, Raids, Epic Gems, Quests, Changes Coming in WotLK Phase 3

3/24/2023 10:57:25 AM

WoW WotLK Classic is fast approaching phase 3, are you excited about it? What can we expect for the new phase? Today we are going to be covering what's new in phase 3 of Wrath of the Lich King, from the new dungeons to the new raids, quests and gold making opportunities.

Changes Coming in WoW WotLK Phase 3 - New ToC Dungeons, Raids, Quests, Boss, Epic Gems

Phase 3 of Wrath of the Lich King is coming up with a lot of new content. This includes the latest trail of the crusader, the latest patterns for crafted gears, new epic jumps, etc. For those looking beyond the Algalon and Hard Mode grinds, here’s what to expect from WoW Classic WotLK.

New Dungeon - Trial of the Champion

We're going to be getting a new dungeon called Trial of the Champion, this is the ultimate catchup dungeon, you'll be able to get new 200 item level gear from normal mode and 290 from heroic. You may be excited about the trinkets, for example the Black Heart looks like a really fun item for PVP, plus every single boss will be dropping Champion seals. And Champion seals are going to be a whole lot more relevant in phase 3.

New Quests for Phase 3 WotLK 

There's new quests fill out the areas north of the Argent tournament and for story purposes, there'll be a new Black Knights questline edition. If you haven't worked through that questline already, getting on it. There are a bunch of really relevant new rewards being added in phase 3. There's the new Argent Warhorse mount which is sure to turn heads. There’s the new Argent Pony Bridal. If you attach that to your squire, you'll be able to access the bank every 4 hours. You can definitely buy an Argent Crusader’s Tabard so you can teleport back to Toc for your gdkp's.

And while we're talking about new items, you can't forget about Jeeves. if you haven't farmed your Jeeves recipe yet, you can easily get it from the library Guardians and storm peaks. The Jeeves requires several of every different repair bind as well as some Kings Amber. King’s Amber is one of the many new epic gems added in phase 3. 

Epic Gems in Phase 3 

1. Cardinal Ruby (Red)

2. King’s Amber (Yellow)

3. Majestic Zircon (Blue)

4. Dreadstone (Purple)

5. Ametrine (Orange)

6. Eye of Zul (Green)

There are going to be so many different ways to get epic gems in WotLK Phase 3. 

  • PvP Epic Gems: The first way is PVP, for just 10K honer you can buy an epic gem. Once your honor capped every character, you can supplement your honor with wintergrasp marks for 2000 extra honor each.

  • 20x Emblems of Hroism: The second way to get epic gems will be from 20 embos of heroism. You can stock up by doing the daily heroic dungeon every single day. 

  • Transmute Cardinal Ruby: You can also get epic gems from the Alchemy transmute, but there will be a 20 hour cooldown.

  • Prospecting: Another way to get epic gems will be from titanium prospecting. You can spend thousands of gold on Titanium Ore, that's because the second that phase through drops, you'll be prospecting titanium more than gems. Don’t sell these gems, just use the new epic gem patterns to make even more gold. The new epic gem patterns will be available from Timothy Jones for four dalaran jewelcrafting tokens each. 

Trial of the Crusader Raid

We are also getting the new Trial of the Crusader raid. This is going to be the most controversial raid tier in Wrath of the Lich King. A lot of people are going to complain about the short length of the raid, there's also no trash whatsoever. And a lot of people really like pumping trash especially boomkins. And while this raid isn't that long and it doesn't have all those cool big name bosses, it does have a lot of really cool and technically impressive ideas.

There are four different modes in Trial of the Crusader, there's a 10 man, the 25 man and the heroic 10 and 25 as well. Think of the 10 and 25 normals as the ultimate catchup rates. Once at least one player has cleared the normal mode, you'll be able to do the heroic mode. The main new mechanic is the Tribute Chess system. The less wipes you have in the raid, the more gear you get. And if you have 50 wipes, all the boss is just up and disappear. If you can somehow complete the dungeon with all your 50 attempts remaining, you'll get a bonus cloak as a reward. If you do the entire run deathless, you'll get a bonus mount for free. But the raid also simplifies some of the loot systems that were pretty frustrating to deal with. For example, instead of tier pieces, if you're in the 10 man, you'll get the trophy of the Crusade, if you're in the 25 man, you'll get the Regalia of the Grand Conqueror. Though just like in the last phase, there's also new crafted gear you can make and that new gear requires Crusader Orbs and pretty much the same materials as last time.

WotLK Onyxia Raid for Phase 3

You may be surprised to learn that Toc isn't the only raid in this year, we'll also be getting a new Onyxia Raid as well. This is going to be the ultimate Nostalgia raid with all the items in Classic. Though interestingly, the gear is exactly the same as TLC. Normal mode will be 232 and heroic mode will be 245. The main reason people want to run Onyxia for the Reins of the Onyxian Drake, that's arguably a top 3 mount and is extremely desirable. 

WotLK Phase 3 New Boss 

There's also the new boss in the Vault of Archavon, Koralon the Flame Watcher. If you want to get some free Relentless Gladiator gear, there's no better way, and definitely getting to season 7. If you're playing a Warrior for example, you're going to really start to pump and dominate all those noobs in the Arena. But if arena is just aren't your style, you can also try the new Isle of Conquest Battleground. 

WotLK Phase 3 Preparation Guide & Tips 

To prepare for the phase 3 content, you need to select the right tier of a character class. Get to know the exact time of phase 3 release, make pre-investment, gear up character, max out your professions, as well as level up alts. 

WoW WotLK Class Tier List:


  • Frost Death Knight 

  • Unholy Death Knight

  • Fire Mage

  • Marksmanship Hunter 


  • Arcane Mage

  • Combat Rogue 

  • Fury Warrior 

  • Feral Druid 

  • Assassination Rogue 

  • Survival Hunter

  • Retribution Paladin


  • Shadow Priest 

  • Balance Druid 

  • Affliction Warlock 

  • Demonology Warlock 

  • Enhancement Shaman

  • Elemental Shaman 


  • Destruction Warlock

  • Arms Warrior 

  • Beast Mastery Hunter 


  • Blood Death Knight

  • Subtlety Rogue 

  • Frost Mage

Items to Invest for Phase 3

The price of rune orbs was quite high when phase 2 was published, and players were required to have 6 of these orbs in order to craft any item. At phase 3, you will have between 4 and 8 crusader orbs to craft any item you want. These crusader orbs could have a worth of 2000 WoW gold coins or even low, depending on how much demand there is for them and how many are available. The first item that you should invest in is transmuted.

The cardinal ruby will be one of the most expensive transmute for the phase of Wrath of the Lich King. With it, you can transmute a scarlet ruby and an element of fire into the cardinal ruby. To make the most out of the transmutes in phase three, purchase as many green, blue, and yellow gems as you can.  

When Will WotLK Phase 3 Release?

Based on the current trajectory and the original launch timetable, the WoW Classic WotLK phase 3 release date is should be expected in mid to late April.

More things to prepare for the phase 3 WoW WotLK:

  • Gear up: Make sure you have the best gear possible for your character. You can run dungeons and raids to get gear drops or buy gear from the Auction House.

  • Max out professions: Level up your professions to the maximum level so that you can craft the best items possible.

  • Level up alts: Consider leveling up alts to have more options for raid composition or to gear up multiple characters.