Elden Ring 1.08 Best Bleed Zweihander Build Guide - Optimal RN 90 Zweihander Bleed Build

3/2/2023 2:38:03 PM

We'll show you a build for a bleed zweihander combo build designed for reliable kill potential and counterplay against the common basic bleed builds.

Stas & Attributes of Bleed Zweihander Build

Now the stats, you'll need are very specifically tailored for the weapons and talismans wehave here, you can modify however you want but be mindful about your soft caps and scaling because this is min-maxed for damage output and poise.

Starting class- wretch (isn't the most optimal but it's the 2nd most optimal, and let you build swap to a faith character optimally and you only lose 6 dmg or 90 hp on this build with wretch starting).

  • 40 vigor (+5 with radagons).

  • 19 endurance (+5 with radagons).

  • 20 strength (only need 14 with radagons but we had points to spare and you get good AR off strength in a blood zweigander).

  • 11-16 dex (depending if you want 20 faith or not, having the minimum dex to weild pulley crossbow is a necessity but we enjoy running 16 so we have 21 with radagons and just have 15 faith for flame grant me strength).

  • 15-20 faith depending on what you wanna cast.

  • 45 arcane, to hit the cap and maximize bleed build up.

Now you've allocated your stats to where you value them most while still having the requirements as well as the best Elden Ring rune to weild the build you can start comboing.

Equipment of Bleed Zweihander Build

  • +20 blood infused zweihander

  • +8 dragon communion seal

  • +8 pulley crossbow (sleep bone bolt, and burred bolt)

  • Any + 8 somber or +20 smithing secondary weapon if you want

  • Talismans:

Flocks Canvas Talisman

Radagon's Soreseal

Shard of Alexander

Bull-Goat's Talisman

Spells of Bleed Zweihander Build

These spells are low requirements high arcane scaling with DC seal that will effectively zone someone into fighting you, and then allow you to use devastating true combos when they are forced to trade attacks:

  • Bloodflame talons

  • Catch flame

  • Swarm of flies

  • Blood boon

  • Flame grant me strength

+any you can use and want.

Combos of Bleed Zweihander Build

We go over the basic ones first then go into the main strategy combos next.

1. Bloodflame talons - catch flame true combo (deals North of 800 dmg on any non buffed opponent and 60% bleed build up)

2. Zweihander crouch r1 - catch flame true combo (very reliable true combo if the opponent is low and needs a finisher, most zwei attacks confirm a follow up catch flame)

3. Zweihander crouch r1 - sleep pulley crossbow (if you buffer and walk toward the opponent while you combo the crossbow, its guaranteed sleep proc and allows you to extend the combo further)

4. Bloodflame talons - pulley crossbow ( can be used to 1 combo bleed proc or combo into sleep if your pulley crossbow and seal are in separate hands)

5. Counter hit knockdown - bloodflame talons bleed proc (if you knock the opponent down with an attack, I.E if they're jumping in and you counter hit them... you can run up and get a free build up of bloodflame talons and if you hit a zweihander attack previously... this is confirmed bleed proc.)

6. MAX combos / sleep combos The maximum combo potential of each setup with the build.

7. Zwei crouch r1 - sleep pulley bow - bloodflame talons - giants hunt (This combo always kills unless the opponent doesn't bleed after the bloodflame talons... even if they don't, the giants hunt is a perfectly timed medium and light roll catch on buffered roll, and if they build up bleed from the talons, they cannot wait to roll giants hunt either or bleed guarantees it.)

8. Zweihander crouch r1 - sleep - giants hunt. (Faster slightly less 1 shot reliable version of the 1st one)

9. Bloodflame talons - sleep bow - bloodflame talons - catch flame (This sequence is more damage than if you did giants hunt after the 2nd bloodflame because the bleed build up occurs early and won't confirm or roll catch giants hunt.)

And if you're interested in combo resets, you can throw a sleep pot behind a sleeping person, then buffer a crouch r1 to knock them down back into it, forcing a 2nd build up of sleep if you do it perfectly. But we'll say this is unreliable and mostly for flex.

Guess you ask