Top 10 Most Underrated Weapons for Elden Ring PvP - Best 2023 PvP Weapons in Elden Ring Patch 1.08

2/20/2023 3:23:01 PM

Today we are going to showcase top 10 most underrated weapons in PvP Elden Ring patch 1.08. There are going to be no S tier weapons, just purely going to go over the ones that are widely considered to be very duty trash, but better than what you think.

Top 10 Most Underrated Weapons for Elden Ring PvP - 2023 PvP Weapons in Elden Ring Patch 1.08

When looking for underrated weapons in a game like Elden Ring, you may want to try experimenting with different weapon types and upgrade paths to find something that suits your playstyle. Sometimes, weapons that are overlooked by other players can actually be quite powerful in the right hands. Here is the list of top 10 underrated weapons in Elden Ring PvP 2023.

  • # Top 10 Underrated Weapon Elden Ring - Warhawk’s Talon

This straight sword is going to have a very good moveset, fairly quick, decent damage, good Ash of War options, the power stance combo is very powerful as well. But in particular with the War Hawks Talon, the damage isn't going to be the greatest compared to other straight swords, but its heavy attack is unique in the fact that it has cool double slash attack and it does come out very quickly as well as having a good amount of range, so it's definitely good for roll catching. Obviously, you can fully charge it as well to make it do more damage than it makes for a nice mix-up. But the heavy attack is definitely what makes this weapon pretty underrated.

  • # Top 9 Underrated Weapon Patch 1.08 - Ornamental Straight Sword

This weapon does have some downsides to it that stop people from using the weapon, namely it's scaling as it only gets a dexterity and strength scaling and it cannot be infused, so you are limited to certain types of builds when using this weapon. But the best part about this weapon is it's Ash of War Golden tempering and it is very good. So you use this ash of war, it buffs up and with holy damage as well as changing the moveset, particularly the heavy attacks to make them come out very quick, they do good damage like a nice uppercut attack. You can fully charge it to do this insane combo which isn't really that handy, but it is cool to use sometimes. But definitely just using the regular heavy attack is the best part about it. 

Another cool thing about this weapon is that when you two-handed it, does the power stance combo and the unique thing about that extends the power sense combo in itself, so you can do like running a heavy attacks jumping light and heavy attacks as well. Another cool thing is actually it does get 110 crit ratio, so if you do backstabs or a post, they'll just do a little bit more damage. So all in all, it is actually one of the best PVP weapons in Elden Ring. 

  • # Top 8 Underrated Elden Ring Weapon 1.08 - Flamberge 

This is a great sword that has bleed which is literally all that you need to know. But for whatever reason, people just don't really like to use it that much, when people use great tools, they tend to gravitate towards the Claymore or the Banished Knight’s Greatsword for its moveset and the flame burst doesn't have as good as a moveset. But it does very good damage as well as having that inherent blade. So with any Arcane build or any type of occult infusion that you put onto this thing, it's going to succeed. 

  • # Top 7 Underrated Weapon for PvP Elden Ring - Envoy’s Horn 

It's not that bad in PvP, it's a hammer, so it's going to have a bad move set, pretty slow, not do that much damage, have poor range, but it's ash of war, oracle bubble actually is pretty good. Because it's a slow projectile bubble that people tend to forget when they wore plaster that has a very good tracking or come circle around and hit them back again, does decent damage as well as stagger enemies very nicely as well. At the amount of times, the people just tend to just walk past it and then you try to engage them and they'll end up getting hit at the side of the face, happens more times than you think. But the viable way to use this is to suspend it over and over again which can get pretty annoying, but it's fun.

  • # Top 6 Underrated PvP Weapon Elden Ring - Great Omenkiller Cleaver

This is a great axe and of which great axes have been buffed multiple times throughout the previous few patches to where they're come out a lot faster now. Great axes do have decent range, decent damage, as well as very good Ash of War options. The best is sword dance, but in particular with the omen killer Cleaver, it does have inherent bleed and obviously any blade weapon is going to be good. So pairing this alongside and a cult infusion, we’d prefer to have a heavy infusion with blood flame blade as it's buffed because blood flame blame is a superior way to proc bleed in PvP, that's the reason we consider the Omenkiller Cleaver to be underrated

  • # Top 5 Underrated Weapon 2023 - Watchdog’s Staff

This is a colossal weapon which are tend to be very bad in PvP due to how slow its moveset is, because in this game everything tends to be a bit more fast pacing using slow weapons doesn't really work out for you. But with this weapon though, it's Ash of War Sorcery of the Crazier is pretty good, it's like a slow moving projectile and you can use it to rush enemies and roll catch them after they try to dodge the projectile attacks. Because the projectiles do very decent damage. But the major downside to it is that it doesn't have an intelligent scaling, it just has a strength and deck scaling. So the Ash of War doesn't scale off intelligence at all. So if you go with a quality scaling, you'll be perfectly fine and just spam the Ash of War. If you do end up hitting with the projectile attacks, they do stagger nicely and you can just get a free hit in as well and it does a decent amount of damage.

  • # Top 4 Underrated Weapon Elden Ring 2023 - Spiked Caestus

People don't really use this weapon that often. purely because it's a fist weapon and you have to be up close and be very aggressive which is what people tend to not like. But if you do like that play style, then definitely using this weapon. You can use a star fist as well, this weapon is very quick, does decent damage, does have inherent to blood loss build up, as well as a parody alongside a blade build is definitely the best option and have a lot of poise as well. So you can tank attacks while you're trading out. But in the gameplay it does a lot of damage and it melts very quickly. 

  • # Top 3 Best Underused Weapon in Elden Ring 2023 - Warped Axe

It acts as in general artists tend to be pretty underrated and not really used that often. But with the Warped axe in particular it does have a very unique moveset with its light attacks that they come out very quick especially after the first hit, the second hit comes out very fast. To the point where it's almost guaranteed people that don't really expected to come out that fast. So you pretty much just get a guaranteed one to hit in most cases and the damage you can get with this thing with a heavy infusion does have an S scaling and strength when you do heavy infuse it is very good. There aren't many good options in terms of Ash of Wars that you can get with an axe but there are decent enough options, but the R1 combo is pretty much the best selling point of this weapon.

  • # Top 2 Best Elden Ring Underused Weapon - Frozen Needle

This is a weapon that tends to be overlooked a lot purely because of its lack of damage can't be infused, gets stuck with the dexterity scaling, doesn't really have the option to be buffed as well. But it is a thrusting sword, so it's going to have a good move set, does opposite piercing damage and has pure physical damage, so parodying alongside the spirit talisman is going to be very handy. But the main selling point of this weapon is that this heavy attack is a projectile attack which does come in very slow and it's very hard to hit sometimes. But the best part about it is when you use a faint of the thrusting sword, it actually doesn't projectile attack as well. If you don't know what faint is when you use your charge heavy, you can cancel it and there's a little back sub attack and it comes out very fast and with the projectile attack comes out even faster which is very handy because of projectile attack. It does pure physical, so it actually works alongside the spirit talisman and it does decent damage and good Frost buildup on top of all of that. So definitely think it's one of the more underrated weapons in PvP. Probably the one that you can actually cheese a lot because you can just keep spamming their faint attack over and over again and probably end up getting the kill that way which tends to be pretty annoying to go up against, but definitely try Frozen needle out.

  • # Top 1 Best PvP Weapon in Elden Ring 2023 - Iron Cleaver

It's very underrated, it's very quick, does good damage, its heavy attacks are by far the best part of this weapon. It does this cool running charge attack covers a lot of distance, very good at roll catching and it does good damage, you compare it alongside the axe talisman to make it do even more damage, but this weapon solves a lot of the problems we have with axes. And the fact that for their speed, they don't have as much damage, but this weapon is very quick and it does very good damage. So it's definitely comparable, even better than weapons like straight swords or even curve swords. It's that good of a weapon, the only downside is its lack of Ash of War options, but even then there are plenty of decent ones that you can use. But good damage, very quick, just use it you can have a lot of fun while doing it, it does look very goofy as well.