Elden Ring 1.08 Best Scavenger's Blood Curved/Keen Sword & Raptor of the Mists Combo Build - Best Blood Raptor Build

3/13/2023 3:41:26 PM

A new Elden ring build Guide, with the true enhanced version, using Raptor of the Mists which allows us to basically just Spam jump attacks and ignore whatever the boss is doing, completely iframe any attack about to hit us sending us straight back into a jump attack to continue to spam it, using this with a mix of careful bleed, using blood flame Blade with a weapon or high Keen with a super high X, and then an offhand that's on bleed with minor scaling and Arcane and is you're able to get really high bleed build up and successive attack power meaning your AR absolutely shoots up blasting damage, getting up to say 25k in a burst combo or one cycling bosses like New Game Plus godrick before he can get into the second phase which is incredible all while completely ignoring whatever the boss is doing.


How To Make this Best Weapon & Ash of War Combo Build Work in PVP

When it comes to PVP, then we have two scavenger curved swords as weapons, they're running attacks in power sense is insane, it's one of the best in the entire game, the only downside actually to that running attack is the range because we have these sort of shorter curved swords, so if you're dealing with someone with longer range they might have like a thrusting heavy thrusting weapon or say a spear, they can catch you, but with this build and the ash of war, as soon as you see they're going to do that you can pretend you're going to run into them and use the Raptor which we'll get into the base moveset if you're able to stand in trade is going to be great, it's not going to be as fast to say some daggers so you have to watch out for those, but most other weapons you're going to be able to directly trade, even if you hit them and they hit you, if you hit with both weapons, you're going to do a lot of nice just raw damage and then the bleed build up is going to be staggering, if you've hit them already during the fight, a second trade like that will cause a blood proc, and often we'll just straight up kill them, so that's an incredible option there our weapons have blood flame blade buffed up on the main one and then the other one is actually in bleed Affinity that gives us some reasonable bleed danger despite not really committing any points to Arcane beyond the necessary to get blood Flame the buff itself, so it's very effective for that most of this build comes down to using the basics of the Scavengers of the curved swords, and baiting attacks to use Raptors of the miss, the issue here is this is a jump attack build, and jump attacks are very hard to land in PvP.

How To Make this Weapon & Ash of War Combo Build Work in PVE

On the other hand, we have PVE, the boss will slap you out of it or you run out of stamina this kind of bypasses that stuff, because it has all the power of a jump attack spam with a bleed and successive attacks with that build, then the incredible ability to just ignore the punishing swing, that's coming your way after you do say two jump attacks at the start of a fight, completely bypassing that damage, and then you're in the air again, and you're already onto the next jump attack, Landing jumping for another, this can honestly burst so many bosses down before they can even react, stagger them, smash them, we think this is the true Improvement of the jump attack build we covered recently, but there's a funny aspect to the Raptors of Miss that we suppose is the fact that it can be missed, so you have a hitbox right and when you crouch down, if they don't hit you, because it doesn't trigger so no FPS spent you just kind of crouched and then you need to actually physically jump and go for it again after that we found that this can happen more with mounted enemies or bigger bosses that are swinging wide and horizontal where this can happen, all the AR Buffs and successive hits and jump attack boosts as well, it's just wrapped as a Mist means you can kind of ignore whatever the boss is doing go really ham and then ignore the punish window with the Raptor really quickly.

Attributes & Stats of Weapon & Ash of War Combo Build








Equipment of Weapon & Ash of War Combo Build

 2023-03-13 153724

  • Right Hand Armament 1: Scavenger’s Keen Curved Sword +25

  • Left Hand Armament 1: Scavenger’s Blood Curved Sword + 25

  • Left Hand Armament 2: Dragon Communion Seal +10

  • Head Armor: White Mask

  • Chest Armor: Raptor’s Black Feathers

  • Arms: Lionel’s Gauntlets

  • Leg Armor: Tree Sentinel Greaves

  • Talismans:

Claw Talisman

Millicent’s Prosthesis

Lord of Blood’s Exultation

Flak of Wondrous Physicks:

  • Incantations:

Golden Vow

Bloodflame Blade

Guess you ask