Elden Ring Best Colossal Weapons Tier List 2023 - Highest Damage Colossal Weapons in Elden Ring 1.08

3/3/2023 5:12:14 PM

In this Elden Ring Highest Damager Weapon Tier List, we're looking at a specific pairing of colossal weapons and colossal swords. 

Elden Ring Best Colossal Weapons Tier List 2023

Elden Ring Best Colossal Weapons Tier List 2023

Colossal Weapons in Elden Ring are extremely large and powerful weapons that players can wield in the game. These Elden Ring weapons are often slower than other weapons but have a higher damage output and can stagger or knock down enemies. Colossal Weapons in Elden Ring come in various forms, including greatswords, hammers, spears, and more. They can be found throughout the game world, and players can obtain them by defeating powerful enemies, exploring hidden areas, or completing quests.

Using Colossal Weapons in Elden Ring requires a certain amount of strength and dexterity, as they are often too heavy for lower-level characters to wield effectively. However, as players level up and improve their stats, they can become more proficient with these weapons and unleash devastating attacks on their enemies. Overall, Colossal Weapons in Elden Ring are a unique and exciting feature that adds an extra layer of depth and strategy to the game's combat system. Players who enjoy using heavy weapons or crushing their enemies with a single blow will definitely want to check them out.

14 - Troll's Hammer (C Tier)

This is quite an interesting weapon, it's the kind of one that has built-in fire damage but you can still buff it up with weapon buffs which are completely unique for the entire game, which means you can create a very powerful build with it. It's just a bit of a niche-specific build, with its moveset you're not going to see the outrageous performance in PVP, but in PVE you can see some real benefits there, especially when fully buffed up juicing out the fire damage and benefiting from the Troll's Roar itself, you can get very good AR with this thing and output with that.

13 - Staff of the Avatar (C Tier)

This is the weapon that you actually have to deal with the big bonking hammer thing when the avatars are facing you and jumping and butt slamming and so on. The problem is our version of this is just so Bland, the AR is going to be really good but it's ultimately just a colossal weapon with a colossal Hammer moveset and there are basically better options for that. Its Ash of war is quite unique and it was buffed pretty aggressively having you butt bounce now that actually works it does good damage and you can just spam it say in PVE, but it's not really going to shine or be that good anywhere and it's kind of why you probably never see it. It deserves acknowledgment because the AI you can get with this thing is good as a colossal weapon, but it's just not that exciting. So keep it down at the C tier. 

12 - Rotten Greataxe (C Tier)

This is one of the very few Ash of War freedom of choice you know, whatever Affinity you want to put on it. This is also a scarlet rock weapon, you can create yourself a build that is very powerful and effective that also has the Scarlet rot. It's also a weapon that can be in PvP where it is quite scary, the damage is obviously going to be good but then you've got the Scarlet Rock potential which is obviously a really bad individual where the fight goes on a bit. So while there's not overly much to say about it, it is a valid and functional weapon and one of the best Scarlet Rock options for sure, so it deserves at least some acknowledgment 

11 - Zweihander (B Tier)

This is basically used by  PvP players who like to use these wire handers as their colossal sword option, the reason for that is that it's significantly lower in weight compared to other colossal swords, and you can put any Affinity on it, and you can put any Ash of War in it like the really good ones. A lot of PVP builds when using this weapon in particular is having like five or six different ones for different affinities and different ashes, just suddenly pull out usually in Invasion scenarios, aoes, tight corridors, and then suddenly Lions clawing a single person to kill them. But compared to another weapon on this list, it basically does the same thing, a little bit lighter but noticeably less AR like Peak.

10 - Prelate's Inferno (B Tier)

This weapon is basically the same thing as another weapon we're going to talk about, but less effective and doesn't have that kind of unique R2. It is a bonk machine and is very good at bonking, but there's technically a better bonking weapon which is awkward for The Inferno Crozier. It does look really cool though, the moveset works for this weapon obviously is effective and the output's solid. It's just overshadowed by another pick which is just really unfortunate for this weapon but it still deserves to be on the list because of what it does and how well it does.

9 - Fallingstar Beast Jaw (B Tier)

This is another colossal weapon with a basic colossal hammer moveset like the Staff of the Avatar basically, but it benefits from its magic aspect, and also the Ash of War is a target ball that you can absolutely spam, that's great in PVE because it can actually stagger bosses from really far away leading to free criticals and quite reliable DPS. People do like this weapon because it is effective. We also see it as kind of like a very singular one-minded playstyle, you're either using the ash or you're using the hamamusa, and there are basically better options for that.

8 - Starscourge Greatsword (B Tier)

This weapon is cool in design and it has that automatic power stand setup where you have both of them. It just has a forced basic moveset because you're forced into a power stance to really use them, so you don't have that much control over the weapon to get some of the more unique and well-powerful aspects of a colossal sword. You need to just use one of them which kind of defeats the purpose of them, the output and potential especially with the Poise is still very good especially being slapped by two colossal swords, no one's going to like that. Then the Ash of War Starcaller Cry is two-part pulling then slam down AOE that's effective and very nice damage. The problem is in PvP, it's very predictable and a bit slow, so it's quite easy to avoid. They're good weapons but compared to other colossal swords, it's not maybe the most optimal pick.

7 - Axe of Godfrey (A Tier)

Axe of Godfrey was very depressing for a long time but after a major buff to its Regal Roar Ash of War, it's now much more viable. Now the Regal Roar itself actually benefits from the Beast Talisman and Beast Roar Talisman, so it does a lot more damage. But admittedly it's a very slow Ash of War, so it's unlikely to land there unless someone makes a big mistake. The real powerhouse is the first part of the unique heavy attack combo that comes from the War Cry aspect of Regal Roar, giving you this really fast sudden slam down then swing up with the axe which can be relied upon so aggressively in PvP as your primary even only trading an attack tool. It's so reliable because the slam is a pretty reasonable range and the upward sort of uppercut is not damaged and it can come out at a moment's notice. In PVE, you can entirely rely on just that part of this weapon to crush bosses because it's a big heavy attack, it'll stagger them as well and there are many ways to make this weapon very strong.

6 - Godslayer's Greatsword (A Tier)

This colossal weapon has powerful Ash of War Black Fire which deals percent Health damage over time, meaning if you're facing a boss with a big health bar, Black Fire will deal even more damage. Also, this Ash of War has a multiple-hit combo to it, allowing you to swing deal Black Fire, on the upwards hit you can even tick and trade with that and you can roll out of it after a patch change allowing you to faint the Ash of War or just you know roll out when things go wrong, that's a really powerful tool and really reliable for this weapon. It's also got quite a unique moveset, in that it's very vertical attacks considering this is a colossal sword.

5 - Maliketh's Black Blade (A Tier)

They buffed the Destin Death aspect of the Ash of War to last a full minute meaning it's going to be there the entire time you're fighting whether that's a boss fight or a dual, that provides 10 Health reduction while applied which is a big damage hit for big health bar bosses. It deals damage on hit and also a DOT of damage over time, which is good in PvP because even if they somehow roll it the dot can somehow clip them apply deaths, and death, and deal its dot damage anyway. The Ash of War has hyper armor, so it's great for trading for that purpose and it works perfectly in unison with the dagger -  the Black Knife applying both and stacking the Destin Death effect.

4 - Ruins Greatsword (A Tier)

This is a legendary Armament that has two aspects to it that are very good. Firstly the heavy which has a unique sort of magic slam attached to it costs no FP to do. But then the Ash of War Wave of Destruction has long-range knocking people up into the air and dealing great damage and is absolutely spammable. In fact, it can be a great way to trade in PVP, it can be a great way to AOE multiple targets in PVE and PVP, and you can rely on it entirely as your DPS option in PVE. Then it's also just a great very high AI colossal sword only requiring a meager amount of intelligence to run. It doesn't have the insane potential and variety that our top pick does for that weapon type, but it is a really good option and that's why it's A-tier. 

3 - Royal Greatsowrd (A Tier)

This weapon is just as funny weapon as a magic colossal sword, it fits a strange category. It's not the most reliable weapon until we consider how it does it with the Ash of War Wolf's Assault which for some reason was buffed to have even more hyper armor even though it had loads of it anyway, so the entire time that you're doing the Assault, you've got hyper armor allowing for infinite trading using it, and then you just do it again and again. Because the high parameter is going to protect you, you can just blindly do this over and over even in PVE even in boss fights where the DPS potential the output because of that. It's just a good colossal sword on its own, with the good colossal sword sort of moveset, in PvP sure you can blindly Ash of War over and over. But you are left a bit vulnerable and kind of took in a longer animation where someone could harass you with ranged incantations or spells or ashes so while it's very good in PVE it's not as good in PvP.

2 - Greatsword (S Tier)

Greatsword is so versatile compared to zweihander, it's the same weapon except it's heavier, but the benefit is the AR is going to be higher so you deal more damage per hit. So if you're willing to put up with a weight which we are sure a lot of people are, it's incredible compared to the other colossal swords with the same movesets. This weapon stands out because it's buffable, you can make it Fire, Magic, Ice, Bleed whatever you want to buff this up with grease or an incantation, and it can take any of the Colossal sword's Ash Of War like Lion's Claw or Giant's Hunt. It's so versatile, you can do whatever you want with it, and run it in so many different types of heavy strand builds.

1 - Giant-Crusher (S Tier)

Giant-Crusher is the highest damage in one-hit weapon in the game. If you scale back and make a more reliable one, you can use it on any build, you can deal a good 5K damage per hit with no problem. And it's largely down to the fact that it has a unique heavy attack that sort of flips that deals extra damage. There are many ways to enhance the power of a charged heavy attack that can lead to like two or three shocking many bosses, it can lead to hilarious hyper armor and super high Poise. It's a very good weapon for a single hit dealing big damage and raw strength that really represents the Colossal weapon type of gameplay. It's a bit of a predictable weapon with a simple moveset in PvP though, but its output cannot be ignored.

It's very minimal the difference between the weapons in the tiers, hopefully, this helps you work out which weapon you want to run when it comes to colossal weapons.