ACNH Treasure Island Dodo Codes 2023 - How to Get 24/7 Free Animal Crossing Treasure Islands

3/17/2023 5:50:51 PM

Want to get unlimited bells, turnips, and materials on Animal Crossing treasure islands? Here you can find 24/7 free ACNH treasure island dodo codes 2023 and more dodo codes streamers on Twitch.  

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How to Get 24/7 Free Animal Crossing Treasure Islands?

There are lots of streamers on Twitch that provide both 24/7 free and subscriber treasure islands for Animal Crossing players, which works in different ways. 

- To get Animal Crossing treasure island dodo codes that are always open and free, the first thing you need to do is to find some ACNH streamers that host treasure islands that you can access for free, you can follow these streamers who provide 24/7 treasure islands for free and also subscribers but obey the rules of each streamer. Notice the stream schedule of each channel, then you can know when they open their islands. For example, the peastreasureislands operate free and sub islands 24/7.

Free ACNH Treasure Island Streamers 2023:

- Once you pick a streamer from a list of those that are active, just head on over to the steam, and if anyone has asked for dodo codes in the chat, you can kind of piggyback off those requests and you can go in from there and find islands that have open slots for you to be able to join.

- Make sure to greet the streamer and thank them for hosting or even leave a kind comment about what they are talking about on stream, then it should be a good time for you to go ahead and ask for those dodo codes. The best part is when you are waiting to get into these islands, you can watch and enjoy the streams, it’s really a great way to get onto these free treasure islands. 

What to note:

Free treasure islands have the dodo code and the number of visitors shown on each square of the corresponding island, you can use a specific command in the chat to see a list of items on each island to faster find the island you want. But you need to register and log in on Twitch first before you can send a message. The preparation you should do before going to a treasure island is to empty your pockets. And you need to have a strong internet connection to make sure the island is in a normal state. 

There is also a type of treasure island that is only accessible by subscribers but offers more benefits. For example, you can access a queue where you can fly in hassle-free and have a better experience on treasure island to get ACNH items and bells quickly and smoothly without other people flying in and out. And you should not ask other users for the dodo code for the subscriber island.

ACNH Treasure Island Dodo Codes 2023 

You can find ACNH treasure island dodo codes that are always open on Twitch live streams every day, here we’ll list some free Animal Crossing dodo codes for 2023.

Free ACNH Treasure Island Dodo Codes 2023

Free Island 1: 6201C

Free Island 2: FETCHING

Free Island 3: KNRFR

V1 - 2.0 update: 489FJ

V2 - 2.0 update 6NYB9

DIY’s & Materials: 7MFJM

Clothes Island: B6QJ6

Furniture Island: HXMQQ

ACNH Treasure Island Dodo Codes 2023