Elden Ring 1.08 Legendary Armament Tier List - Best Legendary Armament Weapon in Elden Ring

2/23/2023 3:53:15 PM

The legendary weapons of this game are some really cool designs in Elden Ring, some cool mechanics, some not so functional or good mechanics that we should probably rate.

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S Tier

Marais Executioner's Sword

Marais Executioner's Sword is that iconic weapon that you see the hunter follow you around and attack you with well, we don't have access to the amazing telekinetic combos that he does we do have the corkscrew which is arguably the best DPS option we could have looked for anyway.

Dark Moon Greatsword

In PVE, you can absolutely stack talismans and physics and different things to get that be as powerful as possible, dealing somewhere between five or six thousand damage per charged heavy attack has a ranged attack which costs no FP to do, it's ridiculous, it's genuinely one of the strongest weapons in the game in my opinion and a fantastic weapon in general when it comes to legendary armaments.

A Tier

Bolt of Gransax

It's got a really cool design, a spear sort of wrapped around by this physical lightning, and it is a physical lightning spear, interestingly, it requires no faith at all, just a bit of strength, and then mostly decks and it is in fact a great dex option as well, considering you do not need any faith to use this thing, it's such a wall has you jump up in the air and throw a bolt of lightning which is incredible dealing great damage basically the weapons AR, and flying far and super fast, making it great in PvP for Jewels where you're interrupting someone trying to cast something or free for all where you're off screen and just spamming it, and in general what an incredible utility to have in PVE open world or boss fights, as a weapon its output, it's honestly really good, you've got the power stance version where we can hit super fast, super often building up successive hits and dealing great counter damage as well, the problem with a thrusting weapon like this and counter damage specifically is that was nerfed in PvP.

Ruins Greatsword

The Ruins Greatsword which is actually a colossal sword, as a colossal sword, it is a very good pick, a little bit of intelligence is required for this one, but in return you do get that unique heavy where you slam down do this sort of gravity Airway around you, costing no FP at all which is awesome, but more importantly its Ash of war is insane, it's like the Blasphemous blade Asher, war long range wide as hell knocks enemies down, deals great damage and just goes through so many targets it's a proper like pack cleaner, and you can entirely rely on just spamming the ash even in PVE, so it's very good.

Sword of Night and Flame

Sword of Night and Flame which was arguably the best PVE weapon in the game at the launch of Elden Ring and speed runners were spamming this thing, it's super cool in its simplistic design, and you can hold the ash of War to either fire a laser with a light attack or spread fire in a wide Arc with a heavy attack, that works great in PvP, especially in free-for-all where you're catching multiple targets ,especially off screen, it can work in Jewels where you're power stancing these things and using them as just powerful straight swords, looking to get those ashes off whenever you can, but the laser part is very unlikely to actually go off it takes a bit of time, and it's very dodgeable, but maybe in free-for-all in PVE.

Golden Order Greatsword

When they made the Asher War much faster that two-part Ash of War where you blast around you in holy light, and then shoot out the ark, that now comes out much quicker and that has made a world of difference making this weapon shoot from not good enough to very good, it also has really high knock down for some reason so in PvP, it's really funny sending that out, but the problem here is that because you have to do the AOE around you before you get that arcing sort of throw or range attack, it's very predictable and easy to avoid when you see that coming.

B Tier

Grafted Blade Greatsword

The visuals for this are great, it's a horde of Swords melted and molded into this one big sword, a very cool design reminding me of the throne in game of Thrones, sadly, it's one of the worst colossal sword options, because it just doesn't have great scaling up B on strength, and it's got a set Ash of War, that's not that relevant other colossal weapons say neutral ones can have affinity changes, meaning you can get much better AR for your stats and any ash, you'd like like lions claw or Giants hunt ideally, because those are insane, this one stuck with itself buff which does give you some extra stats and resistances, but mainly relevant for its extra Poise which is very nice making it for Effective trading in PvP.

C Tier

Eclipse Shotel

It's literally just a shuttle with the fire design coming off the back of the blade, it does look neat, especially when you actually use the ash war and get it all flamed up, mechanically, the unique aspect is the ash War deathler where you set the weapons on fire with a buff and it now inflicts death damage each hit which when fully stacked up will instantly kill those afflicted by it, there's one small issue with that concept is that it only works on tarnished, meaning players in PvP only or specific NPCs in PVE which is far, and few between obviously limits the weapon and its potential, so aggressively in PVE that's really not worth running there because of it whereas in PvP this is still viable, and impressed by just the basic damage, you can deal with the double buff weapons like 800 per running attack combo is solid, naturally, your range on the weapon attacks is small though and your Poise damage is going to be very low, so trading is hard against those with higher poison, that's a lot of people in PvP in this patch, the ash does have a second part of follow-up input where after you buff you bring the weapon down causing a sort of explosion of that death magic around you.

Devourer's Scepter

This is a really cool Hammer, it's a skull on a stick with those little hands grasping up all wrapped around by a giant snake, that's consuming the head which is obviously a reference to Reichert and his law, it's cool, the weapon type great hammer isn't great, as much as its attack speed has been improved over the patches to give it reliable standing combos now there are just better weapon tanks with better output, you may as well be using a colossal weapon basically meanwhile the ash is very expensive on FPE for what it is and very small damage per Target it steals a bit of Health for yourself, on the bright side, the Ash has very good range around you in a circle much like the Moog spear, but in PvP, we just find the weapon weak, it's Basics are nice and fast but the damage is low, whatever weapon of this type, you use it's always not going to be gray, however, in this case, you have the fire damage aspect so that's very buffable, but the ash as much as it's got a great range and some potential for funny moments and free for all.


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