Diablo IV Best Druid Builds - Top 3 Diablo 4 Druid Builds (Skills & Codex) for Fast Leveling in Open Beta

3/24/2023 5:51:09 PM

In our Diablo IV Druid Leveling Build Guide, we go over the skill tree and codex of power setup for the werewolf, earth, and wind caster druid in Open Beta!

Diablo 4 Best Druid Builds for Leveling

Diablo IV Druid Leveling Build Guide - Top 3 Diablo 4 Druid Builds (Skills & Codex) for Fast Leveling in Open Beta

In this guide, we are going to show you 3 types of Druid build, by going over the leveling process and also the end-game build for the Druid for level 25 and also the Codex. So we're basically looking at three builds super fast and then we look at the Codex and how to build it from Level 1 to level 25 and then what you do at level 25. 

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1 - D4 Werewolf Cri Druid Build

This is going to be a claw and also shred build, this build will actually have two companions which give you a massive boost of critical chance.  This build also has increased attack speed by 15%, good poison slow which allows you to do more damage to the poison enemies. Finally, this build has Lacerate which allows you to do multiple stashes and this can potentially One-Shot boss with the correct timing and also a massive crit at the end by 200%. 

Skills Setup For Leveling

Now if a shift-shifting melee Druid sounds good for you, let's get into the skill build for level one to level 25: 

  • Level 2-6: Claw (Rank 1), Enhanced Claw, Fierce Claw

  • Level 7: Shred (Rank 4)

  • Level 8-10: Blood Howl (Rank 1), Enhanced Blood Howl, Preserving Blood Howl

  • Level 11: Enhanced Shred, Primal Shred

  • Level 12-15: Wolves (Rank 1), Vine Creeper (Rank 1), Ravens (Rank 1)

  • Level 16-17: Enhanced Ravens, Enhanced Vine Creeper, Brutal Vine Creeper

  • Level 18-20: Rabies (Rank 1), Shred (Rank 5), Wild Claw

  • Level 21-24: Enhanced Rabies, Predatory Instinct (Rank 3)

  • Level 25: Lacerate, Prime Lacerate, Supreme Lacerate

Codex of Power Setup for Leveling

  • Stalking Beast Aspect - You're getting stealth after killing with shred and Shred is going to be a major sort of skill ride, and after that, you can do Ambush which guarantees your Critical Strike for the next one second and you can attack multiple times during that right the way you can be making this one from the dungeons if you don't have the Codex and then what you want to do is killing mobs with shred and then use the last one second to get 100% critical chance and multiple hits for your ultimate.

  • Aspect of Retaliation - This increases the damage of your core skill if you're fortified. You might be able to find sources of fortified and if you do not, don't have to worry about this one. 

  • Nighthowler's Aspect - Getting increased critical chance by 5% and this also increases for your companions and also allies sometimes if you play the robots, so the 5% critical chance is not bad. You can also craft this one and this is offensive, so if you craft on the two-handed weapon you can go 10% chances.

  • Aspect of the Unsatiated - After killing the enemy with shred, you gain resource regeneration and also deal 20% more damage. Also, you can craft this one.

  • Wind Striker Aspect - Because you're critical hitting a lot, if you do happen to get critical chances to increase movement speed, Wind Striker Aspect go for this one. 

This build allows us to play with the shift shift, level really fast, and also see how much damage you can deal with the Druid while shift shifting. What I do recommend is if you see some of the pathways you like on the first build, you can still use that partially for the second on the third build, so this way you kind of try everything out while you're leveling and that's recommended because it's really cheap to resize valves while you're leveling especially under 20. 

2 - D4 Earth Overwhelm Druid

This build actually focuses on a major aspect of the Druid and this is going to be Overpower and also plus the Druids Crushing Blow which means when you deal Earth damage you have Crushing Blow and this is going to be a highlight for the Druid. What's more, this build will focus on a lot of control and bonus damage front-controlling enemies. This build will be a little more durable compared to the Werewolf Cri Druid Build, it also makes use of the ship shifting form with the grizzly rage which means you can have up to 80% damage bonus on the last second of the 10 to 22nd berserk for the Druid which looks way better than the barbarians.

Skill Setup for Leveling

Here we break down how to set up the skills for fast leveling in Open Beta: 

  • Level 2-3: Earth Spike (Rank 1), Enhanced Earth Spike

  • Level 4-7: Landslide (Rank 4)

  • Level 8-10: Cyclone Armor (Rank 1), Earthen Bulwark (Rank 1), Debilitating Roar (Rank 1)

  • Level 11: Landslide (Rank 5), Enhanced Landslide, Primal Landslide

  • Level 12-15: Wolves (Rank 1), Vine Creeper (Rank 1), Ravens (Rank 1)

  • Level 15-17: Heart of the Wild (Rank 1), Wild Impulses (Rank 3), Remove Cyclone Armor (Rank 1) and Earthen Bulwark (Rank 1)

  • Level 18-21: Boulder (Rank 2), Remove Wolves, Enhanced Ravens

  • Level 22-24: Boulder (Rank 5), Ehanced Boulder, Natural Boulder

  • Level 25: Grizzly Rage, Prime Grizzly Rage, Supreme Grizzly Rage

Codex of Power for Leveling

  • Crashstone Aspect - This makes Earth skills deal 40% more damage, Critical Strike damage to crowd control enemies and you have a massive boost to the critical chances, so here Boulder have a 75% critical chance boost, so this is going to be a massive combination if you can get it on a two-handed weapon. 

  • Aspect of Retaliation - This increases your core skills by 20% if you're fortified health.

  • Aspect of the Rampaging Werebeast - Because we're going with Grizzly Rage, we can increase Grizzly Rag by one second and Critical Strike while Grizzly Rage is active increase the Critical Strike damage by 10% for the duration.

  • Akspect of Pummeling - Because you'll be immobilizing enemies stunning them and also disabling them a lot, you can go with a 40% increased damage to stun enemies. 

  • Ballistic Aspect - When you have Fortified Life your Earth Skills gain +3 ranks, that's incredible. 

3 - D4 Wind Caster Druid Build

This druid build should ideally help you level fast too if you want to try a mage Druid there is also another variation where you can mix the Lightning and also the Earth druid together for special benefits, but we don't think the lightning will level us fast, so we are not perking into lightning for the fast leveling builds. This Wind Caster Druid Build focus on increased core damage, tornado, cyclone, hurricane, cataclysm, so this is a mage Druid perked into more defensiveness and more spell casting, and you can keep your distance sales or range against enemies.

Skill Tree for Leveling

Here we break down how to set up the skills for fast leveling in Open Beta: 

  • Level 2-3: Wind Shear (Rank 1), Enhanced Wind Shear

  • Level 4-7: Tornado (Rank 4), Enhanced Tornado, Raging Tornado

  • Level 8-9: Cyclone Armor (Rank 1), Earthem Bulwark (Rank 1)

  • Level 10-12: Landslide (Rank 5), Enhanced Landslide, Primal Landslide

  • Level 13-15: Wolves (Rank 1), Vine Creeper (Rank 1), Ravens (Rank 1)

  • Level 15-17: Earthen Bulwark (Rank 1), Once you do reset leveling perk Heart of the Wild (Rank 1), Wild Impulses (Rank 3)

  • Level 18-24: Hurricane (Rank 5), Enhanced Hurricane, Natural Hurricane

  • Level 22-25: Cataclysm, Prime Cataclysm, Supre Cataclysm

Codex of Power for Leveling

  • Aspect of the Tempest - Hurricane Damage is increased by x7.0% each second while active

  • Edgemaster's Aspect - Skills deal up to x24% increased damage based on an available resources when cast, receiving the full benefit while at full resource. 

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