Animal Crossing New Horizons Eshop - Main ACNH Eshop Will Closing Down Forever

3/28/2023 5:30:51 PM

Today is a sad day for Animal Crossing fans, and Nintendo fans in general two of Nintendo's major eshops will be closing down forever, you will no longer be able to make purchases on them which means that a lot of Animal Crossing content including some digital versions of Mainland Animal Crossing games will become unavailable forever.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Eshop - Main ACNH Eshop Will Closing Down Forever 

The Animal Crossing New Horizons eshops are still live, they will no longer be available, as the date of closure is 12 a.m UTC on March 28th which will also be March the 27th for a lot of people, not only does this include Mainline Animal Crossing games the digital versions of them, but it also includes some other animal crossing content updates downloads that you will no longer be able to receive basically ever from this eShop, to take one last look at these e-sharps before they close down forever.

What animal crossing content we will be missing? 

People have other methods of preserving these games which is definitely a good thing, but just going to be talking about what is going on specifically on Nintendo's side of things. Actually, switching to filmed footage, it's going to be a little bit different, Animal Crossing New Horizons had more special editions for the switch, and the theme shop will become unavailable with this update which is definitely quite sad, it is a part of the eShop, it makes sense for them to close this down as well as the eShop at the same time, in case you want any of those special themes, you won't be able to do that either. So even back in these days, Nintendo knew how special Animal Crossing was, they're promoting it up with their absolute biggest games, it's one of their Nintendo selects games.

Actually checking these games out, there are actually trailers for Animal Crossing New Horizons on the 3DS the Animal Crossing New Horizons original direct before the game launched is on the 3DS, not the one for the 2.0 update, so clearly they stopped really caring about putting these on the 3DS at that point, they would do this to kind of incentivize New Leaf players and such to come over and you know to try these games out on the switch, there's actually Animal Crossing New Horizons content, technically depending on what you define as content over on the 3DS.

Now here's something that's a little bit concerning learning, if you didn't buy the version of Animal Crossing New Leaf that came with welcome amiibo, you won't be able to download the update as it is currently on the eShop, if the eShop is closed down and you have the old version of new Leaf aka the original version that came out in either 2012 or 2013.

In case, you are thinking about getting a physical copy, definitely recommend getting the version that comes bundled with amiibo, it'll have different art on the box art, so you'll be able to tell easily. If you are thinking about going to visit New Leaf, there's also another update for Animal Crossing New Leaf on here. 

What it does is maybe fix some bugs? 

Animal Crossing New Leaf didn't really have any content updates, this is another thing, you won't be able to get this update either, if the eShop is closed down and you don't have the welcome either version.

There were any updates Beyond, so that's good at least, but it's kind of worrying that you have to download these from the eShop, and you can't just get them any other way, like you can on the switch.

Animal Crossing clock and Animal Crossing calculator, are DSi wear, they're originally on the DSi and these will basically be gone forever as far as unless Nintendo decides to bring them to the switch which seems incredibly, unlikely these will literally be gone forever.

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