ACNH May Day Maze & Tour 2023 Walkthrough Guide: How to Do May Day Maze in Animal Crossing

4/3/2023 11:50:57 AM

The celebration of the May Day event in Animal Crossing New Horizons will start at the end of April, follow us to learn about how to complete and get through the ACNH May Day Maze (Tour) in 2023, as well as the start/end date, Rover's prizes, rewards, map layout, duration, and walkthrough tips. 

When Will May Day Event Start and End in Animal Crossing 2023?

May Day is an annual event in Animal Crossing New Horizons since its release, there has been a May Day tour being held for the event and the release dates are the same as every year. So for this year, we can expect ACNH May Day maze 2023 to start on April 29 and run through more than one week, then end on May 7, 2023.

ACNH May Day Maze 2023 Walkthrough Guide - How to Do May Day Maze in Animal Crossing

If you are not sure how to solve Rover’s maze in Animal Crossing New Horizons, here we present a detailed walkthrough guide. There are two types of May Day tour layouts added in different versions, the first layout consists of a singular flat island and is mostly covered by a hedge maze containing obstacles, fruit, and crafting materials. And the second layout consists of various rugged terrain with Animal Crossing items on the second level. Based on the previous years, the May Day Maze map layout for 2023 is most likely to be the second one. 

1. Pick up the shovel on the ground to dig up the bush that is blocking a piece of fruit, then eat the fruit and dig up the tree above. 

2. Grab the 2 pieces of wood near the center area, walk to the far right area, and jump over the water gap, then pick up the 2 pieces of fruit near a rock. 

3. Go back to the far left area and dig up a bush on your way, jump over the water gap again, and pick up one softwood. 

4. Eat one of those fruits you picked up, and use your shovel to break the rock directly above you. Continue up and then to the right through the water gap to pick up 2 softwood. 

5. Eat another piece of fruit and dig the tree toward the left, then walk down, cross the water gap, and pick up 2 fruits.

6. Take a few steps back and return to the right side of the maze, eat 1 fruit, break the rock directly below, pick up and eat 1 fruit, and then dig out the next tree on the left. Then pick up 2 hardwoods and walk up through the water gap.

7. Eat 1 fruit and dig up the tree above you once through the water gap. Pick up a softwood on the left, pass through another water gap, pick up a fruit on the upper right corner, and secretly hide 2 pieces of softwood behind two rows of fences. 

8. Take a few steps back and return to the left side of the maze. Passing through the water gap from the left to the north, you can see the DIY workbench. Eat 1 fruit and break the stone on top of you, then pick up 2 pieces of hardwood.

9. Craft a Ladder on the DIY Workbench using all your picked crafting materials, including 4 pieces of wood, softwood, and hardwood, if you are missing one or more, you can go back and find them. 

10. Go directly through the water gap and climb up the cliff using the ladder with the toolbox. Pick up the worn axe found on the top of the cliff, climb back with a ladder, walk back along your steps, and return to the top right of the island, where there is a row of three vertical water gaps.

11. Cross the middle water gap to the left and use your Worn Axe to cut down the tree to the left. You can dig tree stumps or sit on them to pass. Next, use a ladder to climb up the cliff with fruit, pick up 2 pieces of fruit, and then follow your steps back to the upper left corner of the maze, where there is a DIY workbench.

12. Walk past the DIY workbench where you destroyed a stone before and eat two fruits. Dig out the two trees blocking the right passage. Next, continue to climb down and use your ladder to climb up the cliff with fruit. Pick up 3 fruits and climb back to the right side of the cliff.

13. Go right, dig out the bushes blocking the way, jump over the water gap, and walk around the right area of the maze until you reach the bottom of the three water gaps in the area. Jump up and skip three water gaps in succession until you stand in front of a tree near Rover. Eat a fruit, dig out a tree, and climb the last cliff with a ladder to meet Rover.

ACNH May Day Maze & Tour 2023

Some FAQs about ACNH May Day Tour 2023

1. How Long Does May Day Tour Last in ACNH?

The May Day event in Animal Crossing New Horizons is available from April 29 and ends on May 7, lasting around 9 days and starting at 5 AM.

2. How Many Times Can You Do the May Day Maze?

Each player can only do the May Day maze once each year during the event. So make sure to pick a proper time to complete the tour after you figure out how to do it. You can’t try the maze more than once, once you go back to your island from the tour, you will never be able to revisit it again. but if you are stuck in it, you can restart it by calling Rescue Services on your Nook Phone. 

3. Who is Rover in Animal Crossing?

Rover is a cat added in the ACNH 1.2.0 Update along with the May Day event, to meet Rover and get his reward, you need to get the May Day Ticket from Tom Nook and use it at the airport to get into the island where is holding the event. When you walk through the puzzle, you will meet Rover at the end. 

4. What is the Prize for the May Day Maze?

There are three prizes to earn for the Animal Crossing May Day Maze. Below are methods for getting these rewards for the May Day event 2023.

- Rover’s Briefcase: once you meet Rover after completing the maze, talk to him and you will receive the item in the mail the next day. 

- Rover’s Photo: If you have completed the May Day tour before, you'll get a different reward when you finished the maze the second time, which is the Rover’s Photo, through the mailbox as well. 

- 9 Bell Vouchers: In both versions of the May Day maze, you can find two different groups of Bell Vouchers on the ground. The first 4 Bell Vouchers are located at the left of Rover’s campsite behind some bushes. The other 5 can be found by digging the bushes north of Rover’s campsite.