Lost Ark Ancient Gear & Accessories: iLvl, Honing/Upgrading Materials, Cost & Transfer

4/7/2023 5:34:43 PM

The April update for the Lost Ark western version brings the information about the Brelshaza hard and Ancient level gear. How to get and upgrade Ancient gear? We want to go over the details of Lost Ark Ancient gear & accessories ilvl, honing/upgrading materials and cost for armor and weapons, as well as gear transfer. 

Lost Ark Ancient Gear iLvl & Stats - How to Get Ancient Gear in Lost Ark

Ancient gear is a new tier of gear that can be crafted in Lost Ark, to get it, you need to reach item level 1540 and the Achievement 'Phantom Shard Remnants' level 1 through equipping a full 6-set of relic gear from the commander of the Phantom Legion, which is the Brelshaza. And the crafting materials can be acquired from Brelshaza Hard mode, which will be available this month. Crafting ancient armor requires 40 pieces of materials and a weapon requires 100 pieces of materials. Ancient gear shares the same set effects/bonuses and options as relic gear but has a bit higher stats. Ancient gear unlocks honing from +21 to +25.

Lost Ark Ancient Accessories vs Relic Accessories

Ancient accessories and relic accessories have the literally same combat stats, one thing that is different is that you can have a plus one more node for ancient, it gives maximum engravings of +6 and +3, so you can build 5x3x1 and 5x3x2 engravings. There is one more difference between relic and ancient gear: the amount of the bonus to your stats, including strength, dexterity, and intelligence, but the gap is not great.  

How to get ancient accessories in Lost Ark? Ancient accessories can be earned from the following activities:

South Vern Chaos Dungeons: Despair Level 1 & 2

Hanumatan Guardian Raid

Brelshaza Hard Mode

Proving Grounds

Do you need to get the full ancient accessories? The advice would be no in the early time like week one, as their price was ridiculously high when they came out in KR, majority of people could not afford the ancient accessories, so they stayed as five relics, eventually, it's better to change all the relic to ancient because of the damage boost, but it is not worth to buy the ancient accessories in the early month, unless when the price goes down. 

Lost Ark Ancient Gear Honing Materials and Cost - Ancient Gear Upgrade

The ancient gear (armor and weapons) can be honed up to level 25, each honing level adding 5 item levels. The upgrading of ancient gear from 1540 to 1560 is not cheap, it is going to need a lot of materials, Lost Ark gold and silver.

ValueSilverGoldHonor Shard

Superior Oreha

Fusion Material

Obliteration StoneProtection StoneMarvelous Honor Leapstone
Armor +21270,0432,631,76033,005326,136583
Armor +22420,8713,327,30953,281489,641849
Armor +23476,0433,315,30956,582582,906849
Armor +24920,0565,315,858123,2841,017,5122466
Armor +251050,8096,539,858134,2421,221,0142466
Weapon +21543,9303,759,65755,008543,55997143,683
Weapon +22848,2644,693,29988,644816,068141570,727
Weapon +23948,4364,593,29994,302971,509141573,084
Weapon +241,865,4697,422,655205,4731,695,8524110155,246
Weapon +252,083,9399,342,655223,7372,035,0234110159,812

Lost Ark Ancient Gear Transfer

1) Upper Relic to Ancient Gear

Brelshaza Normal mode (1490+) gives upper relic gear, that can be converted starting at 20 to Brelshaza gear at 12. 

Upper Relic Gear
Item LevelAncient GearItem Level

2) Lower Ancient to Upper Ancient Gear

Brelshaza Hard mode (1540+) unlocks the ancient gear, similar to the transfer between upper relic and ancient gear, you can also transfer your lower ancient gear to upper ancient gear from Akkan raid, which will increase your honing rates but costs tons of silver. 

Lower Ancient Gear
Item LevelUpper Ancient GearItem Level