Lost Ark Arkesia Grand Prix Event Guide 2023: Win Strategies, Best Rewards & Arkesia Event Coins Farm Tips

3/15/2023 8:52:22 PM

In this guide,  we explain the Arkesia Grand Prix event to help people understand how to participate in it and how to get the best rewards that you want fast.

Lost Ark Arkesia Grand Prix Event Guide 2023

The Arkesia Grand Prix will be a Naruni racing event where two teams will race to the end of the track to eat cake, the first team to reach the end of the track and eat all of their cake will win the race. which might sound easier than it is because this racetrack will be full of hazards that will be trying to slow you down, but you also have abilities to help you take out other players and defend yourself.

  • NPC: Arkesia Grand Prix Manager in every major city

  • Team Players: 7v7

  • Player Level: Level 50 to enter the event

Lost Ark Arkesia Grand Prix Race Times

Lost Ark Arkesia Grand Prix Event Start & End Date: 16th March 2023 - 14th April 2022

You can only participate in this event one time per day per account, so you will need to make sure you do this event every day if you want to get everything this event has to offer. But be warned, this event will only start on even numbered server hours so for example 2PM then 4PM then 6PM.

There will be two teams in this race and you will want to make sure you work with your team to reach the end of the race and eat all of the cake before the other team, so that is going to be your goal.

How To Join The Arkesia Grand Prix?

So to participate in the Arkesia Grand Prix event all you will need to do is head over to any major city except for pride home and talk to the event vendor who will be marked on your map using a light pink quest icon. They will have a quest for you that will allow you to participate in the Arkesia Grand Prix. 

Arkesia Grant Prix Abilities 

Now let's talk about the abilities you can use in this race to help you reach that goal:

  • Headbutt ability - this ability will push you forward and also stun anyone on the other team that you run into 

  • Super Naruni Ability - this ability will shoot a projectile out of your mouth that will also stun anyone on the other team that it hits

  • Plop Bomb Ability - this ability will leave a timed explosive behind you that will detonate and stun players from the other team if they are near it when it detonates

  • Tough Narooni Ability - this ability will give you a force field that will protect you from the hazards and also prevent other players from stunning you 

So use these abilities to reach the end of the track before the other team.

How To Win Arkesia Grant Prix 2023 in Lost Ark?

If you're determined to help your team win in the Arkesia Grand Prix, here are some strategies to consider:

  • Headbutt straight out of the gate when the race starts. This can be especially effective since many players tend to clump together at the beginning, potentially leading to bad timing for the Hammers around the first corner.

  • If you notice that several opposing players are falling behind, try to stall them further using your Super Naruni! and Plop Bombs. Sacrificing a personal victory to ensure a team victory can be a valid strategy.

  • If you're ahead of everyone else or there are no other players near you, try to follow racing lines. This involves trying to take as straight of lines as possible through turns, rather than following the turns themselves. For example, if there's a left turn followed by a right turn, you should aim to position your Naruni so that it touches the inside of each corner without turning. This can help you maintain your speed and take the turns more efficiently.

Lost Ark Arkesia Grand Prix Rewards (2023)

Undoubtedly, as the fan-favorite Naruni Racing event, a variety of impactful rewards will be given to players participating in the event, and these need to be redeemed by obtaining Arkesia Event Coins.

Arkesia Event Coins

As part of the Arkesia Grand Prix event, a new currency called Lost Arkesia Event Coins has been introduced in the game. This currency can be earned by participating in the new game mode where players can race against each other. The Lost Arkesia Event Coins can be used to purchase various rewards that are exclusive to this event. The good news is that these coins are easily obtainable through gameplay, and there are some valuable rewards available to players who collect them.

How To Farm as Many Arkesia Coins as Possible to Redeem All Rewards?

You can easily get enough Arkesia Event Coins through the below methods:

Way 1 - Take Party in Arkesia Grand Prix Race

If you're looking to collect the largest amount of Lost Arkesia Event Coins, your best bet is to participate in the Arkesia Grand Prix event. Regardless of if you win or lose, you will still get Arkesia event coins, which can vary based on the outcome of the match and your rank in the race. So, make sure to put in a good effort and aim for a high position to maximize your coin earnings.

The amount of Arkesia Event Coins you could get from Grand Prix Win objectives:

  • Grand Prix Win: 888 coins per time

  • Grand Prix Loss: 600 coins per time

  • Grand Prix First Place Bonus: +200 coins per time

  • Grand Prix Second Place Bonus: +150 coins per time

  • Grand Prix Third Place Bonus: +100 coins per time

Way 2 - Doing Daily Activities & Run Dungeons/Raids

Aside from the Grand Prix event, Lost Arkesia Event Coins can also be obtained through your regular daily activities, such as Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids. On average, players can earn around 100 coins for each daily run of both Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids. This means that you can potentially earn up to 400 coins per day. Additionally, even low item level Tier 1 alts can earn around 200 coins per run, making it a great opportunity for players who are behind on their main character to catch up and earn more coins.

The amount of Arkesia Event Coins you could get from daily objectives:

  • Chaos Dungeons (with Aura of Resonance): 125 coins per run

  • Guardian Soul Harvest: 125 coins per run

Arkesia Grand Prix Rewards Can Be Purchased with Arkesia Event Coins

Once you have Arkesia Event Coins on hand, head over to the Grand Prix Managers in any major city except for Prideholm, then you can exchange the following Arkesia rewards from him with coins:

  • Naruni Mount Selection Chest

  • Engraving Recipe Chests

  • Honing Materials

  • Success Chance Materials

  • Naruni Hat Cosmetic Chest

  • Any Card Packs

  • Legendary Card Pack

  • Creation Fragments 

  • Pheons

  • Sailing Coin Selection Chest

  • Magick Society Dye Chest 

  • Other rewards

Best Lost Ark Arkesia Grand Prix Rewards To Buy

What are the best Arkesia Grand Prix rewards to take? Here we have some great items that you want to get your hands on early on for the most part: 

Legendary Card Pack & Any Card Pack

It's highly recommended to pick up the event cards for your roster, as it provides an excellent opportunity to acquire more cards, especially legendary cards. With four guaranteed legendary cards available through the event, it's incredibly generous, considering how much these cards can boost your roster's power. Additionally, there's a random chance to obtain 40 cards through the Any Card back, which can be obtained a total of 40 times during the event. This is a great way to complete your overall card collection, which is not something you can normally achieve easily.

Engraving Books

Another item that is highly recommended to purchase is engraving books. These books provide an additional method to improve your engravings, and can greatly benefit your character's power. Additionally, if you obtain a valuable engraving book that is in demand by another class, you can sell it at the auction house for a substantial amount of gold. This is a great way to earn some extra currency and improve your financial standing in the game.

Tier 3 Honing Materials

If you are not yet at the point where you can afford to purchase engraving books, you can still benefit from the event by using extra honing materials to increase your item level on your main character. This is particularly helpful for T3 players who are striving to progress towards new raids, as the high costs and low success honing chance can make this challenging. By using the honing materials obtained from the event, you can significantly boost your character's power and increase your chances of success in these difficult raids.

Other Arkesia Grand Prix Rewards Worth Buying

Honing Books


Sailing Coin Chests

Bloodclaw’s Glittering Coin

Creation Fragment

Una’s Task Items (optional for Growth)

Magick Society Dye Chest (optional for Fashion)

So with the great rewards dropped into the game, we do think the fan-favorite Naruni Racing event are worth you to spend time on it.