Lost Ark Progression Events Guide 2023: Story Express, Punika Powerpass, Hyper Express Plus

3/16/2023 11:25:09 AM

Now is the best time for new players and returning players to start playing Lost Ark, because there are new progression events - Punika Powerpass, Hyper Express Plus, and Story Express going on, and you can use them to fast-track your characters to current content. Also, these events will also help you to build up the brand-new Artist class fast. How to use these events to quickly level up your new characters or upgrade your existing alts to a higher level? Come take a look with us.

Lost Ark Progression Events Guide 2023

Lost Ark: How To Get 1445 iLvl Fast with Story Express, Punika Powerpass, Hyper Express Plus?

First of all, let's break down each event to help you understand how they actually work together to help you get your character to 1445 ilvl instantly for free. 

Lost Ark Punika Powerpass 2023

Duration:  March 15 to June 14, 2023

What Can the Punika Powerpass Do? 

The Punika Powerpass is a convenient one-time-use item that permits players to quickly level up their character to Level 50 and equip them with iLvl 1340 gear by selecting their desired character from the character selection screen. This eliminates the need to spend countless hours progressing through earlier content to gear up and level up the character. The Powerpass offers a cost-free alternative to paying Royal Crystals to bypass this content.

How To Get Free Punika Powerpass in Lost Ark?

To obtain the Punika Powerpass for free, players need to "complete all Adventure Quests (indicated by purple exclamation marks) on Punika." This questline can be quite lengthy, starting with the "Lailai Begins" quest from Nia in Nia Village and concluding with "Honorary Punikan" from Kakarina in Tikatika Colony, which will unlock access to the final quest "Berver's Friend." It's essential to note that once you begin the questline on a particular character, you must finish it on that same character. If you can't locate the questline in your Journal, it's worth checking to see if any of your other characters have already initiated it. Once you complete the entire questline, the Punika Powerpass will be sent to your character's mailboxes.

How To Use The Punika Powerpass? 

Once you have obtained the Punika Powerpass, simply click the "Accept All" button to add the item to your inventory. Next, right-click on the item to use it. The Powerpass will then become available from the character selection menu, allowing you to use it on any of your current or future characters that are below iLvl 1340. If players fail to use the item before its expiration date, it will be automatically removed from their inventory. However, once the Punika Powerpass is utilized, it will remain accessible from the character selection screen indefinitely, allowing players to use it on a future character.

Lost Ark Hyper Express Plus 2023

Duration:  March 15 to June 14, 2023

What Can the Hyper Express Plus Do?

In combination with the Punika Powerpass, players can select one character on their roster with an item level ranging from 1340 to 1445 to participate in the Hyper Express Plus Event. This event enables players to acquire honing materials rapidly and reach item level 1445 and beyond. The designated character will receive rewards for every 15 item levels up to 1445, including a plethora of silver, honing materials, gems, engravings, and even a Legendary Card Selection Pack! And this time, Engraving Support was added to the Hyper Express Plus event, with that you can choose 4 engravings to be in effect at level 3. 

How To Get Hyper Express Plus in Lost Ark?

Any character that reaches item level 1340 and item level below 1445 can be picked up using the Hyper Express Plus during the event period. 

How To Use Hyper Express Plus?

You just need to pick up the designated character between item Level 1340 and 1445. After choosing a character for Hyper Express Plus, the player can modify the Hyper Express Plus target once. However, it's crucial to note that the player cannot change their event character after honing a gear item while the Hyper Express Plus honing bonuses are in effect.

Lost Ark Story Express 2023

Duration:  March 15 to June 14, 2023

What Can the Story Express Do? 

Lost Ark's Story Express is a temporary event designed to accelerate the leveling of a single character up to iLvl 1340. Upon completing Story Express, characters will receive 1,500,000 silver, several rare card packs, cosmetic rewards, and various materials for both Strongholds and character progression.

How To Get & Use Story Express in Lost Ark?

To access the Story Express event in Lost Ark, log in to your character and open the Event Quest window. From there, click on the second tab and choose 'Story Express.' Please note that only characters who have not yet finished the 'On the Border' quest in Rethramis are eligible for this speed-leveling feature. You can select any of your eligible characters to participate, or you can create a new character like the Artist class specifically for this event. Finally, choose 'Start Event' to begin the Story Express leveling process.

After selecting a character for the Story Express event, log out of your current character and log in to the designated character. You should see a purple banner with the message "Story Express in use" to confirm that the selection was successful. Then, start progressing through the campaign to earn additional rewards.

How To Use Lost Ark Progression Events To Get New 1440 iLvl Characters Fast?

Now you should have a general understanding of how these three progression events help you quickly improve new characters and alts at different stages and aspects. In fact, you can get the most out of them by combining them perfectly. Just follow the steps below:

1. Make your new characters

2. Log in with that character and start Story Express with that character

3. Do the Story campaign till Vern and unlock Chaos dungeon/Guardian raids

4. You will receive a Vern Pass by mail on that character which will boost your another character to lvl 50.

5. Make another character and use that Vern Pass on that 2nd character and boost it to lvl 50 for free.

6. After you done, you will receive another Vern Pass on that 2nd character, so that you can boost your 3rd characer to lvl 50.

7. Now you have 3 characters at lvl 50 with 302 ilvl.

8. Reach 1340 ilvl with your main character to get all the Story Express bonus items, and leave it there.

9. When you finish Punikka questline with your main/first character you will recceive a Punika Powerpass by mail, which will take any character to 1302 ilvl instantly.

10. So make a 4th character and use your Punika Pass on that 4th character to make that character 1302 ilvl instantly.

11. At 1340 ilvl you have to select Hyper Express on one of your character which you like most, select carefully which character you  want to use your Hyper Experess Plus on which will take your character to 1445 easily. 

12. If you use Hyper Express Plus on one of your character and take that character to 1445 will receive 4 level 3 Engravings for free, we think for two or three months you can use four by three engraving setup for free that will help you to do raids instantly. 

13. Also when you reach 1445 with Hyper Express Plus, you're going to receive these loots and this will help your character even further 

We think this is one of the perfect time to start Lost Ark again with your new fresh account and one more good thing is as a returning player or a new player.