Required Mats for New Class Tracker in Lost Ark | New Class Tracker Guide 2023

4/11/2023 10:21:58 AM

Made this for you to keep track of our current saved mats vs the required mats to push a new character for getting more Lost Ark gold.

Set it up initially assuming you start off with Chosen/Argos gear at +0 (like we did with the most recent Powerpass/Express Event) and wanting to push to +20 everything with +21 Weapon (1492.5 ilvl) and then convert one armor piece to Brel and push that to +15 so that you'd end at 1500 ilvl. Going to be using this to keep track of saved mats vs required mats for Aeromancer to hard push on release. Figured others might find some use for it as well. Would just have to create a copy of the file yourself.

Just a couple of things to use in case it's not self-explanatory:

-Yellow Shaded fields are what you'd edit/update. For the required mats, we just use the Maxroll Upgrade Calculator with it set to Average Scenario.

-Added a Stacks column for Blue/Red upgrade mats since I don't think anyone wants to manually add up all of your stacks of Crystallized Guardian Stones.

-For the Honor Shard Pouch (S/M/L) you'd input the number you have saved and it will calculate the total. For any Shard Selection Chests, just add that to the total of the respective pouches. For example, if the selection chest gives you 5x Honor Shard Pouch (M), I would just add 5 to my owned quantities and if I have 10 of those Shard Selection Chests, we'd add 50. The same can be said for any Leapstone Selection Chests you have.

Mats Need for Class Release

Mats ListRequired Amount
Gear - Lower T3 (1302)
Honor Shards0
Simple Oreha Fusion Material0
Crystallized Guardian Stone0
Crystallized Destruction Stone0
Honor Leapstones0

Gear - Argos+ (1340)
Honor Shards869595
Basic Oreha Fusion Material4473
Crystallized Guardian Stone191590
Crystallized Destruction Stone86583
Great Honor Leapstones6633
Gear - Brel (1390)
Honor Shards137207
Superior Oreha Fusion Material194
Protection Stone12544
Obliteration Stone0
Marvelous Honor Leapstones348
Mats OwnedQuantity# of StacksTotal
Honor Shard Bag (S)0
Honor Shard Bag (M)0
Honor Shard Bag (L)0
Simple Oreha Fusion Material0
Basic Oreha Fusion Material0
Superior Oreha Fusion Material0
Crystallized Guardian Stone000
Protection Stone000
Crystallized Destruction Stone000
Obliteration Stone000
Honor Leapstones0
Great Honor Leapstones0
Marvelous Honor Leapstones0
Mats ListTotal RequiredTotal OwnedTotal Remaining
Honor Shards10068020-1006802
Simple Oreha Fusion Material000
Basic Oreha Fusion Material44730-4473
Superior Oreha Fusion Material1940-194
Crystallized Guardian Stone1915900-191590
Protection Stone125440-12544
Crystallized Destruction Stone865830-86583
Obliteration Stone000
Honor Leapstones000
Great Honor Leapstones66330-6633
Marvelous Honor Leapstones3480-348

Guess you ask