Diablo 4 6th Class Leak - Next New Class Coming to Diablo IV

4/25/2023 3:24:26 PM

According to the leaks, there is likely to have a new class coming to Diablo IV, before or along with its launch, that is going to be the 6th class in D4.  

Diablo 4 6th Class Leak - Next New Class Coming to Diablo IV

The leak of artwork and a new piece of merchandise from Blizzard’s gear store brings lots of speculations about the 6th class in Diablo IV. 

Recently, a themed Stein was added to the Diablo store, there is some pretty cool stuff on it, which involves the multiple classes in Diablo IV. Basically, you can find the symbols of Barbarian, Sorceress, Necromancer, Druid, and Rogue characters. The notable thing is that you can obviously see the sixth symbol, which is on the far left and it represents the Triune, that's what they called it. This is possibly the hint for a sixth class themed around the Triune. 

What will be the new class in Diablo 4? It’s very clear that the symbol has some interesting connotations, the bottom part is not connected to the top, it seems to almost be a spear, the top part seems to be something about radiating magic, and the three waves of the symbol may represent the Mephisto, Baal, and Diablo. And a lot of things are matching up with the Triune Warrior. The Triune has two kinds of main Warriors, one is called Peace Warder and the other is called Inquisitor. Peace Warders use swords and lances, they can use heavy armor if needed but usually wear cowls and leather armor. In another image with characters, there is a class who is yielding a spear, following along with the Triune and Peace Warders, we have a character wielding a spear who has a shield, she also wears a cowl, which is very similar to Peace Warder. The Peace Warder comes from the Triune religion and perhaps is no longer following the Triune religion. There is a possibility that the Peace Warder could still be doing things for good without knowing that her religion is essentially evil.

When it comes to the other speculations of the Diablo 4 6th class, it is also expected to be a Paladin or Holy Knight. Paladin is an existable class in past Diablo games, in Diablo 2, the Paladin of the Zakarum faith found out that their faith was corrupted and fought the prime evils. It may happen with a Paladin of the Triune faith as well. In addition, the current game lacks a heavily-armor class that wields holy magic, a Paladin or Templar can fill those archetypes. For a completely new addition, A Death Knight can fill the armor archetype as well and fit the style of Diablo 4 well. The Triune is the same icon for Lilith, if you take a look at the official Lilith cutscene, the people that are following Lilith have blood in their eyes, they use blood-type spells, and the whole process is drawing blood out of people in order to actually bring Lilith back into the game, so it's speculated that the Blood Knight is supposed to arrive.

At the time of writing, there has not been any official announcement about the sixth class in Diablo 4, but the Triune symbol and image are questionable, there is still a good chance to get a new D4 class in the following days, and we’ll update more news here. If you need cheap Diablo IV items and gold to improve your character, the best prices and services are provided at MTMMO. 

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