Diablo 4 Best Dungeon to Farm & Grind (Legendary, XP, Gold & More) | D4 Dungeon Locations & Rewards

4/18/2023 4:38:05 PM

If you want to grind tons of XP and valuable gear pieces in Diablo 4, exploring the dungeon is helpful. Here we’ll recap the best dungeon to farm and grind legendary, unique items, XP, and gold in Diablo IV, as well as all D4 dungeon locations and rewards in the game. 

Diablo 4 Best Dungeon to Farm

Diablo 4 Best Dungeon to Farm Legendary Items, XP and Gold

It’s located at the northeastern of the map, find the Bear Tribe Refuge, then what you want to do is to complete a real short quest chain, to unlock this, you need to talk to Sena, who is going to give you a quest to come back with casual bones 25 of them, after that, you are going to be able to talk to the chief, he is going to give you another quest that called Call of the Ancients, then he opens up this dungeon - The Hallowed Glacier. This dungeon is not long at all, you don’t even have to bother doing the last boss, you can probably find about 9 and even 10 elites here, that’s where your Diablo IV gold and your gear come from. if you've been playing a lot of Diablo 4 you know that you need a key in most of these dungeons to align the boss area. When you find several elites, you can start clearing with your group members to maximize your XP and pick the chests around. There is a specific chest that is pretty hidden, but you can find legendary items sometimes. When you see those piles of bodies there, that’s the area where the quest item is, other named bosses you can skip. This is one of the best gold & legendary-making methods in D4, you can try it once the game launches. 

Diablo 4 Best Dungeon to Farm Unique Items

In terms of gear farming, Forbidden City is the absolute best dungeon to farm in Diablo 4 to finalize your build and obtain a bunch of unique items. The entire dungeon is a linear straight shot without any roundabouts or having to double back anywhere, it has up to 15 elite enemies in the dungeon and the boss fight itself is one of the easier ones in the game. If you don’t have the best build or if you are still trying to get the wanted gear, you can do this at least once or twice while you are leveling. There are so many enemies in this dungeon with loot flows, you don’t even need to do the entire dungeon, you can go up to the door and event at that point, that’s about six of them.

Not only are there lots of elite spawns and is it just a straight shot from point A all the way to the back to the boss point B, but in this dungeon, there is also a ton of pylons and blood chalices. In addition, any build works here, you can just sell everything you don’t need and empty your inventory before farming this dungeon. 

Diablo 4 Dungeon Lists - All D4 Dungeon Locations & Rewards

There are more than 20 dungeons available in the game, here we’ll list the locations and rewards of all dungeons in Diablo IV. Most dungeons award a Legendary Aspect in the Codex of Power, you can put that on a rare item. 

1. Hoarfrost Demise: located in the Seat of the Heavens and at the top.

Reward: Blood-bathed Aspect

2. Forsaken Quarry: Frigid Expanse, towards the top edge of the area.

Reward: Aspect of Encircling Blades

3. Sanguine Chapel: below the Zenith dungeon on the map.

Reward: Energizing Aspect

4. Derelict Lodge: Pallid Glade, towards the lower half of the map.

Reward: Aspect of Explosive Verve

5. Caldera Gate: Pallid Glade, at the top edge of the area.

Reward: Eluding Aspect

6. Nostrava Deepwood: Pallid Glade, between Derelict Lodge and Caldera Gate.

Reward: Aspect of Flesh-Rending

7. Defiled Catacombs: Desolate Highlands, towards the bottom of the map.

Reward: Aspect of Tempering Blows

8. Tormented Ruins: Desolate Highlands, at the top edge of the map.

Reward: Stalking Beast Aspect

9. Lost Archives: Desolate Highlands, towards the bottom left of the map.

Reward: Aspect of The Protector

10. Cultist Refuge: Nostrava area, located at the top edge area of the map.

Reward: Flamewalker's Aspect

11. Immortal Emanation: located in the left area of the Frigid Expanse.

Reward: Mangled Aspect

12. Black Asylum: Frigid Expanse, towards the right of the Forsaken Quarry.

Reward: Aspect of Torment

13. Hallowed Ossuary: at the right of Immortal Emanation in Frigid Expanse.

Reward: Aspect of Unrelenting Fury

14. Kor Dragan Barracks: Sarkova Pass, at the top of the map.

Reward: Aspect of Anemia

15. Forbidden City: Sarkova Pass, at the top edge of the map.

Reward: Nighthowler's Aspect

16. Mercy’s Reach: at the top left area of Sarkova Pass.

Reward: Blood Seeker's Aspect

17. Light’s Watch: Dobrev Taiga, in the middle of the map.

Reward: Aspect of Conflagration

18. Maulwood: at the bottom of the map in Dobrev Taiga.

Reward: Slaking Aspect

19. Zenith: Seat of the Heavens area, at the top area of the map.

Reward: Recharging Aspect

20. Dead Man’s Dredge: Gale Valley and at the bottom right of the map.

Reward: Aspect of Piercing Cold

21. Rimescar Cavern: Malnok, at the top right of the map.

Reward: Aspect of The Void

22. Anica’s Claim: Malnok, at the top left of the map.

Reward: Stormclaw's Aspect

23. The Hallowed Glacier: Bear Tribe Refuge, at the northeastern of the map.