Lost Ark Ebony Cube Guide & Preparation: Rewards, Tickets, Levels, Exchange Rate and More

4/26/2023 10:49:39 AM

The related information about Ebony Cube has just been announced in the Lost Ark 2023 Summer Roadmap, today we’ll walk through a guide to the Lost Ark Ebony Cube event 2023, covering its levels (difficulties), ilvl, rewards, entrance tickets, exchange/conversion rate of ticket and voucher, release date, and more.

lost ark ebony cube

Updated (April 27):

Lost Ark Ebony Cube Release Date

Ebony Cube is confirmed to come out on May 10, 2023, about two weeks left, it consolidates Boss Rush and Cube and will replace them in Lost Ark, clear waves of enemies during the event to earn rewards and make use of the remaining tickets before it begins. The original rewards of both activities will be rolled into one, and you can do less work. 

Lost Ark Ebony Cube Levels (Difficulties) & Stage

The Ebony Cube has 3 difficulties, each difficulty level requires you to reach a gear score and use a different entry ticket, the entrance tickets can’t be shared, which means you can't enter the first difficulty with the third level ticket. The same as the old cube, you can progress up to Diamond, but it contains much shorter stages,  it only has four stages in total and does take a shorter time than the previous cube. There won’t be a survival room anymore and no more 3x tickets option.

1st Forbiddance: 1302+ Item Level 

2nd Forbiddance: 1490+ Item Level 

3rd Forbiddance: 1540+ Item Level 

Lost Ark Ebony Cube Rewards (Silver, Gems, Leapstones & Card EXP)

When it comes to the rewards, the Ebony Cube gives you more silver compared to the normal cube, while fewer gems in general, unless you make it to 1540 item level or higher. The leapstones are basically the same, and for the card exp, the new cube is always better. The rewards may vary and we'll correct them once the update goes live. 

- Ebony Cube Level 1 reward: 80K Silver, 7 × Level 2 Gem Chest, 20 × Great Honor Leapstone (Bound), 1 × Creation Fragment (3,000 Card XP), 1 × Epic or Legendary Combat Engraving Recipe, 6 × Solar Grace (Bound), 3 × Solar Blessing (Bound), 1 × Solar Protection (Bound), A chance to get Masterpiece #14, #15, #24, #25, #35, #36, #40, #41, #45, or #46

- Ebony Cube Level 2 reward: 100K Silver, 4 × Level 3 Gem Chest, 14 × Marvelous Honor Leapstone (Bound), 3 × Creation Fragment (9,000 Card XP), 1 × Epic or Legendary Combat Engraving Recipe, 8 × Solar Grace (Bound), 4 × Solar Blessing (Bound), 2 × Solar Protection (Bound), A chance to get Masterpiece #14, #15, #24, #25, #35, #36, #40, #41, #45, #46, #53, or #54

- Ebony Cube Level 3 reward: 115K Silver, 6 × Level 3 Gem Chest, 25 × Marvelous Honor Leapstone (Bound), 4 × Creation Fragment (12,000 Card XP),Epic or Legendary Combat Engraving Recipe, 11 × Solar Grace (Bound), 6 × Solar Blessing (Bound), 2 × Solar Protection (Bound), A chance to get Masterpiece #14, #15, #24, #25, #35, #36, #40, #41, #45, #46, #53, or #54

Lost Ark Ebony Cube Entrance Ticket Drop Rate

The drop rate of the Ebony Cube entrance ticket will be the same as the old Boss Rush, and titles earned from old Cube & Boss Rush activities will remain obtainable from Ebony Cube. However, existing tickets in your inventory will be unusable when the Ebony Cube starts on May 10, so you need to use them or convert them into Silver or Entrance Ticket Trade Vouchers. 

Lost Ark Ebony Cube Exchange/Conversion  Rate (Ticket to Vouchers) - How to Get Ebony Cube Tickets?

You can exchange your tier one or two tickets from the old cube and boss rush for Silver or tier 3 tickets for tokens (ticket voucher), then use the tokens for new ebony cube tickets in May 2023. 

1)Sell old cube tickets to buy the ticket voucher (exchange token)

T1 Cube = 30K Silver

T2 (Elite) Cube = 40K Silver

T3 (Dimensional Cube) Normal = 15 Tokens/Vouchers

T3 Hard = 20 Tokens/Vouchers 

2)Sell the boss rush ticket to buy the ticket voucher (exchange token)

T2 (Hall of Silence) = 50K Silver

T3 (Hall of the Sun) Normal 45 Tokens/Vouchers

T3 Hard 60 Tokens/Vouchers

T3 Inferno 75 Tokens/Vouchers

3)Use a specified amount of exchange tokens to buy new cube tickets

Level 1 (1302+) 75 Tokens/Vouchers

Level 2 (1490+) 100 Tokens/Vouchers

Level 3 (1540+) 125 Tokens/Vouchers