Lost Ark Story Express Event Guide: Rewards, Date, Character, Limitations & Tips

3/16/2023 10:57:32 AM

The March Art of War Update brings lots of additions coming to Lost Ark, including a new character, events, balance changes, and improvements. Starting on March 15, we’ll have a new Story Express event in Lost Ark 2023, now let’s get into the Story Express rewards for different missions or quests, start & end dates, character limitations, and tips.

Lost Ark Story Express Event Start and End Date

Story Express is a new upcoming event in Lost Ark NA/EU, as a limited-time progression event, it will be running from March 15 to June 14, 2023, and you have about three months to complete the tasks within the event. Unlike Powerpass, the main purpose of Story Express is to encourage players to create new characters and speed the leveling through tier 1 and tier, then take the advantage of new classes for various bonuses and rewards. 

Lost Ark Story Express Rewards & How to Get

By completing the Story Express mission, you can earn valuable rewards, including Crystalline Aura (14 days), Epic Class Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch, Epic Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch, and additional honing materials. 

With the completion and Story Express and progression to item level 1340, you can also earn rewards like Item Level 1340 Argos Legendary Gear, 1,500,000 silver, multiple rare card packs, and cosmetic rewards, also will be able to take advantage of Hyper Express Plus and more easily get any new character up to Item Level 1445.

You need to level up your character from item level 1 to 1340 by clearing story missions, each time you reach a threshold, you’ll be awarded specific things such as Lost Ark currency or items. And when you complete one stage or one level, you can get some extra completion rewards. Skipping quests using a Powerpass or Knowledge Transfer will not gain you any Story Express rewards. 

Below are the rewards based on the latest KR Story Express event, which is the item level 1340 version.

Rethramis~Anikka: 15x Blue HP% pot every time + some battle items

Arthetine: 15x Purple HP% pot and 30x Blue HP% pot

North Vern: 10x Healing Battle Item Chest, 5x Utility Battle Item Chest, 5x Offensive Battle Item Chest and a Full T1 +8 equip set

Shushire: 200 000 Silvers, 1 500 pirates coins, and 1 500 Sun Coins

Rohendel : 10x Healing Battle Item Chest , 5x Utility Battle Item Chest , 5x Offensive Battle Item Chest and a Full T1 +15 equip set

Yorn : 10x Healing Battle Item Chest , 5x Utility Battle Item Chest , 5x Offensive Battle Item Chest and a Full T2 +8 equip set

Feiton : 10x Healing Battle Item Chest , 5x Utility Battle Item Chest , 5x Offensive Battle Item Chest and a Full T2 +15 equip set

Punika: Full T3 Chosen equip set (Oreha HM set), 20x Uncommon Combat engraving, and 20x Uncommon Class engraving

South Vern: 1m Silver, 20x Rare Combat engraving, and 20x Rare Class engraving

100% Completion Reward : 1.5m Silver , 14d Crystaline Aura, 50x RNG leg accessories , 2x Aura of Resonance , 20x Epic Combat engraving, 20x Epic Class engraving, 10k Sun Coins, 1x Relic Rapport , 5x Leg Rapports , 20x Legendary - Uncommon Card Pack II , 10x Legendary - Rare Card Pack II , 60k Card EXP , 30k Pirate coins , 12x Leap's Essence , 3x Sun NM Boss Rush , 6k Crystallized Guardian Stone , 2k Crystallized Destruction Stone , 50x MHL , 30k Honor Shards , 10k Raid Seal , 10k Victory Seal , 10k Adv's Seal

Lost Ark Story Express Character Limitations

The Story Express event gives you a chance to focus on and develop a new character in Lost Ark, such as the Artist class, but regarding the character, there are some limitations you should know. 

- You can only designate one character per account for Story Express, and if you delete that, you can’t designate a new one. 

- Any character that has not yet completed the ‘On the Border’ quest from Rethamis can be designated as a Story Express character. 

How to select or designate the Story Express character?

1) Log in to the game with one character.

2) Head over to the Event Quest and elect the second tab - Event Quest.

3) Choose one of your characters to start the event. 

4) Log out of your current character and log into the Story Express character. 

5) A banner written Story Express in use means your selection is successful. 

6) Then you can start working on the event through the missions.