Lost Ark Sweet Sugarpetal Festival Guide: Rewards, Quests, Una's Tasks & Walkthrough

4/13/2023 11:48:42 AM

A new Una’s Task is coming to Lost Ark with the new Sweet Sugarpetal Festival event. What can you expect from the Lost Ark Sweet Sugarpetal Event? In this Lost Ark Sweet Sugarpetal event guide, we talk about the rewards, quests, Una’s Tasks, and a walkthrough.

Lost Ark Sweet Sugarpetal Event Guide: Rewards, Quests, Una's Task & Tips

Lost Ark Sugarpetal event will run from April 12 to May 10, so ensure you earn the rewards while you can. During the festival, the Lopang Corporation manager Hytino needs help and he can be found in major cities to kick off an event questline. With special event Daily Una’s Tasks available, a variety of rewards can be earned from daily completions and for earning Una’s reputation points as the event continues. Claim rewards upon reaching reputations for Una’s Tasks! Now, let's check the rewards, and how to start and complete the Sweet Sugarpetal event in Lost Ark.


Lost Ark Sweet Sugarpetal Festival Rewards

From cosmetics like the Sweet Cake Headwear Selection Chest to Leapstones and even a Relic Rapport Selection Chest, the rewards are as sweet as the event. Something really important also is there is a reputation status. All you need to do is to deliver love and friendship throughout Arkesia with the Sugarpetal Festival in Lost Ark. Complete the task, and you will earn reputation-level rewards.

Level 1 - Regulu’s Currency Chest

Level 2 - Protection Stone Pouch and Obliteration Stone Pouch

Level 3 - Sweet Cake Headwear Selection Chest

Level 4 - Epic Rapport Chest

Level 5 - Obliteration Stone Pouch, Protection Stone Pouch

Level 6 - Honing Leapstone Selection Chest III, Honing Shard Selection Chest

Level 7 - Relic Rapport Selection Chest, Bite-sized Bread Selection Chest


Lost Ark Sugarpetal Festival Event Quests

Talk to Hytino in Vern Castle right by the triport, and take the “Sweet Sugarpetal Festival” quests. After the huge success of the last festival led by Lopang Inc.’s department manager, Valentina, the Cupid department has received another special mission. This time, it has to make special deliveries of sweet and sour candies. The desire to revive a tradition where people confess their feelings by giving flower candies is admirable. It was available in every main city, so you hit up a quest you talk to him, and you get the note.

Do the questline head to Yorn’s Cradle, let's teleport on over to the triport. We're going to chat with Neria’s Tavern and go check the ancient record. Then we’re going to fix the Festival Flyers, so we're hitting F5 to fix these right up. Next, we’re going to fix the Faded Record again. The next quest is to fix the Festival Flyers again. Talk to Hytino in Yorn to complete the Lost Ark Sweet Sugarpetal event quest.


Lost Ark Sweet Sugarpetal Festival Una’s Tasks

After you finish the Lost Ark Sugarpetal quests, now you can take on Sugarpetal Festival Delivery jobs. Please check Una’s Task - Daily Tasks - Daily Requests List. It’s time to deliver Sugarpetal Candy and spread the love! A special delivery from Cupid is just as sweet as the old Neria legend. Take the Sugarpetal Candies from Hytino and delivery them to their destinations, you need to make 2 deliveries, one for Confession and another for Friendship!

The following is the list of people who need regular deliveries of Confession Flower Candies that Cupid has received. Please pick a region from the list below and complete the delivery by the end of the day today.

1. Whispering Islet’s Nineveh - 17,727 packages

2. Eternity Isle’s Mary - 10.820 packages

3. Blackfang’s Den’s Black Fang - 9,122 packages

4. Kalaja’s Lutia - 10,290 packages

5. Great Castle’s Neria - 6.233 packages

6. Rothun’s Azena - 9.223 packages

7. Vern Castle’s Ealyn - 8911

8. Stern’s Sasha - 10121 packages

9. Luterra Castle’s Neria - 3.423 packages

Lost Ark Sweet Sugarpetal Festival Event Tips

There’s a pretty efficient route, the only issue with this Una’s daily is that they have placed the characters. So far away from one another that you spend a minute and a half or two minutes just finishing the Una’s daily if you put them in correctly. This Lost Ark Sweet Sugarpetal event guide will be split into two parts. The first one is your characters that you push the ones that have leapstones and from a Lopang character perspective, the characters that you're not pushing anymore and they're just grabbing silver for the rest of your roster.

Pushing Character Route

So the great thing about a character that you're pushing is your Una’s dailies will only consume three of your bifrosts for the three tasks that you're typically doing on a daily basis. So a typical player will have four bifrosts, so you have this fourth one to do the efficient route. The really great thing about the persons that you take the quest from, is they're always close, they're literally walking distance from the portal statue and they're literally right next to a triport. So you just go to any major city and you're going to grab the quest. Some people will opt to go to Vern which is the fastest one if you don't want to use any bifrosts. But a better thing is you will use a bifrost right next to Sasha. You give it to Sasha and you give it to Bastian and the quest is done. They're right next to each other, it's really easy. You just save your bifrost here and you're done!

Lopang Alt Route

For Lopang characters, what you're going to do is have the same four bifrosts that you use for Lopang. You go to Lopang Island, and start to deliver Shushire, North Vern, and Arthetine. Now you're going to do things slightly differently to make it a lot more optimized. So the first route obviously you go to Lopang, you go to the Shushire Shipping Consoles, and then you start delivering to Regrit. Now what you need to do is you'll go to North Vern, collect the consoles and you're going to deliver them to the one in North Vern. Then what you're going to do is you're going to go to the Vern Castle and go to this triport and make sure you accept the quest too. Go to the tripod and grab the quest from Hytino. Then you can go deliver to Shushire if you want or you can go straight to Arthetine, it doesn't matter. But what really matters is this North Vern one is the first one that you deliver. You're going to deliver it to Sasha, you're going to then deliver it to Bastian. Finish this quest, teleport use your sail, and deliver to Bacardi. If you haven't already delivered to Shushire, you go and deliver to Shushire. That's it, you finish four Una’s dailies that way and you barely added any extra time to your Lopang character's duties.