How to Get Easy iLvl 447 Gear in Dradonflight Season 3 - WoW 10.2 Gearing Guide

11/10/2023 11:32:46 AM

Many people are unaware of the incredibly simple-to-farm 447 gear. You only need 30 whelp crests and some WoW gold.


1. Farm 30 whelp crests

-(there is a quest that gives you 30 for free) and head to Valdrakken. Fly over to the enchanter trainer person, you can buy crests for 30 whelp crests. Place a work order for an "enchanted whelp crest", the dream version. This will allow you to make a 447 piece of gear.

-To farm Whelp Crests in WoW Dragonflight, you can complete world quests and defeat rare enemies in the game's new zone, Zaralek Cavern. These activities will yield Whelp Crest Fragments, which can later be turned into a Whelp Crest. Alternatively, you can buy up to 30 Drake Shadowflame Crest fragments a week from Spinsoa, for the Unearthed Fragrant Coin currency. For some reason, the treasures and stink piles in Zaralek caves yield numerous whelp crests per haul. Alts can easily farm for free 447 gear.


2. Locate a blue 330 iLvl work order that corresponds to your gear or weapon type. You can use the new nascent crest (the whelping one) to place the job order, and your maximum craft rank will be 447. This is far less expensive than updating the greens and blues to 450. In around 3 hours of gameplay, we were able to effortlessly upgrade the neck, chest, wrists, and two weapons from 424 to 447.

How to Get Crests

If you do the new campaign for emerald dream, you will be directed there eventually. It's basically a tutorial quest for how the crests/flight stones upgrade system works. But you get crests from everywhere. Just finishing the campaign and side quests and doing a few seeds, we had 60 whelpling and like 30 drake crests already. You also still get 2 from every world quest you do, even in the old DF zones, and picking up the orbs during the dreamsurges, etc.

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