Season of Discovery Healer Tier List (Level 25) - Ranking Best Healers In WoW Classic SoD

11/23/2023 10:53:38 AM

Healing plays an important part in the World of Warcraft Season of Discovery. Are you looking for the best level 25 healers for phase 1 of the WoW Classic Season of Mastery? Today, we’ll present a Season of Mastery healer tier list, we’ll rank the best healer class and professions at level 25.


WoW Classic Season of Discovery Best Healer - SoD Healer Tier List & Ranking

With no gear scaling, early encounters hit hard. Healers must output significant healing to keep groups alive. This is the WoW Classic Season of Discovery healer ranking of the different characters capable of healing in the first phase. We’ll also explain the strengths and weaknesses of each class to recommend which ones are the most effective for healing in level 25 dungeons and raids. It is a guide for players looking to choose the best Season of Discovery healer to progress in level-cap PvE content in this early stage.


S Tier

  • Priest

Holy Priest: Holy Priest is above Discipline, even though it may be at lower levels, Holy will heal a lot more due to the available heals at this level. Firstly Serendipity seems to be the best for Holy Priest without a doubt. What it will do is reduce the casting time of your other healing abilities by up to three times when you use Flash Heal which is very good. Circle of Healing is possibly the best healing ability that will be seen. We'll put Prayer of Mending, every time it receives damage, it will heal itself and jump to another person who will also heal when damaged. Holy Priest is at the top on this SoD phase 1 healer tier list, because  it is an extremely good character.


Discipline Priest: They are not as good compared to Holys. Their abilities like Penance and Power Word: Shield provide some utility but lack the burst healing of Holy Priest talents/spells. Talents for Discipline focus more on absorb shields than direct healing. Discipline has weaker talents compared to Holy at level 25. Their runes like Penance don't compare as favorably to Holy abilities like Circle of Healing. While Discipline brings some unique utility, at level 25 their toolkit and talents focus more on prevention than reaction/direct healing output compared to the stronger healing specs in the higher tiers.


A Tier

  • Druid

The problem with Druid’s healer tree is his the talents. The Druid healer excels due to its strong selection of efficient healing over time spells like Rejuvenation, Lifebloom and Living Seed, which allow it to continuously supplement both tank and raid health without expending large amounts of mana. Talents reduce HoT costs and provide mana regeneration, giving Druids great sustainability over long encounters. Their HoTs also function as proactive healing, topping targets up before they fall too low. Mobility allows HoT application on the move. Coupled with strong single target and group healing from Wild Growth and direct heals, and versatility from shapeshifting to support other roles, Druids provide valuable healing, tank maintenance and raid assistance through a reactive and preventative toolkit centered around mana-efficient healing over time. Still one of the best Season of Discovery healers!


  • Paladin

Paladins excel at tank healing through the use of Beacon of Light, which efficiently directs a percentage of all healing done to the beacon target, keeping tanks healthy. Blessing of Sacrifice provides additional mitigation. However, Paladins have fewer raid healing options compared to classes like Druids and Priest. Their healing is also largely restricted to direct heals rather than efficient healing over time effects. While talents and blessings improve healing throughput, a Paladin's gear reliance and limited early accessibility to intellect and spellpower items represents a disadvantage compared to innate caster abilities. Furthermore, tight mana budgets due to fewer regenerative capabilities can hamper sustainability. Overall, Paladins specialize in tank support but suffer from less powerful raid healing, greater gear dependence, and more restrictive resources than some other healers - though strong with proper optimization and itemization.


B Tier

  • Shaman

Shamans bring strong area healing through spells like Healing Rain, allowing them to support clustered groups efficiently. Their utility is further enhanced by totems that benefit allies within a large radius. However, they lack powerful single-target healing compared to classes with focused tank tools like Beacon of Light. While Chain Heal and Healing Stream Totem provide some single-target throughput, mana costs are high without optimal group stacking. Unlike other healers, Shamans also sacrifice mobility while totems are placed. While Talents like Tidal Waves improve efficiency over time, initial strength relies more on group positioning than innate output. Overall, Shamans specialize in area healing and group utility, but struggle more with tank support and immobile resource management than classes with stronger single-target or mobile healing kits. Gear and positioning can offset weaknesses.


C Tier

  • Mage

Mages offer an unconventional healing approach through damage-over-time spells like Regenerate and the utility of a Temporal Beacon to redirect a portion of arcane damage into healing. This allows them to provide some support where needed. However, they lack dedicated healing abilities and rely entirely on dealing damage to indirectly heal, resulting in inconsistent and limited healing output compared to dedicated healers. With low throughput, they struggle to main heal or spot heal tanks effectively. Spatial positioning is also important for Temporal Beacon targeting. While bringing unique utility through damage, they function best supplementing conventional healers rather than attempting primary responsibilities. Overall, Mages specialize in niche supportive healing through damage spells, but cannot replacement true healing classes due to lack of healing focus and throughput. That's why they end up being at the bottom of our WoW Classic SoD healer ranking phase 1!