Diablo 4 Season 3 Class & Build Tier List & Rankings - Best Builds for D4 1.3 Post Patch

1/23/2024 5:45:47 PM

The new patch 1.3 Season 3 Diablo 4 brings exciting changes to classes & builds. In this article, we will explore the best builds for each class in the S, A, B, and C tiers, as well as discuss the power level of these builds in the 1.3 post-patch D4 S3.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Class & Build Tier List & Rankings - Best Builds for D4 1.3 Post Patch

Since the new Season started, we are not going to have Abattoir of Zir in Diablo 4 anymore and the Gauntlet is also not coming out for a long time, probably a couple weeks. So we're going to be starting the season without that and the main challenge is going to be nightmare dungeon 100. And from the future, a lot of builds are viable in the nightmare dungeons and also just in the open world, and the vaults are going to be around the same difficulty as the nightmare dungeons and even if the gauntlet comes. 

Many of those builds here also in A and in B tier will be very viable to play, because it's mostly going to be about speed clearing the content, it's going to be about speed farming and no class is weak. There has been huge buffs for all the classes, there's something good for every class. Barb got a lot of cool changes, got a nerf, but overall strong and powerful. Druid got the lightning storm, meteor thing. Necro got crazy changes to the pets and we also got a lot of changes to one of the core rings that Necro was using the Uber unique starless sky is finally viable. And it's going to bump up like bone spear, bone spirit. We got a lot of new items for generator builds such as Stormclaw Druid, Arc Lash, so there is a lot of exciting things. Rogue got a lot of ranged buffs, there are e a lot of exciting things in this patch for every class. No matter what you play and every class will be easily dominate the end game. Now let’s get into this Diablo 4 Season 3 tier list for patch 1.3.

S Tier Builds

Lightning Storm Druidx2.1 buff with Unsung Ascetic's Wraps and another 1.25x with Avian Wrath, Crazy AoE crazy Speed
Charge BarbHuge Damage & Cooldown buffs: Terrain requirement GONE, Marshall Gylph; Bleed option with NEW Ring of the Ravenous
HotA BarbDamage is nerfed by x2 but still a super strong build! Starless Sky potential

A- Tier Builds

Meteor / Firewall SorcStarfall new Helm possible infinite Chain
Blizzard SorcStill very solid strong build, even better against BIG targets like Duriel
Ball Lightning SorcDamage nerf by 2x - 7x (could still be S-Tier or fall down to B - unclear atm)
Pen Shot RoguePrecision and Skyhunter buffs
Bone SpearStarless Skies x1.4 + easy way to get Essence maybe combined with Bone Spirit
Bone SpiritHuge Buffs + Overpower
Stormclaw2 New Aspects Paingorger's Gauntlets (dmg x3 + AoE) Aspect of Adaptability (x1.8) + 1.3x Avian TOTAL x7
Pulverize DruidAvian Wrath buff + Starless Skies STONKS
Upheaval BarbExtra way to overpower with NEW Sundered Ground Aspect but still SLOW Animation
Double SwingBasically no changes
Rend (Part of Charge)Decent Buff to Gushing Wound  but still not x + New Aspect but better usecase on Charge Barb
Death BlowMarshal extra Cooldown helps out

B- Tier Builds

Arc Lash Sorc2 New Aspects Paingorger's Gauntlets (dmg x3 + AoE) Aspect of Adaptability (x1.8)
Werenado DruidAvian Wrath but still medium DPS
Shred DruidBlurred Beast gone, still fast build + Avian Wrath buff
Boulder Storm DruidSome resource buffs also benefits from Avian Wrath
Shadowblight CE NecroInfinimist, CE Lucky hit Nerf
Blood Lance NecFocuses on unleashing devastating single-target damage while utilizing Blood Orbs and the "Lanced" mechanic to generate AoE attacks.
Twisting Blade RoguePoison Imbument nerfed + Combopoints nerfed Damage nerf by ~5x

C- Tier Builds

Frenzy (HUGE BUFFS)2 New Aspects Paingorger's Gauntlets (dmg x3 + AoE) Aspect of Adaptability (x1.8)
Ice Shards SorcA powerful endgame build in Diablo 4 Season 3 that focuses on using the Ice Shards skill to deal high burst damage to enemies.
LeapquakeMarshall extra Cooldown helps out + 1.3 Multi but Charge/Leap Aspect got nerfed
WhirlwindSnapshotting Expectant / Limitless Rage might not work after 5sec / Weak Build that got nerfed further
KickMarshall extra Cooldown helps out

Power Level of Builds

Based on the tier list, S-Tier builds are the most powerful and offer the highest damage output and versatility. A-Tier builds are also strong and viable options for various content. B-Tier builds are decent but may not perform as well as the top-tier builds. C-Tier builds are likely to underperform compared to other builds and may require more optimization to be effective.

No matter what you play, you're going to have a lot of fun like the power level this season is very high. And the construct is probably going to buff it even further, we got a lot of buffs to a lot of things. Overall there is no hard endgame content, any build can basically clear any content in the game. 

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