D4 Season 4 Druid Build Tier List - Best D4 S4 Druid Leveling & Endgame Builds after Patch

5/15/2024 4:33:37 PM

In this article, we will provide a tier list of the best Druid builds for leveling & endgame in Season 4 Diablo 4. 

D4 Season 4 Druid Build Tier List & Rankings - Best Druid Leveling & Druid Builds in Diablo 4 S4 After Patch

This tier list shared by Moxsy provides an overview of the best Druid builds in Diablo 4 Season 4, taking into account their effectiveness in both leveling and endgame activities. Each build has its strengths and weaknesses, so choose the one that suits your playstyle and goals in the game.

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  • S Tier - Tornado Druid

Tornado Druid was hitting for like 500 million DPS in the PTR, there were other builds that were doing more damage than that, but those were bugged and have since been fixed. Tornado Druid remains as far as we know it unchanged and this build is going to dish out a ton of damage. First off, it's got the Wildheart Hunger, this is another new damage multiplier for Tornado. That's going to push its damage even higher. In addition to that, in our paragon board we're going to be able to pick up thunderstruck and max it out. We're going to have 150% damage multiplier just for Tornado. We've got the Shepherd’s aspect for another 180% damage multiplier with all of our companions when you pair it with the Stampede aspect for general mobbing and dungeon things. The changeling debt on the amulet is going to give us a massive damage multiplier against enemies and anything that gets hit by your Tornado is going to get poisoned and then slowed, so we get 83% damage multiplier against them when we're in werewolf form. Our tempers are going to allow for us to really max out that thunderstruck node going for damage to close. We're going to be shotgunning enemies with our tornadoes and it's going to be really nice this season to get spirit per second tempers. 

A Tier - Lighting Storm Druid, Boulder Druid, Hurricane Druid

  • Lighting Storm Druid Build

One thing is really crazy with Lightning Storm this season is the changes to clarity. After casting a companion skill, your next core or wrath skills damage and crit chance is increased by 35% up to 105%, and you can get ranks to clarity on your gear. So we're going to be using the typical Shepherd aspect where we're going to get a ton of base damage for our lightning storm. But this actually snapshots, so you're going to cast all of your companion skills, you're going to make sure that they're poisoned, get your envenom. But as soon as you do all 3 of your skills and then you cast lightning storm, your lightning storm is basically locked at every single strike guaranteed critical striking. So lightning Storm's going to feel really great. 

And the other thing that lightning storm's got going for it and this is for Tornado as well is the thunderstruck node. They didn't change this, they didn't nerf this, thunder struck node is damage multiplier based off of your close and damage to distance on lightning storm. We're going to be going for damage to distant and we're going to be able to get this up to a massive number to give lightning storm guaranteed 100% crit chance, ridiculous damage multipliers and lightning storm is also getting the new boots the Wild Heart Hunger when you shape shift into a werewolf werebear, you gain stacking damage multipliers, this is going to be really nice for shape shifting builds and this season they also buffed the quick shift and heighten senses. So now when you ever use shape shift, you're going to get stacking damage, this is a massive damage multiplier, Heightened Sense is a ton of damage reduction after they nerfed all of the damage reduction in the game. So Envenom ranks the quick shift Heightened Sense clarity is going to make a lightning storm really crazy this season.

  • Boulder Druid

Boulder Druid was incredibly bugged in the PTR that was making hurricane do like infinite damage scaling has been nerfed. And there was a lot of other bugs that had to do with Boulder in the PTR. The reason Boulder is going to be so nice this season is the new affix spirit per second is going to be amazing, Boulder's big issue in the past has been Spirit management and we're going to be able to get more Spirit than we've ever gotten before. We're going to be able to max out our damage to crowd controlled very easily and we're able to get a ton of Earth crit chance as a secondary affix. So right now this build's got like 70 % crit chance attack speed or capped attack speed, and with its Earth crit chance rolls we're actually getting capped crit chance on Boulder. And the other thing that's going to be really interesting on Boulder is it's going to be a lot easier to get a Tempest Roar this season because you can trade.

  • Hurricane Druid

Hurricane is not something that you're going to be able to level with, it's not something that you're going to want to speck into at like World tier 3 or World tier 4, you're really going to want to like get your tempers online, get your aspects, get your Tempest Roar, but once you get the pieces for this build, it's going to be insane. So the big Synergy here with this build is that you're going to want to temper hurricane duration on a two-hander weapon that is going to give you when with all things are said and done about 18 seconds of hurricane at the max end. And then you're going to put on the aspect for hurricane damage which is 36 % increase damage per second, 18 seconds you're getting over a 600% multiplier for Hurricane. Then repair that with one of the best multipliers for Druids in the game. Shepherd's aspect is literally on every Druid build and it's now changed to work for wrath skills. So then we're going to get this multiplier for hurricane, we're going to be able to use Hunter’s Zenith because our Tempest Roar is going to make our storm skills, werewolf skills. So anytime that we kill with hurricane we get free Debilitating Roar procs which is going to make it really tanky. And we're also going to be pairing it with some snapshot synergy with the skill provocation, this is what pushes the damage to absolute limit. When you remain in werebear form for at least 16 seconds, your next non-defensive skill will overpower. After you cast a companion skill, you're going to get stacking up core wrath crit chance and crit damage. We're going to get guaranteed 100% crit chance on Hurricane and then we not only get to use the thunderstruck board for the ridiculous amount of multiplier, that's going to have uh but we're also going to be able to use the dominate glyph for increased overpower damage.

B Tier - Trampleslide Druid, Stormclaw Druid, Pulverize Druid

  • Trampleslide Druid Build 

The Trampleslide build offers fun and mobility, but it doesn't provide the raw damage output or survivability needed for higher-tier endgame content without hybrid modifications. It is best when combined with the Landslide build for enhanced performance, as standalone effectiveness is limited. However, it does not directly benefit from the Earthbreaker Ring, which enhances damage when used after casting Landslide

  • Stormclaw Druid Build

The Stormclaw build has seen a continued decline in effectiveness, particularly due to limitations in key gear like the Crone Staff. This makes it a less viable option for both leveling and especially endgame. The build has not received adequate updates to key components, which are crucial for its functionality.

  • Pulverize Druid Build

The Pulverize build shines in endgame due to its tankiness and high damage output over large areas. It is less efficient for leveling due to its initially slower setup and the need for specific gear to maximize effectiveness. The build supports a significant amount of HP on werebears and offers new strategic depth with recent changes.

C Tier - Shred Druid, Companion Druid

  • Companion Druid

Companions are going to be really great at single target damage, where they lack a bit is their AOE clear, we're going to be using Xfal’s with the wolves and rabies to get a lot of extra AOE clear. And we're going to be focusing on wolves, the helmet that you get is Masterwork ranks on your wolves, plus we're going to be using the storm Companion pants which also roll ranks of wolves and you should be able to get the wolves up to scale really well. Bestial Rampage just got buffed, we're going to be able to use the wild rage aspect to make it so our companions benefit from Bestial Rampage. You're going to be able to temper wolves cool down on your amulet and on your ring to get great cool down on your ability to just click your wolves. And currently in the PTR that happened like a few weeks ago, the Wolves were hitting harder than HoTa Barb and so while their AOE clear isn't great, their single target is going to be really strong and we're going to have them on a really low cool down. So wolves is going to be really great. And also because their like utility temper is for wolves attack speed, we're going to be able to push wolf attack speed to ridiculous limits um and should it be an all around pretty good build. 

  • Shred Druid Build

The Shred Druid is an excellent starter option for Season 4 as it doesn't require any specific Unique items or Aspects to be effective. This build offers great mobility in the Dire Wolf form, allowing you to quickly move between different packs and destroy them with melee attacks. While the Shred Druid received a couple of buffs in Season 4, including a damage increase and a buff to the Aspect of the Unsatiated, it still remains in the lower tiers of the build list due to its lack of scaling in the later stages of the game.