Elden Ring Best Weapons 2024 | Top 5 Most Fun Weapons in Elden Ring 1.10.1

4/9/2024 3:32:42 PM

When we get closer to the official launch of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, we are going to showcase some most OP and fun Elden Ring weapons in 2024 after Update 1.10.1, as well as what makes them so powerful and how to use them.

Elden Ring Best Weapons 2024

Top 5 Best & Most Fun Elden Ring Weapons in 1.10.1 (2024)

What are the best weapons to use in Elden Ring 1.10.1 (2024) and why do they deserve a high spot in the game? The most worthwhile items are listed below. 

Top 1 - Eleonora's Poleblade

The number one is a top-tier weapon to use after the 1.10.1 Update in Elden Ring, probably as good as the Darkmoon Greatsword, while its early availability gives more early and mid-game options for new players compared to the requiring the completion of Ranni's quest. Eleonora's Poleblade emphasis on status effects allows close-quarter play, and the status effect procs contributes additional critical hit damage. It has an incredibly unique move set, with its heavy attacks and its Ash of War - Bloodblade Dance, dealing bleed and fire damage simultaneously, this combo is powerful. Most status weapons focus on one, but this doubles up for massive damage potential. Ash of War allows breaking poise extremely fast with just 2-3 uses. It remains strong even against enemies with bleed resistance thanks to high DPS and Fire damage. To maximize the weapon potential, you can get 50 Vigor for survival with 20 Mind for the use of skills uninterrupted, 24 endurance for good stamina, and heavy investment in dexterity and arcane. Shard of Alexander and Millicent's Prosthesis fit its swift combo style. Rotten Winged Insignia amplifies status infliction further, then Lord of Blood's Exultation boosts bleed's initial burst. 

Top 2 - Darkmoon Greatsword

The second one is also the controversial Elden Ring best weapon 2024, its Ash of War transforms its heavy attack into a projectile magic attack that deals massive Frost damage, which allows engaging enemies from a distance. The projectile does immense damage in early games, while also building up Frostbite very quickly. Getting the critical hit Frostbite buff means enemies then take an extra 20% damage, amplifying its already high damage output. Unlike other weapons where you lose damage from stance breaks on projectiles, Darkmoon Greatsword retains its full heavy attack stance break capability. This lets you break the poise of some highest defense enemies in just a few hits. Obtaining it requires beating Ranni's quest line, but the reward is an incredibly strong and fun weapon. It's versatile against all enemy types, from small mobs to giants. 

Top 3 - Magma Blade

The next weapon recommended to try in Elden Ring 2024 is Magma Blade, not only do you have access to a unique skill that does a bunch of damage, but it also looks extremely cool. This weapon is rare and only dropped by two enemies in the entire game which are the two Man-Serpents located above the Temple of Eiglay in the Volcano Manor. Strength and faith scaling open a build diversity with incantations. The ability to dual-wield curved greatswords with their devastating light attack flurries is what makes the Magma Blades so lethal. The flame damage bypasses many enemies' resistances, unlike bleed/frostbite. Pairing with appropriate talismans and buffs, you can inflict huge damage to take down pretty much any enemy. What is truly destructive about the weapon is the DPS that can be further enhanced by talismans, such as Millicent's Prosthesis and Shard of Alexander. Infusing them with Flame Grant Me Strength and other buffs stacks fire damage sky-high.

Top 4 - Bolt Of Gransax

The number four weapon is going to be the Bolt Of Gransax, it can deal massive damage from a ridiculous range, assisted by its unique Ash of War the Ancient Lightning Spear, where you can snipe enemies with precision aiming, especially devastating headshots. Its high damage coupled with distance enables safer, more controlled playstyles, and provides more utility than typical magic weapons by affording ranged precision attacks. In addition, this weapon is also relatively easy to get because all you need to do is go to Leyndell, Royal Capital, and beat Godfrey, First Elden Lord (Golden Shade). If you want to build around this weapon, your attribute allocation should put the priority on dexterity, one of the best stats recommended is the combination of 30 strength and 60 dexterity to get the best AR. 

Top 5 - Dragonscale Blade

The first one of the top five most fun and overpowered weapons to use in Elden Ring 1.10.1 is Dragonscale Blade, which is an underrated weapon, is a Katana that does not have a bleed affinity, while it makes up for that with the other two being frostbite and lightning damage, frostbite's damage bonus synergizes incredibly well with its lightning damage, this allows it to stay effective against enemies resistant to bleed, unlike many other katanas. When your enemies do get affected by the frostbite ability, you will not only instantly take away 10% of their health, but you will then continue to do an extra 20% damage with each following strike thereafter. The unique dragon lightning theme makes it stand out from the usual katana options. In terms of stats, focus on dexterity but some faith is required for running spells.