ACNH Beginner's Guide - Best Way to Find All Fall Recipes in Animal Crossing New Horizons

11/26/2020 10:39:02 AM

The addition of crafting recipes not only added a completely new mechanic to New Horizons, but it also added something for us to look forward to with each change of season. The frequent and spaced out crafting recipes get me excited for a new month and allow us to change up our decorations and celebrate new holidays. however, this might be one of the most frustrating new recipe seasons ever. a lot of people have been complaining online about how they have horrible luck when it comes to rng, even small things like waiting for balloons to show up in the sky. so here come the questions.

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1. How do you find crafting recipes?

Well, there are three ways to find crafting recipes. One is through balloons that spawn on either the east or west side of your island, then switch over once day turns tonight. 

The second is through bottles on your beach. There is guaranteed to be one bottle on your beach every day. If you want to up your chances of more crafting recipes, you can always Mystery Island hop. They aren't guaranteed on these islands, but you can get a decent amount by using a few Nook Miles Tickets. 

The final place is through villagers crafting in their homes. There always seems to be one. you might have seen it rotate around different villagers as the day progresses. So, check-in on your villagers occasionally. 

2. What are the best crafting series you can find this time of the year?  

Fall is a unique time of year in New Horizons for crafting recipes. There's a total of 4 different fall crafting series for the northern hemisphere anyway. 

The southern hemisphere gets the cherry blossom recipes in October. but the window for that is over. and another common series going to find in October is the Spooky Series. The good news is both northern and southern hemisphere get these since it's specifically for Halloween and the holiday falls in October no matter which hemisphere you're in. These recipes mainly require pumpkins for crafting. Make sure you grow a lot of pumpkins. They can also be bought at Nook's Cranny in the seasonal spot at the front of the store. The item available changes daily and you can even purchase the customized options. These will continue to be sold throughout October. 

The next series is the Tree's Bounty furniture. Although they're nothing special, they're a nice “beginning of fall” series. The recipes mostly require acorns and pinecones to craft. Acorns can be found by shaking the hardwood trees, while pinecones can be found by shaking the cedar trees. If you keep getting tree branches, just keep shaking. Something other than a branch will fall out eventually. And no, there is no quicker way to acquire the new materials. Except for Nookazon. Everyone loves Nookazon. The leaf piles are a good contrast to the cherry blossom piles. Addicting to spread around your island too. The Tree's Bounty crafting recipes can be found from September until the end of fall which is around early December. 

The third furniture series is the Mushroom series. These items are really cool. Once the mushrooming season starts, you'll find different types of mushrooms lying around the ground, usually next to trees. Pick up all the mushrooms you find because many of the recipes require several different types of mushrooms to craft. This is one of the most popular series and a lot of excitement for the recipes to show up. you can check out other people's dream islands for searching their glowing mushrooms and cute stools. autumn with vibrant colors is the most beautiful season in the game. This furniture series allows you to decorate your island to its fullest potential. The mushroom furniture series will be available throughout November.

Last but certainly not least, we have the Maple-Leaf series. With events like the cherry blossom event, this only lasts 10 days. There will be red maple leaves that fall from the sky. You'll be able to tell which ones are catchable with your net by looking to see if the leaf has a shadow on the ground. They're also a bit larger than the fake leaves blowing across your screen. It's sad this only lasts 10 days. It's so pretty. But maybe that's exactly why it doesn't last long. We are forced to enjoy it while we can and get to look forward to it next year. The main crafting item for this series is, of course, the maple leaves. So, catch them while you can. Leaves fall from November 16th to November 25th. After that, you'll have to get to stare at these crafting recipes on your phone and wait for more leaves in a year. 

3. What's the best way to find these new recipes?

Well with a lot of experiments done by our crew. We find some sites that say you can get seasonal recipes from all three recipe sources: the bottles, villagers crafting, and balloons. though we find that when playing, this doesn't exactly seem to be the case. So, what is the most efficient way to find these crafting recipes? The spooky recipes are the easiest. Besides finding the already crafted furniture in Nook's Cranny, you can find these recipes in balloons and through villagers crafting in their houses. You'll definitely find them a lot easier from villagers crafting. You can found a new villager craft about every three hours. So, if you grab a recipe from a villager, you'll have to wait a bit before a new villager starts crafting.  Time-traveling and talking to other villagers can get a random recipe. Take the time to walk around your island and visit your neighbors. If you miss out on any spooky recipes, you can get them on Halloween night from Jack as well. The Tree's Bounty items can be found the easiest through balloons in the sky. you probably can't get one from the neighbors, but that could be because they are obsessed with giving you spooky recipes right now. So balloons seem to be the best source. and at the Mushroom series, these can be found through balloons as well. Make sure you're running around to find the mushrooms your island so lovingly presents to you. The Maple Leaf series can be found through balloons as well! Make sure you bring a net around with you everywhere you go to catch those gorgeous leaves. I have not been able to find any seasonal recipes in bottles on the beach. They seem to appear most frequently in balloons and situationally from neighbors. Balloons are supposed to spawn every 5 minutes on the 4th and 9th minute. Times like 11:04, then 11:09, then 11:14, and so on. They do spawn at the far edge of the map, so it may take a minute or so to reach the shoreline. Running up and down the beach is the best way to reduce the chances of missing a balloon. With that being said, nobody can be 100% sure these things actually spawn every 5 minutes.

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