Animal Crossing Happy Home Academy Guide - 15 Ways on How To Improve Your HHA Score Fast

12/23/2020 2:33:57 PM

The Happy Home Academy has been telling us how bad our houses look for years, you take the time to add a few new pieces of furniture to spruce up your main room. then you find out that your HHA score has decreased and you curse the invisible mysterious worker that sneaks into your house while you sleep, to rate your subpar design choices. so how do you please them, what exactly are they looking for? how can you max out your HHA score and get these cool looking trophies to shamelessly show off in your house, and is it all worth the effort? 

The HHA is another mechanic that has stuck around the Animal Crossing series since the beginning, then known as the HRA or the Happy Room Academy since New Leaf introduced extra rooms besides the upstairs in the basement. long-time players of Animal Crossing have been rearranging, color coordinating, and spending way too many bells on furniture sets, just to please these rude judgmental people. once you upgrade from a tent to a house, the HHA will send you your first letter along with a gift, congratulating you for making your first big step. after that, every Sunday at 5 am, they'll send you a letter in the mail, grading the layout of your entire house. every time you upgrade your house, these pretend nice people, “we'll send you a neat little piece of furniture to help you start furnishing your new rooms, they aren't anything special, they seem to be more of a way for the developers to help you start on a creative path, to figure out what to do with the extra furniture space. there are three-letter grades that the HHA can reward you with, B, A, and S, with S being the highest. so congrats something you'll never actually be able to fail at, you'll also receive HHA trophies in the mail when you hit certain milestones. so far there's nothing past the 150 000 point mark. 

15 Tips That Can Help You Raise The HHA Score

1. The HHA does check to make sure you have the basic furniture necessities, which are a bed, a dresser, a wardrobe, a table, and a chair. And they don't have to be in the same room, it just checks to see if those four furniture items are present in the house at all, to make sure you're getting a healthy start to your new life. 

2. It can also give you bonus points if they're all in the same room. 

3. It's also recommended to use furniture from the same series and/or matching colors. each furniture item can have two main colors attached to it, there are apps and online guides that can show you which color category each item that you have falls into. if you don't have a bunch of furniture from one series, then color coordinating is your best bet. 

4. Matching wallpaper and carpet do not seem to affect your final score either, so you have a free choice here. 

5. Don't forget to hang things on the wall, this is also graded, and can help your points if you're running out of ideas. 

6. And remember your fourth wall, the camera rotation in New Horizons is amazing, you can see every angle of your house. so decorate it like a normal human, and don't face all your furniture in the same direction. 

7. It was always up for debate in past games as to whether or not your basement or you're upstairs factored into your HHA score. the HHA seems to have decided these are actual rooms this time and must be decorated to perfection.

8. Feng Shui has returned slightly in New Horizons, it requires certain colored furniture to be placed on specific sides of the room. yellow furniture should be placed along the west wall; green along the south wall; and red furniture along the east wall. there are specific squares that two colors will overlap. if you place items of either color that will work, outside furniture does not affect your Feng Shui. the HHA only cares about what's inside your house, so you're free to roam around and place all the random stuff you want. 

9. The more furniture you have without being too crowded the better. you can utilize the space better by stacking your furniture on top of each other as well. 

10. Feng Shui is counted per furniture item, so many small items should gain you more points than singular large furniture that takes up two squares.

11. Rare furniture like items from Gulliver, trophies, or pictures of villagers is worth more points. if you still have all that egg furniture, use that, you'll get bonus points for the furniture being part of a series and rare. 

12. Gaining points wouldn't be fun if there wasn't a way to lose points as well. having cockroaches will cost you many points, if you've abandoned your island for a month or time traveled too far by accident, cockroaches will appear in your house. 

13. The orientation of your furniture matters too. items that have a clear front and back like a TV shouldn't face the wall, you'll lose points for this.

14. And for some reason, they really aren't a fan of clothes. 

15. The last thing that doesn't help your score is placing items that have little or no points. obviously, you won't lose actual points, but you'll take up that square of space in your house with the useless items. 

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