Animal Crossing New Horizons 1.11 Update 2021 - Date, New Events, New Items & More

8/3/2021 9:38:19 AM

Animal Crossing New Horizons New Update! It's not the legendary 2.0 update that we've been waiting for. This update is definitely what we expected. Something small, quick, and consisting of new fireworks festival items. It's nothing huge. Which is fine. It's got some cute items that we can run around and play with. We've been keeping our expectations down for the last few updates. Bust still secretly waiting for something to outdo the Halloween update of 2020. So, what does this update consist of? We used Google translate to translate what the Japanese website tells us since the English one is always so far behind. So, let's see what cute new items we'll be getting! 


ACNH Fireworks Festival 1.11 Update - Date, New Items & More

The new update will release July 29th, or the night of the 28th for the western part of the world. Just in time for the fireworks festival starting on the first of August. The event will continue every Sunday night for the entire month of August. If you didn't experience it last year, the Fireworks Festival is a whole event that you can experience with your neighbors in the plaza, Isabelle stands in front of resident services with her cute star boppers, and Redd has him not a scam raffle booth. There are beautiful fireworks that are shot off in the sky throughout the night. You can even talk to Isabelle to get some of your custom designs to appear as fireworks. Redd's raffle booth is where the new items appear. Cotton candy is one of these items. It looks as though there will be three different color options: pink, blue, and white. Let's be glad it's not just a one-color option. We'll also get the Popsicle that we see our villagers run around within the summertime. we'll finally have access to these! we're assuming this only comes in blue since we've only ever seen the Popsicle that the villagers hold in blue. We can probably assume it's the same in-game model. If there do end up being other colors, then we'll be happily surprised. The final item available is boba! we've been jealous of pocket camp for too long! we're still jealous of the beautiful furniture items the app gets, but at least we've seen our first addition of that! Boba! we can't wait to drink some tea. That seems to be it for the new items for the Fireworks Festival. Looking at the background of these provided pictures online, there's nothing special about them. We will still be getting last year's raffle prizes like fireworks, sprinklers, tweeters, and fans. 


ACNH Obon 1.11 Update - Date, Origins, New Items & More

New items related to the holiday Obon will be added in the update. We'll get to see the cucumber horse and eggplant cow items return from New Leaf. This holiday runs from August 10th to August 16th. The horse and cow will be available during this time, but they'll switch between the two daily. For those unfamiliar with Obon, the two animals are the vehicles for which your ancestors and late relatives can travel between our world and the other world. It's a very cute story for these vegetables held up with Popsicle sticks. 


ACNH Moon Viewing Holidays 1.11 Update - Date, New Items & More

Finally, we get a few new items to celebrate Moon viewing holidays. We'll see the return of the moon rug from last year, but three new food items were added for this year. We'll get some tsukimi Dongo in celebration of the mid-autumn moon. We'll also get a beautiful plate of delicious mooncakes and a nice presentation of Songpyeon. Whenever anyone asks you which video game world you would want to live in, the answer should always be Animal Crossing. Look at all this delicious food we get. Hopefully, it's not made from plastic and is edible though. Then New Horizons would probably be the worst one. The various moon holiday items will be available from September 12th through the 21st. That's all for new items for this update. 

The Grape Harvest Festival and the Cowherd and Women's Day both return with their usual items. Nothing crazy about this update. It's pretty small, pretty simple, but has some cool interactive items which we're very excited about. we love walking around with these. And the additional food items are great. we don't have as many tabletop decorations in New Horizons or Animal Crossing games in general. we're always down for new ones to be added. Especially food. At the end of the article, there's an excerpt talking about future update plans for the year 2021. Which is a relief. Especially because this update was so small. It only covers holidays for August and September. The next update will probably give us new holiday items for the fall and winter events. But maybe they want to release the coveted 2.0 update. Maybe. For now, we'll have to wait and see while we enjoy some boba.