ACNH New Possible 1.12 Update 2021- New Items, Fence Customization & More In Animal Crossing

8/3/2021 11:21:39 AM

Put your thinking caps on we got some puzzles to solve. let’s take a look at some data mines relating to the animal crossing new horizons 1.12 update. because some things from the 1.10 data mine came true with the latest 1.11 update that was announced a few days ago. therefore, let’s look at the old data mine and looking at some of the things that have come to light. Anytime Nintendo updates their games, they leave coding in the games for the next update or coding that they've been working on, data miners take that data, put them on the internet for everyone to see. some of this may not come true, we want to put a warning there first. also a spoiler warning for those of you who maybe don't want to be spoiled with what animal crossing has been working on.


ACNH New Possible 1.12 Update 2021 On New Items

First, let’s take a look at two things from this data mine was way back when they reported on the 1.10, they showed all the new wedding items things and such. here's where it starts to get interesting with the held items, we had a bunch of phrases or not even phrases a bunch of letters jumbled up. a game developer explained this process a little bit more, whenever these phrases like “Cnut”, “CoCa” come up, whenever there's a capital letter, it means that there is a new word starting. so “Cnut” is all one word which most likely was coconut or something like that. this “CoCa” means that the co is one word, the ca is one word. here's where your thinking caps come in handy. two of these have been confirmed. the phrase "CoCa" which we thought was like cola can or like coca-cola or something that would never happen. but "CoCa" has been confirmed to be cotton candy. that was revealed in the 1.11 update. "CoCa" is officially off the list, we have cotton candy. the next one that is off of the list is “TaDr” which ended up being tapioca drink, which we have boba that was shown in the last update. so now we have a bunch of data that may or may not be introduced in the game but we have two specific points that were added in. so let’s brainstorming and deciphering these codes, let us know what you think!

Cnut, GIDr, Trwl, DStk, Pitc, SpnR, Pict, STWN, SnBa

We have “Cnut”, which might be a coconut or coconut drink. however, if they'll do “TaDr” for tapioca drink, you would assume that there would be a “dr” if there if it was a coconut drink. in “GIDr”, that d represents a new word, glass drinks something like that? villagers hold glass drinks if “dr” is consistent with the phrase drink. we were racking our brain with what “Trwl” could be, the only thing we came up with was a trowel, which is a gardening tool. because these are held items. this is something that your character would hold in their hands, trowel seems to be something that may indicate some gardening update. this is all speculation, but it's fun to decipher this. in “DStk”, the "d" is one word, the "stk" is one word. drumstick maybe you have better ones than that. the “Pitc” could be two things: pitcher, like a pitcher of juice or a pitchfork, the last one would coincide with the trowel. so maybe these are some sort of gardening things coming. we have no idea what “STWN” could be. also, the only thing that we could think of as “SnBa” is a snowball, which is very exciting. because the “sn” is one word, the “ba” is one word. so snowball maybe would be added to the game. we also want to point out that although the held items are very cute, also they aren't the future of this game.


ACNH 1.12 Update On New Game Mechanism - fence customization, Third Museum Floor & More

We have some things here. two of them were confirmed is very exciting, this data mine though also covered some very cool elements - evidence of fence customization, that's huge. that's a whole another thing that we can improve our islands on. this was big too: “evidence of a third museum floor”. that could be amazing, then the next one is the cafe entrance with camera settings. at the time, the camera settings. if they have camera settings for a specific room that they'll add, it’ll make things a bit more real. with all that and the fact that we have two things confirmed. we can look into this a little bit deeper.


Data mines are data that is extracted from the game's coding, which may or may not be added. there has been data that's been found last year that never made it into the game. but this was interesting enough, because when you have a data mine like 1.10 and you see phrases that come to light in the very next update. some of this info we might be looking back on in a month or two and saying “Cnut” was a chestnut. it's interesting to look at this coding, maybe you have more ideas. the next update is pretty much gonna happen at the end of September. maybe start to have your minds in fall and what could we do in the fall time. The museum and the cafe have been rumored for ages, something that we definitely could see happening in the fall time. then again, we thought the cap was coming in the summer, so all of this is very very interesting, especially that we have some of the newer info. we want to hear your guesses!

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