Lost Ark Gold Farming Guide- Do you want to Get 25,000 Gold Per Hour

3/22/2022 11:54:57 AM

Do you want to earn over 25,000 gold per hour in the Lost Ark? This lost ark gold farming method can be done even by level 1 players. Today share with you how you can farm over 25,000 gold per hour using some simple tricks that will allow you to buy almost anything you want throughout the game and currently require very few hours of work, anyone can do this Lost Ark gold farming method and easily earn well over 25,000 lost ark gold!

The most important point of concern here is platinum tickets and the discussion revolves around this point.


Lost Ark Gold Farming Guide- Do you want to Get 25,000 Gold Per Hour 

- How to gold farm?

All you need to do is reach level 30 foraging, so you can unlock green thumb, then you queue up with random people so that you have four people, some of whom will be picking up plants as they most likely don't have level 30 foraging and most likely they are not running at level 140.

- Engravings and Gear setup

So how do you run at 140? Running speed, as a berserker, you have something called "mayhem" which when you activate this gives you 15% movement speed, then there is a spirit absorption which at level 3, will give you another 15 running speed and then by stacking swiftness on gear, this will be 142 running speed but the cap is running speed is 140, right now there is no burst active so it only shows 127 but as a zealot, you also have the ability to move skills.

- Skills to use

Diving slash, which is kind of a jump forward, leap attack kind of thing, and chain sword is like a forward whirl winding propulsion ability, if you use those three things you'll move even faster than me, you just have to go and let the platinum field tell you what's it like?

It's actually queued up, it's a giant chunk of like ore in every town, you can see a big pickaxe inside, you just have to go there and you will have to pay a platinum ticket.

- Where to find this platinum tickets area?

It's called "platinum fields" you press G to open the menu, pay a platinum field ticket, go to Nahoon's field, and once you're in pick up all the plants, there are some mechanics there and you have to pick up the item like you got it and send it back to little home base Just don't worry about it, just focus on picking up all the plants and when they are refreshed, just go and pick them and bring them all back!

- Why do these platinum tickets work?

The reason it makes so much money is that green thumb doubles the drop rate you get in the game, green thumb doubles your drop rate and already gives you a lot of extra drop rate, but when you open the market and search for combat items by the trader and then sort by highest price, then apart from crafting Crafting kits, the most expensive thing in the game by far is WILD FLOWERS, which is basically $150 per 100 gold. In a single run, this is just just one product, you also get other flowers and also mushrooms on this, it's a bit cheaper than fish but you get mushrooms. here are the rare flowers, now you can see the rare and blue ones are worthless, this is just free money and not everyone has level 30 foraging.

- How to skill up faster? 

If you want a power level foraging then you have to use the cash shop and buy these, minor life energy potions, you can buy these with gold to buy crystals, they are actually only 100 crystals, these pay for these now.

They cost a hundred crystals for five, which is basically when you drink five of these and go and pick up flowers, you have 25 chances of getting a platinum voucher out of 5,000 life energy, basically, for every 20,000 life energy you spend, you get a platinum voucher for 20,000 life energy consumed, life energy is this Green bar, when you collect things, you can only have 10,000 at a time until you level up your roster, you have 50 for every 10,000 you spend and have a chance of getting a platinum ticket.

- The math game

It's a little 15-minute game, you can only play in this for 15 minutes before it kicks you out and will let you know six to seven thousand gold an hour, you can do it once to four times, so that's basically 25,000 gold an hour.

The best lost ark gold you can make, other than gathering, the best money you can make is selling secondary materials and that's only 4,000 the best way to make gold is to sell secondary materials but only 4,000 gold a day.

 - Convert your gold

At the moment you can go straight to currency exchange and use it for crystals, you can fill more engravings, everything is plus three, a lot of them are up to plus 6 tons, up to plus 9 tons, might push some of them up to positive numbers, how will my lost ark gold be used?

The higher you get the digging up, the way they do it is you dig as high as you can and then you go to the tertiary areas, the way they do it is you dig as high as you can and then you go to the tertiary areas and sell the material that you dig up and then you do treasure maps.

It takes like you can do an hour of treasure maps, but you don't make as much money as you could do an hour of treasure maps or as much as you would make doing a platinum field, with level 30 foraging. So get your forging up to the highest level, do whatever you can as soon as possible, and then go to those platinum fields and take all the plants for yourself and you'll make a lot of money.

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