Lost Ark Farm Silver Guide- 4 Tips For Quickly Making Lost Ark Silver

4/6/2022 5:18:09 PM

Welcome to today's guide, lost ark silver is one currency that's quite important not only in gear honing, but also for a lot of other activities in the game, and if you don't really pay attention to it eventually, especially item after item level 1400 or when you start hardcore into rapport you might run out of it.

Today share with you how to get lost ark silver? When it comes to silver, the more characters you play, the more silver you can farm and this is basically the baseline of farming silver having Alts or playing multiple characters, and you're gonna see Alts come up in several places.


Lost Ark Farm Silver Guide- 4 Tips For Quickly Making Lost Ark Silver

What exactly you can do to get LOST ARK silver?

1. Daily quest on low pang island

Daily quest on low pang island, this has been a way to farm silver all the way from the beginning of lost ark in 2018, low pang dailies are a great way to farm silver, the more characters you have at level 15,  the more characters can access the daily quest system the Una task,  so the more of these dailies, you can do your ads can save their own Bifrost points, so finishing three low pang dailies should take you under four minutes doing this, let's say three Als nets.

You around 200k silver a day for literally 10 minutes of game time, advise you to farm low bank dailies on ads, since they are not in a hurry to gear up while your main can do dailies that give you honing materials or other cool stuff maybe you're working on your astray right or adventure tomes in Rohan del Yorn that require you to do daily quests.

So there are other dailies that your main might want to do right the amount you get that the amount of silver, you get varies based on your character's item level, but your ads can all do low pang with Bifrost and that's a great way of getting silver.

2. Chaos dungeons rewards

Chaos dungeons again more characters at 50 more runs, thus more silver the rewards from Kio's dungeons scale based on their item level requirement, generally speaking at tier one.

Lost ark item level 325 kills dungeon gives you around 9 to 10k silver,  while a 13, 60, 13, 70 kilos dungeon gives you around 70k 80k each character has two runs per day, so it all adds up making chaos dungeons, a fantastic way of farming silver in a great way at that not to mention, they're fast, they're easy and they give you other rewards for each of your characters that do them besides this silver.

3. Sill Mile bloodstone merchant

Another way of getting silver which is Sill Mile bloodstone merchant. To join a guild, this is one of the reasons why on the cube note the entrance ticket box which can be found at this guild token merchant,  can also give you silver, instead of a cube ticket right 38 000 silver for a tier 3 box which is lower than what you can get from a tier 3 cube.

If you actually get the ticket and do the run right, the dimensional cube which is an average of 80 000 silver at the end of the run lower silver gain from tier 2 and tier 1 cubes. Similarly, the entrance ticket boxes give you fewer-silver for tier one and tier two, but very worth buying them. If you have several characters, each of them can buy all of these ticket boxes individually having your ads in a higher tier means you can buy more of these boxes right.

It's a win-win situation and great for silver as well, the more odds, the more weekly boxes, the more silver, so very worth it lastly on the cube note, if you have several tickets, it asks you if you want to use all of them in one run if you pick the box, you're going to consume three tickets, but get three clear reward boxes at the end of the cube run.

Even though you get the full loot from those boxes, the full loot of silver for three runs. Everything else you miss out on is the opportunity of getting the treasure stage multiple times right since you only actually finish one run instead of three doing three separate runs of the cube gives you three separate chances.

4. Exchanging pirate coins for silver 

Exchanging pirate coins for silver in a way, you can go to the counter-hairs island which is this one right here up in the north, and then you can free slaves every character can free up to five slaves per day, and these slaves send you letters attached to these letters, you get a random amount of silver, if you get lucky and also if you pay more pirate coins to free up a slave, you have the chance to get more silver not the best way, to spend pirate coins freeing up slaves even up to one 1.8 000 um pirate coins for one slave.

Just so you can get in return, you can have a high granted chance of getting in return at 20k silver, so it's not the best thing, but it's a thing that's available in-game, and if you want to do it because you care zero about pirate coins, then absolutely feel free to do it every character can do this, by the way on a daily basis free up to five slaves on the card their heads on top of that it's also a nice daily to do right, and as soon as the task that gives you leap stones as a reward.

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