Lost Ark New Chaos Gate Guide: How to Farm 100+ Extra Gold Daily

4/19/2022 3:17:03 PM

By splitting the chaos gate and it's rare we get over 100 gold, so this is a little trick we want to share with you in this guide. In this guide, we’ll be covering how you can get Gold in Lost Ark faster.

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New Chaos Gate Trick – Step By Step Method


The method for this new trick is very straightforward, let's see what the specific method is.


1.   Enter the Chaos Gate around 2:40 Mins past the hour, it aiming to have less people as cut off time is 3 Mins.


2.   Warning: Risk of not having enough to clear the gate

  • Don’t join too late, loss people = more gold, no people = cant clear.

  • It’s also Random as which group we will be in.

  • Depends on the Timing of the Day & server population at the time.

3.   Clear the Chaos Gate with less people & profit – 1500 gold spilt amount 13 people > 1900 gold spilt amount 30 people.


4.   What if no one bids higher on the map?

  • We can bid for books at acceptable profit price.

  • Use our real market map price calculator.

  • New feature updated for number ph people in the Chaos Gate.

How To Get Gold Faster?

Una’s Tokens

When your character hits level 50 you have to press [ALT+J] this is going to bring up [Epona Request]. Which shows you your daily and weekly quests Which ends up filling the bars to the left. Once this fills up into each segment you will be able to claim the [Una Badges] by clicking the [Take All] button. You can exchange these [Una Badges] with Gold Exchanger NPC in Vern. Click on him and you will have Gold Pouch, Gold Chest, and Gold Casket that you can exchange with [Una Badges]. There will be a chance you will gold bar and gold plates. If you get one of these bars and plates. It will give you Bar = 10000 Gold, Heavy Plate= 1000, and Light Plate= 100. This is the main way to get Gold in Tier 1.

Life Skills

If you want to get a lot of money you won’t neglect these. Different ones you can do Herbalism, Mining, Lumbering, etc. You have your energy bar in the middle bottom of the screen you can get roughly 3000 energy bars daily. Once you gather the resource you can sell them in the Auction House or you can craft them into potions. Once you get Level 15 there is a very short quest you can do that will unlock a private life skilling area on your own estate and these will provide you with different materials than the open world. That you can utilize to get  Lost Ark Gold.