Lost Ark Endgame Level 50 Guide: What to do When You hit Level 50 - Engravings, Item Level, Gear

3/25/2022 5:13:29 PM

Lost Ark is full of great content as you level up, including quests and loot, but the real game begins once you reach level 50. Because from then on, the more challenging stump content begins to unlock.


In this guide, we're going to discuss what exactly you should do in Lost Ark once you hit level 50, we just want to discuss and kind of give you a general direction of things you should do once you hit level 50. Here's what you should prioritize shortly after hitting level 50 in Lost Ark.


Progress the Main Story Line


The first thing you should do is progress the main storyline until you can't anymore without getting into spoilers about the story.


You will reach a point where you cannot progress any further until you hit a gear score of 260, so once your Lost Ark gold level is 260, you're gonna be able to continue the main plot, but you won't have item level 260 when you first get here you may be level 50 already when you get there you might be slightly below, but you should your main goal should be getting to 50 and then getting your item level up, so once you've progressed the main story until you can't anymore.


You'll focus on leveling up your Lost Ark gold and you do that by equipping better gear and upgrading your gear and you'll notice that jewelry and ability stones don't affect your item level, so it's just your weapons and armor that affect those things and the way you improve them or upgrade them.


Doing Some Chaos Dungeons Dailies


Once you've reached that point you're going to head to North Vern if you're not there already and the very first thing you should do is start doing some Chaos Dungeons, you can do them in a group if you like or you can do them solo they're very quick not only are they going to give you upgrade materials but they're going to provide you with a set of armor and a weapon to choose from that should be much higher than where you are now then that's going to be your starting point.


Honing and Upgrades


You can farm more Chaos Dungeons or you can go do a Guardian Raid depending on what your item level is how high you want to go there are also island quests like on Shadow Island, Starlight Island a couple of other islands that have a lot of materials rewarded for the purple quest you do on those islands so you can actually quest for these materials if you would rather they give a lot so it's kind of fun to do they have kind of cute story lines in some cases and they can provide you with a lot of materials if you kind of get burned out on doing chaos dungeons for a while which will probably take you a little bit before you know stop enjoying it so that should get you to 260 rather easily from which point you can progress the main story again and eventually you'll hit another wall that says you need to get to 460. so you'll come back and start doing these activities again or maybe you already hit 460 from just continuing because you were enjoying it but now you can do chaos dungeons at a higher item level or you can do abyss dungeons or you can do guardian raids all of these activities will provide you with stuff and as you do the Abyssal Dungeons.


Get Better Gear

 get bettet gear

You're also going to get items that you can trade-in at the Abyssal crafter which is you know not too far from the honing guy in the southern part that will allow you to turn in these items to craft a set of a set armor like that has set bonuses.


Ability Stones and How to Use Them


If the Ability Stones are useful, deconstruct them and keep farming until you find the one that works best for you, then start using it on the skill stone cutter as you know how to try to get as many points as you can and it will have an as little negative impact as possible.



 We also have a video guide to you if you need: