Elden Ring Top 5 Best Arcane Build Weapons - Highest Damage Bleed Status Arc Weapons

3/23/2022 4:44:58 PM

We have the Top 5 Best Weapons for Arcane builds in Lost Ark, which are come with the highest damage bleed status and dominate enemies in both PVE & PVE gameplay!

Best Arcane Weapons - What Stats To Look When Choosing Arcane build Weapons? 

Arcane is actually working and that means we actually have scaling arcane on our Elden Ring weapons. Arcane is now also working correctly with status buildup, so the more arcane you have, the faster your bleed, poison, scarlet rot, and so on, these statuses they're going to build up even quicker. So arcane players are eating well right now not just because it's actually working, but since these are some strong options for the game right now. 

Arcane Scaling works differently from the scaling of other stats, arcane soft cap points as early as 20 and then even harder at 50, and then the true hard cap point is at 80. So there's no point going over 80 if you are going to level arcane for any purpose and you need to go to 80 for a very specific purpose. Interestingly, it also works differently for your arcane spells, the soft cap is at 30, and then it hard caps quickly at 45. Unless you're using a pure catalyst that only scales with one stat so the soft cap of that is a lot higher at 60 and hard caps again at 80. 

Top 5 Best Elden Ring Arc Build Weapons - Highest Damage Bleed Status Arcane Weapon

So these are our top picks for arcane weapons in Lost Ark, we also list the location you are able to farm them, also you can buy them from market with Elend Ring runes:

Top 1 - Rivers of Blood+10 (Meta Katana)

This is an extremely meta weapon for Arcane, known throughout the community at this point for being really strong in PVE and PVP.  It's so hard to avoid once you've been caught out by it, the range and damage are solid. If you've got a bleed vulnerable enemy, this is a great choice but actually, the base values are solid just because of the range and the attack damage of it. You could use this against a boss that is immune to bleed and still do good damage. At a plus 10, we can check the scaling which is a Dex of B, so it scales really well with actually Dex as well as the more standard Arc D scaling we see on a lot of arcane weapons. It results in a blood loss buildup of 73 per hit. The move set itself is just your standard katana moosa, this is the same as any katana in the game whether using a bass katana or whatever it's exactly the same moveset. 

Elden Ring Top 5 Best Arcane Build Weapons - Rivers of Blood

How To Get & Location: To get your rivers of blood katana, you're going to need to come here to the church of propose in the Mountaintops of the Giants region this is as you progress through the area and loop back around and make your way to what the boss fight. You must come to the church repose and be invaded by the invader and kill him to get his helmet and the rivers of blood katana before killing the area boss.

Top 2 - Eleonora's Poleblade+10 (Extreme Bleed Potential)

This is a very obvious choice and another well known by the community, but actually less popular than the Rivers of Blood Katana for a few reasons. It has a C scaling at Dex, plus 10 and again an Arcane of D, so flat out the raw values of this weapon and the Arc potential, it is lower than the Rivers of Blood. But you shouldn't let that fool you, because it actually has a higher blood loss buildup of 78 and when we look at the base moveset, compared to the rivers of blood katana, there's a lot more attacks landing and a lot longer of a combo. So if you're wanting to play an arcane build and also pop that bleed a bit more consistently, especially against your PVE bosses, actually Eleonora's Poleblade is really the better option. What puts people off about this weapon compared to the rivers of blood is the range, you're quite static while doing this right um but it's just the wind-ups the slow mobility, and the ash of war specifically which is called the blood blade dance.

Elden Ring Top 5 Best Arcane Build Weapons - Eleonora's Poleblade

How To Get & Location: To get the Eleonora's Poleblade, you're going to need to come to the Second Church of Marika in the Altus Plateau region, it's fairly near the Original Bonfire and you're going to come across the First Church. When you enter there, you will be invaded by Eleanor who you must defeat and kill to actually get her drops including her weapon - the Poleblade.

Top 3 - Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear (The AOE, Ranged Bleeder)

Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear is iconic, you literally get the incredible main attack, the ultimate ability of Moog during his fight. As far as arcane weapons go, this is super unique and definitely one of the best boss weapons in the game that you can use. Baseline it has an incredible 86 blood loss buildup at plus 10 when we're reaching that soft cap of 50 arcane. It's actually a Strength weapon more than a Dex weapon which is surprising because this is actually a spear. So you've got a spear move set and have that incredible running r2 that catches people out in PVP. But it's not just good in PVP for that purpose or that bleed buildup, in PVE against bosses or even better multiple targets, it's absolutely outrageous because this is an AOE ranged blood buildup. 

Elden Ring Top 5 Best Arcane Build Weapons - Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear

How To Get & Location: As it is a boss weapon, you need to go to Mogwin's Palace in the Blood Area up to defeat the boss, and you're going to get his soul and then exchange that for this spear. If you don't know how to get to this area, you can either complete the Varys storyline to get here very early or we can go to the Consecrated Snowfield and head west over there, there is a bloody portal that you can go through and that will take you to the first grace of the area.

Top 4 - Bloody Helice (The Speedrunners Choice)

This weapon is a great heavy thrusting sword which we don't often see in the meta, but it's a bit slower and the output of the damage numbers compared to a quick attacking thrusting sword is going to be bigger. But it's still a Dex-based weapon, it scales with arcane at a B rating that is really good. The blood loss buildup on this weapon is 94 with our arcane at that soft cap of 50. So this is a very viable bleed weapon and it even has unique ash of war and the dinos finesse. But now a lot of people talking about it for a different reason - this weapon is currently being used by speedrunners to absolutely dominate bosses through a moveset swap. This incredibly strong weapon gets many little hits dealing ridiculous damage which will also consistently stagger a whole roster of enemies including the final boss of the game; and if it is vulnerable to bleed, you're getting the many hits as well, so you're going to get the bleed to proc, it is currently a ridiculously good option using this moveset swap glitch to destroy bosses.

Elden Ring Top 5 Best Arcane Build Weapons - Bloody Helice

How To Get & Location: To get the Bloody Helice, you're going to need to come to the ruin at the Northern Point of the Altas Plateau which is very close to the bridge of iniquity. You just come into the underground in the Writheblood Ruins, meet a very reasonable miniboss who is kind of just a normal enemy, once you kill him you're going to be able to go into the next room and you will find the Bloody Helice in the chest.

Top 5 - Marais Executioner's Sword+10 (Wildcard)

The newly fixed and working Marais Executioner's Sword is a straight-up meta pick. It weighs 11.5 so for a heavier strength weapon right or a big sword rather, it's actually quite light. Whatever you do with a sword on your build, it's the ash of war that really does it for the dancing blade, you are able to hold L2 down and channel in the red light and at pretty solid medium range repeatedly attack a target, it's going to hit and hit, then come back and you get a follow-up strike as well. You combine something like Rotten Winged Sword Insignia where you're getting faster and bigger attack power based on successive attacks, your attack power just skyrockets up as you're hitting a target so many times from range. The damage of that is going to skyrocket if you get up close to an enemy and get the sort of full second and a half to pull this off on a boss. Whereas in PVP, it's a lot less reliable but it really does catch people with such as the short to medium range of it and the channel nature of it.

Elden Ring Top 5 Best Arcane Build Weapons - Marais Executioner's Sword

How To Get & Location: Skill the Elemer of the Briar located in The Shaded Castle at Altus Plateau, then you will roll the sword from him. 

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