Top 5 Best Elden Ring Spirit Summon Ashes & How To Get Them

4/30/2022 6:31:05 PM

To accompany you on your adventure, the Spirit Summoning Ashes are a godsend on Elden Ring. But it is still necessary to know which ones are the best to use and under what conditions. In this guide, we give you our opinion on the best minds to invoke.

Elden Ring Best Spirit Summon Ashes & How To Get

You are at the foot of the wall and you can not defeat a boss on Elden Ring? Spirit Summoning Ashes may be the solution to your problem, as some of them turn out to be notable to use in combat. In this guide, we share with you our small selection of invocations that are worth a visit.

1. Black Knife Tiche Ashes

Tiche is an assassin who asks for 132 PCs to be summoned. If you have ventured into the sacred Snowfields or the Cave of the Wise, you know that the assassins are formidable and especially real wounds to kill them. That's why our first choice when it comes to spirit invocation ash comes down to Tiche. The latter will be able to inflict heavy damage on your opponent and will have great survivability thanks to its invisibility.

To find this ash, you will have to follow Ranni's quest, so that you can reach the rocky plateau in Liurnia. As you go to the eternal jail of the leader of the Black Knives, you will have to face Alecto, another assassin. Once he's dead, you'll win the Legendary Spirit: Black Knife Tiche.

2. Mimic Tear Ashes

Despite a nerve, Mimic Tear is an ash of invocation of spirit that does its job well. The latter gives a good contribution of damage to opponents and happens to be really robust for fights. If you haven't done anything with your incantations or weapons, the latter can focus on a shameless opponent. The imitating Tear finds all its usefulness in duet boss fights, we think in particular of the valiant Gargoyles which are real wounds to face together or the Machiavellian Duo Sanctechair. Be careful, you will not need a PC to use this ash, indeed the imitating Tear draws from your health points, so make sure you have enough life to invoke it.

To find this ash, you will first need to defeat Radahn. With the death of the Scourge of the Stars, you will be able to unlock the Nokron area, in Limgrave, via the giant crater. You can get it by going to the lower town below. To continue your way, you will have to defeat the boss Teardrop, cross the bridge, cross the grassy area, then the various buildings via the ledges. The chest will be placed behind an imp statue. Note that a relic is to be collected to continue Ranni's quest.

3. Banished Knight Oleg Ashes

If you want an ash that deals heavy damage, while being very durable, Banished Knight Oleg is the ash for you. Equipped with powerful dual swords, he will be able to slice through your opponents without asking too many questions. In addition, it is a great asset for boss fights, because the latter has excellent balance and good survivability. As such, Banished Knight Oleg is an ash worth summoning. The latter requires 100 CP to be summoned.

To find this ash, you will have to go to the abandoned cemetery west of Liurnia of the Lakes . Just to the right of the grace site, you will have to use a stone blade key to activate the gargoyle and thus lift the veil. At the end of the dungeon, you will have to face the Ulcerative Tree Spirit who will give you the object of your lusts, but also a golden Seed.

4. Lhutel the Headless

Lhutel is not the best summoning ash, but proves to be very useful in a tank. It will not inflict much damage on your opponents, but will be able to attract their attention while having good survivability. Because of this, Lhutel can be a good ash for players who just want to have a few moments of respite during a fight. You will need 104 PCs to summon Lhutel the Acephalus.

To find this ash, you will have to go all south of Limgrave, after the Bridge of Sacrifices. It is within the Road's End Catacombs that you can find Lhutel. If you have some difficulty finding the catacombs, trust the statue that indicates the position of the dungeons, it will guide you to the right path.

5. Lone Wolf Ashes

This ash is not the best, it is a fact, but this pack of wolves is equipped with an asset that can delight players who want to invoke, without harming the game experience too much: attract attention. Indeed, wolves are three in number and can very easily attract the attention of a boss. They're not going to stay alive for very long, but they do prove to be a great way to breathe a little during an arduous fight. You'll only need 55 PCs to summon the Lone Wolves.

This ash will be the very first you can obtain from Ranni, within the Church of Elleh in Limgrave.

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