Lost Ark March Update Patch Notes 2022- Mokoko Pets, Animal Outfits, PvP Season Begins and more!

3/25/2022 4:19:45 PM

Today, take a look at the march 24th patch notes for lost ark first, show you one of the mounts and pets that you can get, the content includes Mokoko Pets, Animal Outfits, PvP Season Begins, and more!


Lost Ark March Update Patch Notes 2022- Mokoko Pets, Animal Outfits, PvP Season Begins, and more! 

Lost ark March update - Animal Outfits

If you want to see the animals, the animal outfits in lost ark include the chicken outfits,  a sharpshooter, cat outfits, dinosaur outfits. 

Lost ark March update - Guardian Event and New Vendor

The March 24th weekly update casual guardian raid event now

These events are typically scaled up and normalized, not only is it just normalized, but you get like these really nice strong powerful buffs.

You can do this super fast probably, and actually, there was this one event you could actually verse multiple guardians at the same time, you get all these buffs to come with it, and you feel really strong.

On top of the Rooney Grand Prix, get a guardian event

A vendor to go along with this garden event, it's probably going to be very similar to the Grand Prix event, so it fully stocked your T122, T3 honey mature chests metallurgy Italian books.

These increase the success chances of your owning chances by 10,  a T3 gem test, a T2 gem test, so gems are about to get a whole lot cheaper, if you think about the entire player base is about to get these gems are about to get a whole lot cheaper.

Lost ark March update - PvP Season begins and possible rewards

Competitive PVP might get different rewards, but just to preview what you can get, if you finish in silver at the end of the season, you get a stronghold installation similarly in bronze platinum.

Available items 

A diamond, a master mount, and a grand master, 10 000 crystals, a grandmaster aura, a title, the grandmaster installation, an exclusive mount.

Lost ark March update - Mokoko Mounts, Animal Skins, Pets, and other gifts

Mokoko suits´╝Ü Mokoko Mounts, Animal Skins, Pets, and other gifts

At least 10 to 15 of these outfits are in the entire roster, new animal skin selection pet, and the cocoa pet selection pet, the cocoa board mount selection pant, there are a lot of different mounts.

This is massive for buying your legendary and your relic accessories later on and metal, next time these are the experience cards that you get that you need for awakening your lost wind content and lighter salvation, etc legendary card packs selection chess.

Lost ark March update - Card Selection Packs

You can actually get a lot of selection packs from challenger biz dungeons, this is a selection pack right here, and there's actually a small chance to get legendary selection packs at the end of the dungeon. 

Actually, you can get legendary selection packs from dungeons, if you're on t3, you've got a high-level character, you can run all these low ones for a chance to get legendary circumfacts. 

In a legendary selection pack, you can actually select which cards to keep in mind, you can't select every single legendary card.

When you are trying to plan out how to upgrade your lighter subversion set, you can get the lost wing cliff sets, and here are the selection packs that you get from the challenge abyss. It helps you a lot in farming for solace and area.

Lost ark March update - Free honing materials given

All these holdings are so good, so five lip stone chests, if you have a TV character, just use it, all in your c3 characters.

Here get six thousand guardian stones, get two thousand destruction stones, going to use this on t2 alts get them into t3, and just check the value of your rel of your market to see. If it's worth opening the t3 mats versus the t2 ones, holding special material chairs again.

Lost ark March update - Bot Prevention and RMT

If you're buying gold from a third-party botting service, you're very likely to get banned, even if you don't you're actively hurting the game that you enjoy a straight-up permaban is kind of a bit harsh.

The only way to come back is if other legitimate players give you lost ark gold or if you can get your goal from weeklies because you can't even put a selling order on the auction house, so it's kind of a soft permanent ban, if all that gold goes into negative do not buy from RMT services.

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