Lost Ark Latest News - Energy Overflow Soulfist Tripods & Tripod Inventory Revamp

6/28/2022 3:00:21 PM

The energy overflow Soulfist's tripods and runes used in the lost ark will be described here, the tripod flash step is what makes Soulfist zoom, especially for lost ark energy overflow as they don't care about its high energy cost, you can keep this skill at 7, or you can go for instant ready as the shoulder cooldown gives you more quick recharge room procs, mobility allows you to reposition faster and play a big part in the second roll, and shout of victory allows for a backup self-buff with energy release on cooldown.


Lost Ark Latest News -  Energy Overflow Soulfist Tripods & Tripod Inventory Revamp

Lost Ark Rune - quick recharge

As far as lost ark runes go, quick recharge is a good choice as it gives you a chance to profit every time you cast it, and rage isn't too bad either. bolting clash is sometimes used instead of this skill with pulverizing palm, and if you don't need to counter it, go for enhanced speed so you can use other skills faster, but volunteering is also a good option and you can get enough skill points to make this skill 10.

Aggressiveness is good here for extra DPS, or you can choose Tough Shoulder for a faster animation as it has a low cooldown, use the lost ark bleed rune for this spell, and energy release fast prep to match the second roll of the relentless slam cooldown, and usually run Tough unless there is a strong need to cleanse the situation and you run Purifying Shout Pushing immunity, Relentless Slam is the biggest slam for all sophists for powerful spirit resolvers as it provides the lost ark rune for all your skills. 

It is recommended to switch their tripods to the second row to see what different animations this skill has, even if they may not be viable options for DPS. Any tripods for this skill are a good investment, but a lot of people focus on these tripods, so if you can find a good deal, make sure to snatch it up. 

Lost Ark - Blast

Blast is a recent skill added to the Soulfist meta and feels almost like a second relentless pummel, as a first option use tenacity for extra immunity as the long-range strike is a bit overkill but the range is great for PVP weakness detection giving you more damage on any grudge related content, as for the last character, actually Hopefully faster and weaker ferocious strike the barrage of here has some issues, the channel time is slow when you reach the focused beam section you drain over 30% of your lost ark energy and lose the class engraving damage buff, the skill locks your character for a long time and you may need to cast other spells or reposition, Gail win is the way to go with this skill, the crippling barrier is the first silent killer to roll. It probably has the best fast ready value of all the lost ark spells, going for 8 seconds of reduction, as for the second roll, weakness detection seems like a good choice, but actually, a better choice is hard hitter, how it works with the third tripods option, for which keen judgement or desperate attack are both good, the only main difference is that one is a pull and one is a push.

There may be a slight difference in the animation times, as for the lost ark rune, gailwin heavenly squash, the first roll has hard hitter and quick prep, and while they both seem like good options, the hard hitter is the better choice here to keep this skill in line with the damage cycle, while keeping an eye on quick Prep flat CDR is applied before the other multiplier CDRs (such as gem and swift), so the actual damage reduction is less than what is shown on the tooltip in the second line, and stern oath is preferred as it makes the animation of the slap almost non-existent.

Lost Ark - Crippling barrier

Shorter animations so that you can use other skills faster and get extra techs to make up for lost damage with the third round of crippling barriers.

Use this tripod when the boss is super small, but the increase in damage is just too good, especially at tripod levels, to use a bleed, as Gail win does little here and this skill is also a good choice for using conviction.

Lost Ark - Quick Prep

The last skill, quick ready is great here as lost ark energy overflow doesn't care about energy drain and the animation is already short for a second row, powerful waves are ideal, although you can reach higher potential damage numbers with growth waves, you will rarely get far enough. If you're someone with some hitting complexity, you could see a combination of Growth Wave and Surge Wave, where you might do as much damage, if not more, at an optimal distance.

For Lost ark runes, bleed is a good choice if you don't run judgement and run unforgiving here Raid content, if you play long enough you may notice that this skill deals a surprisingly high amount of lag, put the bleed rune on bolster clash and palm strike, the choice is up to you, that's all tripods and runes. Start collecting level 4 tripods, you may notice how low the transfer rate is, you can use the guaranteed lost ark inventory transfer trick to guarantee your level 4, but it can be difficult to match the right slot on all your different lost ark gear.

Lost Ark - Tripods system reform

The recently announced tripods system reform lent tripods will be kept in inventory similar to a character-bound sculpting system so that when they do any future character balancing you are free to choose your other lost ark tripods options as long as you keep them, assuming the same rng system as Sage's Powder is used, although this is convenient, the key part is how they transition to this new system. It's very important for Naeu players who are just starting to build their tripods, so that's the plan, resell these lost ark items on the marketplace, or try to transfer them and trade them to other couches to keep them.

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