Lost Ark Latest News - The Development After Its Release

4/28/2022 2:24:19 PM

Lost Ark's release in the west from the beginning all the way up until the end of this month, how is lost ark mostly positive reviewed. Here are the changes to the lost ark in this process. 

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Lost Ark Latest News - The Development After Its Release

1. Lost Ark Changes - Starting with Tier 3 content

When the game launched, they wanted to start with lost ark tier 3 content from the get-go that was a very hard task, and it still is a very hard task to manage.

They're still up until this day trying to figure out what are the best ways of doing it. What do they try to pull off? They've been doing great, in terms of adjusting and changing and managing player expectations with their expectations and the rewards. So proud of so many players who have that have handled it, they have taken it like champs right westernization. 

2. Lost Ark Changes - Pre-game Westernization

They show more boxes right the extra loot box that you get in the raid in abyssal dungeons was changed to gold instead of crystals right was changed to coast gold instead of crystals.

So far right just a couple of weeks before release, they didn't use to give you lost ark gold at least the tier one and two abyssal dungeons right, it was just plain out pay some crystal from your own pocket right now, you pay some gold from the pot that you already get as a reward from finishing that tier one and two abyssal dungeons.

It's a really nice change, currency exchange was updated to make, it more understandable to the naked eye and the two power passes at launch.  

3. Lost Ark Changes - The Vern power pass

The Win power passes were so fantastic because received them for free there were two of them, not just one and it sort of encouraged people to get another character at level 50 right.

If they chose the wrong class, not have to go through the levelling up process again, not to mention that for many people, it encouraged them and it opened their eyes to the possibility of art.

4. Lost Ark Changes - Other Westernization changes

Many other westernization changes, such as changes to Mari's secret shop which was great also changes to the pet system in other regions.

Even up until today, the pets have the extra features to open remote warehouses and stuff, they are not included in the premium membership, there is also premium membership in every other region like the crystalline aura, but it doesn't have the pet features included in it pet features cost extra blue crystals.

5. Lost Ark  Changes - No costumes

An empty cash shop, as everyone was particularly shocked to see the costumes being bare bone and empty compared to fellow regions where you see a full load of cash of costumes, the lost ark was for the longest time the empty in the skin section, even in the Korean region at the beginning.

6. Lost Ark Changes - Queues & server lag

The instance matching server where you do almost all of your content in the lost ark was so slow that on some days, you couldn't even get in to, actually, finish that daily content.

This was shortly compensated with an additional founders pack which was distributed on Friday, the Friday 18th a week into launch, these packs were bound and gave the players an option to restart from a different server, it also gave the players an option to sell their original ones at absolutely no cost, because they still could have something from the gifted founder's pack.

7. Lost Ark Changes - Content nerfs

In the beginning fast forward 10 days to where things hit the fan for the first time guardian raid an abyss dungeon nerfs, these nerfs happened, because a lot of players apparently couldn't cope with the mechanics of some of the tier one and two bosses in the dungeon, in guardian raids, and also an abyssal dungeon.

Failure is an understatement as wipes are given and it may take one-two five-ten wives to clear a raid or a guardian and in the end that gives satisfaction, it was worth it, it completely understands this point this works very well.

8. Lost Ark Changes - Argos update

Official patch notes of Argos were released with no prior warning and that threw everyone off, this one was a little bit rushed, but right after it, they completely turned their plans around and they made such a good step moving forward for the health of the community and the health of the game, in general players needed a little bit more time to get accustomed to the lost ark, not everyone has played the game.

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